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Free [YZE] Eldritch Automata Quickstart Now Available!

Gehenna Gaming

We're thrilled to share the quickstart, or as we call it, Quicklaunch Guide, for Eldritch Automata! Please check out the rules summary, starter scenario, The Dark Passenger, and the eight pre-generated characters we've drafted. FREE for you to preview the system and launch into your own automata today.


About Eldritch Automata
Eldritch Automata is a first-of-its-kind cosmic horror/mecha tabletop roleplaying game and an original IP tabletop RPG developed using the Year Zero Engine Open Gaming License, as provided by Fria Ligan AB, with original rules, lore, and setting from Gehenna Gaming. The game gives players the chance to play one of humanity’s last defenders, facing down eldritch abominations that want to eat you, controlled by visually perfect angelic beings that want to control you, while piloting a massive monstrosity of a mech, the titular Automata, that’s slowly killing you.

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Created by veteran horror RPG event runners Nicholas Francia and Ian E. Muller, Eldritch Automata is inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, Pacific Rim, Godzilla, Escaflowne, Alien, Berserk, and other science fiction, cosmic and psychological horror, and anime media.

Designed to blend narrative gameplay with easy-to-learn mechanics, Eldritch Automata boasts a low barrier to entry with simple mechanics and character creation that takes as little as 10 minutes. The game takes a “low-floor/high-ceiling” approach to gameplay, however, with interesting combat and out-of-combat systems allowing for a variety of complex approaches to keep the game compelling for both new and seasoned TTRPG players.

Piloting an Automata is a constant source of stress and danger. As you use these machines to fight against the Horrors and Seraphs, you will need to keep your Stress and Stability under control. Interpersonal relationships and drama are also key elements of Eldritch Automata. You must navigate complex alliances and rivalries with other survivors as your relationships cause ripples through the world around you.


Ultimately, the biggest enemy you will face in Eldritch Automata is yourself. Can you maintain your morale in a world that is constantly trying to tear it away? Can you navigate the treacherous waters of a brave new world and survive the horrors that lurk around every corner? The answers to these questions are up to you.

Eldritch Automata includes:
  • An expansive rule set designed using the Year Zero Engine that allows for both narrative storytelling and the high-octane action of launching in an Automata to face down a monstrous cosmic being
  • A comprehensive character creation system combining 12 Pilot Archetypes and 12 Automata Archetypes, each boasting a multitude of abilities and talents for over 144 unique combinations
  • Personal relationship mechanics that allow you to forge bonds with other PCs and NPCs and leverage them in combat to gain an edge or break your opponents, plus downtime mechanics to flesh out non-combat scenes and roleplay hooks to make them more meaningful to character development
  • A full equipment loadout system allows you to create the weapon of your dreams for your Automata using Weapon Tags, as well as lists of pre-made weapons and equipment so you can simply grab your gear and launch
  • A breakdown of the world and setting with six different regions to base your game in, each with its own rich history and tales of survival, plus four unique secret societies and conspiracy groups to add plot devices and ‘Xanatos Gambit’-fuel to your games
  • A terrifying list of sample Horrors and Seraphs to deploy against your pilots and fuel your stories with unique abilities and mechanics to keep players on the edge of their seats
  • A full overview of how E//A is intended to be run, leveraging the media that inspired the game and our experience as seasoned Game Masters of the horror genre.

Now head over to DriveThruRPG to grab the Quicklaunch Guide for FREE, and don't forget to let us know what you think!

See you out there, pilots!

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