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D&D General Yenrakian Remix of the Alexandrian Remix: The Heist Before The Heists


I suppose everyone knows about the Alexandrian Remix of Waterdeep: Dragon Heist. If you don't, you can get the complete collection through his patreon or read it for free (cheapskate) in a couple dozen blog posts starting here.

I liked the idea so much that I decided to take it a step further. In the Alexandrian Remix—SPOILER ALERT—the Cassalanters have an "eye" they retrieved from the tomb of Lord Neverember's wife. The remix is a bit vague about how they got the the eye. So I thought: why not have the players retrieve the eye from the tomb?

Actually, right now I'm having the players track down the eye in a kind of treasure hunt through Waterdeep (based on the Adventurers League DDL 08-01 adventure "The Map With No Names.") Only, the gallery they'll visit is actually Kalian's Tower from Dragon Heist.

Lady Nevember's tomb is going to be very elaborate. It is a grand marble sarcophogus set in a fountain. A statue of Kelemvor pours a jug of water over the sarcophogus endlessly. In his right hand, Kelemvor holds scales of justice that are wooden and painted gold. The rightmost tip of the scale is oddly sharpened. A skylight and a series of mirrors around it make sure that during the day, light is always shining on the bas relief of Lady Kelemvor. The eye that the party is looking for is afixed to the outside of the sarcophagus, a part of a amulet worn around the neck of the bas relief.

I'm sure I don't have to explain what's inside the box to you lads and lasses.

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