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ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist "Always On Time" monsters of the Malice Lands


I'm running "Always On Time" this weekend. Thought you might like to see the list of monsters I came up with for the safari.

A large-size conch shell glistens with alternating bands of bone white and metallic silver. A bright red fleshy foot darts out behind, and the shell scoots forward about five feet.
This area is dotted with bright yellow fringed lily pads, about three feet across. A bright butterfly the size of your hand alights on one of them. The "lily pad" snaps closed like a venus fly trap. The half-circle shaped creature springs up on four prancing legs and waggles its eyestalks at you. The rest of the herd lies still, waiting for more prey.
A large-size skeletal-looking lobster with luminescent spots charges aggressively toward the train, snapping its claws menacingly and rolling its beady eyes.
Three-foot-tall bipedal salamanders scramble like monkeys across the rock walls of the canyon as you pass through, the suction cups on their limbs assuring that they do not fall. You can see their internal organs pulsing beneath their transparent skin.
You see something that looks like a black oil slick shimmering on the ground, eight or nine feet across. With a wet squelching sound, it leaps in the air as the train approaches and lands about forty feet away, and you realize that it's a very large, very flat frog. It leaves a puddle of water behind.
Small-sized, ice-blue mastodons scamper like jackrabbits across the snowy field, trumpeting.
A herd of eight-legged yaks with wickedly curved horns thunders across the plain.
The flicking tail is all that betrays the presence of a tiger-like creature. It's smooth skin changes color and pattern as it moves to camouflage it perfectly into whatever background it stalks in.
Something like a huge matt of dark green algae floats on the water of the lake. The thing's body bubbles and steams. Every boiling bubble takes the form of a face, glaring at its surroundings or snapping needle-like teeth before merging back into the body.
Hairy pigs snort and tear across the hills. The six or seven eyes that ring their heads glow faintly, and roll wildly in their heads.
In the flower-dotted meadow, purple penguins with long, sinuous bodies dive and swim through the soft earth, catching grubs and moles for their dinners.
A shaggy three-headed bear clings to the trunk of an enormous conifer. Flaps of skin along its side suggest that it may be able to glide long distances.

The seeds of the ideas came from the "Random Esoteric Creature Generator" from DriveThruRPG. But the interpretations are my own.


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