D&D 5E Your favorite monsters to fight (or run)?


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I like running lairs, so a boss and minions, triggering traps and altering terrain features. Doesnt actually matter what the boss and minions are, its the location theme that I enjoy working on.

I do use aquatic creatures, merrow and hags alot - I like the idea of something lurking in the water that bursts out to attack and then withdraws under again with a grappled victim…

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The whole Beholder family, with my specific favourite being a Spectator who has become a recurring NPC in my campaign (he has escaped bondage and currently lives on a tropical island in a beach hut with his roommate Kevin, reading through a box of books that he recovered from a pirate wreck).

I love the concept of a race of beings who basically dream themselves into existences. I love how fun they are to run in combat, with players having to deal with all kinds of different abilities (beholder zombies are one of my favourite low/mid-level fights). I love how they look.

And I love that they are a true D&D original, created for the first version of the game by Terry Kuntz (yes, it's his real name) way back in 1974. The game may be called Dungeons and Dragons, but everyone has dragons. For me, the Beholder is the true signature creature of D&D.

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