Wrath and Glory 2e First Impressions


So after hearing about Wrath and Glory’s spacehulk rules from @Charles Dunwoody Wrath & Glory Redacted Records: Space Hulk Salvagers
I picked up the core Rulebook and Forsaken System guide for Cubicle 7’s re-release of Wrath and Glory.

I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised. I’m a huge fan of the Eisenhorn/Ravenor/Bequin series of “domestic W40k” as Dan Abnett (the author) calls it, but I’ve also extensively played the wargame in its various editions. This system seemed to chart a careful middle line between the epic endeavors of Inquisitors and Space Marine captains and the earthy grit of acolytes and hive scum.

I won’t pretend I’ve played it enough to pass judgement on the dice pool system, but from an outsiders perspective it seems to capture the mechanics I would need to adventure in the world of Gregor Eisenhorn. Or in a campaign cribbed from the more detailed but bloated Dark Heresy system (or it’s spin offs).

In short. Wrath and Glory seems to be a great start in the Wahammer 40k universe. With all its grit, grimdark and gore. I’m looking forward to my first campaign.
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