Wyrmskull Throne


Has anyone played the 2E Wyrmskull Throne adventure? I tried looking for reviews online and didn't find any in the usual places. Wondering if it is any good and if there's a way I could tie it into Storm King's Thunder.


I never ran the adventure but I did read it, dont remember it being anything special. I also read the Sea of Fallen Stars campaign supplement that came out about the same time and it was great I highly recommend it. I ran an undersea campaign around then and the biggest challenge was giving the PCs the ability to breath underwater without it being too easy, i.e. heres 60 scrolls of water breathing or 5 necklaces of adaptation. The Threat From the Sea trilogy of novels were pretty good too.


I've read it and I am running SKT right now. I don't think it would be easy to tie them together since wyrmskull is pretty underwater based and in a different region of Faerun. I've been toggling between SKT and Undermountain and it has worked well for me.