Writing for Gamma World 4E - questions


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I am investigating the possibility of writing for Gamma World 4E, specifically:

1. additional character origins ( these are like character classes)
2. Alternate setting ( still post apocalyptic )
3. Additional mutations
4 Rules changes - In the latest ed characters have mutations that change every encounter. For my setting I wanted to turn this into a character type that players choose rather all players have fluxing mutations.

From reading the licence FAQ the answers I get to my questions above are

1. additional character origins - Yes
2. Alternate setting - Yes
3. Additional mutations - Unsure
4 Rules changes - Unsure

This is the section I have been reading


Q. Section 5.5 states that Character Creators are not available under the license. What does this mean? A: Character creation means the process of generating and assigning initial scores to abilities, selecting a race, selecting a starting class, assigning initial skill points, selecting initial feats, selecting initial talents, selecting an occupation, and picking an initial alignment. You should refer readers to the section Character Creation in the 4th Edition Player’s Handbook for the process of Character Creation. Character Creation does not
include creating or modifying the description of a race, class, skill, talent, or feat in accordance with the rules of the GSL.


Any help would be greatly appreciated - maybe there is an industry NOOB FAQ?


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Is there a Gamma World SRD? I think section 9.1 prevents you referring to WotC published mechanics, such as character origins and mutations, that are not in the SRD.

If you can refer to mutations at all, additional mutations should be OK.

You may not redefine 4e References (section 4.1) so it seems very hard to achieve your item 4. Possibly you could do it by defining some sort of new category of characters as you mentioned.

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