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Wyrmwood Gaming and COVID-19


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So, Wyrmwood, makers of dice towers, boxes, gaming tables, and the like, has had to mostly close their shop due to the epidemic. They keep a skeleton crew around to do some shippign, of things made at their crafter's homes.

And then they realized they could make something health care workers can use.

From their company Facebook feed:

"Tag a nurse, a fireman, an EMT, a doctor, anyone fighting this pandemic! Sharing this could save someone's life.

Email COVID@WyrmwoodGaming.com and we will send any professional an Intubation Shield completely free of charge."

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My wife works at a clinic, and the clinic shares a lobby with a hospital. I saw the Wyrmlife the day it came out and showed her. She's passed it along to the clinic's CEO.

Lots of people stepping up. What did Mr. Rogers say? "Look for the helpers".


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And also consider a related corollary, “Keep an eye on the nuts taking drills belowdecks.”

Because there are definitely those out there who are “not helping!”


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I brought this up at the Anesthesia Department meeting here today. My chief thought it looked like something good to examine. So I'm sending in my credentials to try and get one. Anything that might keep COVID spit off me while I'm intubating it a plus in my book.