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Youniversal Monsters Omnibus for Mutants and Masterminds




From Jacob Blackmon (author of the fan-favorite Super Powered Legends Line) comes a new terrifying tome full of creepy and unusual foes ready to add a little chill to your M&M game!
Dracula... Frankenstein...The Mummy...

Jack Frost... Krampus...The Werewolf

Names of legendary monsters whose stories are handed down through time - and creatures that can serve as villains (or perhaps, uncomfortable allies, under the right circumstances) for your heroes to face again and again.

YOUniversal Monsters Omnibus collects eight of these classic monsters from story and legend.
Within these pages are statistics and adventure seeds to help fit these monstrous villains into any superhero-themed campaign setting.

The monsters to be found in the YOUniversal Monster Compendium are new builds, designed to be supervillains in their own right. They are created at differing PLs (between 9 and 14) and have a variety of powers and abilities, ambitions, goals, and adventure ideas.

This book requires the Third Edition Mutants & Masterminds Heroes Handbook by Green Ronin Publishing for use.

Note that this book ties into the Youniverse setting from the Super Villain Handbook - but this book stands on its own.

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