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Your favorite LPF character of all time.


First Post
I've been part of this community for over a year now, and I absolutely love it. Thank you to all who play, and a bigger thank you to all of the GM's and judges!

I most likely spend more time thinking about characters and whatnot more than I should. Just ask my wife. Anyway, sometimes I like to reflect on things. So without further ado, here are some of the character concepts I've toyed around with since I've joined, ranked from first to worst.

6. Vermier Berkshire - Human rogue stat-ed to be a ranger. Adopted by elves. Did archer kind of stuff. Melded the concept into another character.

5. Siddhartha the Hunter. Human fighter. 18 STR and 18 DEX. A combat killing machine, but dull as a spoon. He was extremely boring to play, hence his retirement. Thanks to GlassEye and ScottDewar for helping me flesh out his background. Gave some great insight.

4. Simona Silverfin. Merfolk bard. A mechanically very strong character, with crazy CHA used for bluff, spells, perform, inspiring. Couldn't really get over the 5 ft. land speed. Found a great picture. I think finding pictures is my favorite part of character creation. I love the Internet.

3. Trixie Stardust. Human sorceress. Wanted to make a magic user with maxed bluff skill. Kind of redundant with one of my other characters, but she certainly had some fun in the DWI with Heinrich.

2. Autumn Foxfire. Human druid. Likes to be an archer with some ranger-esque flavor. Very versatile. I think it's a rather clever name with the fire domain and druidness and forestness. Can do lots of cool things, but kind of tricky to roleplay low charisma. I'm bad at that. But it's been fun watching her come into her own and control her new powers. My first character played as a full caster.

1. Francis John III. Halfling rogue/witch. First character here. Made him as a joke really. Thought it would be fun to max out bluff. Very fun to spout whatever nonsense, but absolutely useless in combat. Enjoying the witch multi class. Turned him into the party face/debuffer. Cool Halfling and rogue and feat synergy. Little ball of hate really.

Aura helped me realize that min/maxing is good in theory but impractical in actual play. So thanks for helping me more well rounded!

Any discussion is welcome, and please share your own!

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First Post
Of my own characters Orlando Furioso 'Fury', dueling rogue, is hands down my favorite. Smart mouth, tricky, but not that great at combat. He was a rogue, after all. I've given serious thought to retooling him as a swashbuckler just to see how it compared.

Of other people's characters there are too many that have captured my imagination with their antics and it would be impossible to pare it down to my most most favorite. I'll toss out the names of a few of my favorites. And I have to say they are my favorites because of the awesome way they were played. Here goes: Borric (obnoxious as hell, but a good friend to Fury), Daylily, Kanli the Mad, Maui, Raynucio Vega, and Sylla the Grim. There are also a lot of characters that were created in the past three months to a year that are excellent and played/written spectacularly and I'm enjoying seeing them in action.

Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
Of my own characters, my favorite so far is Jonas Psalter. I like the "Beast" (from Marvel Comics) vibe I'm going for with him - educated, well spoken man who happens to be nearly seven feet tall and weighs in at 350. And can smell fear/lies/etc.

I liked Frost the Barbarian princess as well.

Of others' characters, I liked Fury a lot. Probably my favorite - maybe because of the way he interacted with Frost in her early days - was Aldern Foxglove's Raynucio Vega. I just loved the way AF played that seven charisma - dude was a real misogynistic jerk, which was great role play fodder for he and Frost since they "competed" for the same party role.

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
I like both of my own characters to choose just one, I really liked Heinrich and making him talk with a small fire elemental in the dunn wright's fireplace, Vincenzo's interaction with Maui, the Jungle warrior [druid]

But to choose from all of the characters made here in LPF?? Impossible. There are all kinds of things about all of the characters I liked, such as Daylily the toad licker or the old man the blind oracle. Those are but a couple of the things that come to mind.