ZEITGEIST Zeitgeist and Divination Magic (potential spoilers)

Fallen star

I ran the campaign from 2019-21. Before I ran I read the entire thing and took notes.

This helped me a lot. I knew that divination magic would come into play, so knowing in advance allowed me to predetermine what info or clues could be safely given. It also let me know when I could alter details without conflicting with later parts of the adventure.

Remember that a mystery has to unravel on stages. For example, they go from not knowing there is a conspiracy, to vaguely knowing, to learning things they are doing (like the lanterns) to knowing who is involved. The party doesn't learn the Obs goals until much later.

So at any point in the campaign I know to only reveal info based on what they should know.

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Andrew Moreton

I used the Ob's wards, and the known competence of its agents to ensure that nothing vital to the plot which I did not want the players to find could be found. However for spesific facts i was happy to let player magic find some things, basically I consider that for a game to work Players must find some clues and facts. I don't care how they do this and so am happy to let brilliant plans , dice rolls or spells find them and will make sure that some things are found.

As one of my players mentioned above one of the other players had access to at will divination with contact other plane, at the level of access he had in PF1 it was comedy gold for me and utterly useless to the players. 44% truth (and Ob protections could block some of this) 22% Lie, 12% random answer so they could never tell if anything they got from it was true or just be messing with their heads

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