Your Post Apocalyptic Shopping List


I learned nerd for this.
Besides the obvious guns, medical supplies, food. What are the things you think you'll need to survive. I think toilet paper would be a good thing to hoard. A few extra pairs of shoes. A couple in my current size, and a couple in a narrower size as my feet may shrink a little. I have super wide feet. A dictionary and math text books. Coffee could be a useful trading item.

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I learned nerd for this.
It's post apocalyptic, disposing of bodies is implied. 😝 I'm puzzled by the trash bags though.


Real life prepping or gaming? Depends what kind of apocalypse. Are there zombies? Too hot? Too cold? Endless rain? Nuclear war?

Cans and canopener does sound like a good start, though.


I'm not a prepper but I do want one of those first aid trauma kits. The ones that come with tourniquets, sheers for cutting away clothing, blood clotting agents, etc... They usually compact into a small package that can be clipped to the front or back of your travel pack. I'd keep mine in the trunk of my car. Maybe take it with on a camping trip or something.


Head out to The Googles and look at prepper blogs. You'll find tons of lists of items to stockpile.

Here's some additional items that haven't already been mentioned.
  • Water and water collection. You can never have enough water. 3 gallons/day/person at a minimum.
  • Water purification. Berkey Filters, Life Straws, etc.
  • Solar everything: Lights, generator, radio, etc.
  • Batteries. Lots of batteries.
  • Flashlights.
  • Booze and smokes to trade.
  • Pool shock for sanitizing things. Bleach only last about a year before it starts to degrade. Pool shock last indefinitely.
  • Some kind of coms. Ham radios. (Assuming the apocalypse isn't an EMP and/or hasn't destroyed a lot of physical infrastructure.)
  • GPS. Assuming satellites are still active and you have a way to charge it.
  • Seeds
  • Basic Hygiene: Razors, toothpaste, soap, tooth brushes, etc.
  • Feminine Hygiene
  • Socks
  • A library of physical books on topics like food preservation, gardening, carpentry/construction, first aid/medicine, foraging/plant identification, etc.. You may not have a skill, but you can look it up... without the internet.

Whizbang Dustyboots

100% that gnome
Diapers, because- you know.
That actually is in line with what I was going to stay: Lots and lots of contraceptives. Crying babies can be incredibly dangerous in the apocalypse and having the ability to control when a baby is born can save a whole community from being wiped out until it's safe to start having children again.


Deluxe Unhuman
Waders or at least Wellies, and other rain-/water-proof outer wear. Keeping dry is under-rated.

Hand-powered or motion-powered devices like flashlights, radios, etc.

Something really good to read.


I learned nerd for this.
As a male, diapers and feminine hygiene products never crossed my mind. Even if I don't need them as intended, they can be used to trade or for their absorbency.

Pool shock is another great idea. I didn't know bleach had a shelf life. Can it be used as cleanser if mixed with water?

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