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This page contains errata and FAQs for the ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution Adventure Path. As always, feel free to ask us questions on our forum.

[h=1]Players' Guide[/h]
[h=3]What does the Surgeon's Kit in the Pathfinder version do?[/h]
It's just a themed Healer's Kit; it does exactly the same thing.

[h=1]The Dying Skyseer[/h]
  • Page 8: It's the 1st day of summer, not late spring.
  • The Surgical Precision power is different on the Item Card and Power Card. The correct version is the one on the Item Card.
[h=1]Digging for Lies[/h]
  • Page 27-28: In the rainbow room, there are 8 spikers, not 10. The map’s colors are off - a corrected map by 've4grm' can be found here.
[h=3]Does the technologist theme feat work like an animal companion?[/h]
Mostly I just meant the "it has a movement speed, and when you move it can move with you." If someone damages it, you can repair it during a short rest. If it's reduced to 0 hp, repairing it requires at least an hour.

It had 1/4 your HP before. Now it's just a little better at scampering around, picking things up, and being a tool. It's intended to be a fairly fragile trick, not a powerful companion in combat.

By comparison, the druid in the game I'm running has a BEAR (Battle Enhanced Animalistic Robot) as an animal companion, produced for him by Pemberton Industries.

[h=1]Always on Time[/h]
  • Stats for Cardiff Hengehill: Cardiff isn't intended to be a combatant. His stats would be weenie.
  • Allied Passengers: use the 'allied officer' stats, which appear in adventure 2.
Frequently asked questions and clarifications about the adventure path.

[h=3]Are there any print-friendly versions of the PDFs?[/h]
We use PDF features such as hyperlinks and bookmarks; we also use layers. You have control over which layers show - by default they're all turned on, but you can selectively turn off some or all of the layers to ensure the PDF meets your printer ink budget.

Layers are controlled in the left pane (along with the bookmarks). Of course, you don't have to turn them all off if you don't want to - it's up to you.

[h=3]Will there be a compiled hardcover version?[/h]
We tried that with the War of the Burning Sky Adventure Path, but it didn't work out well financially for us. Consequently, we have no plans to release a compiled version of the adventure path.
We later re-addressed this and offered it as a goal on our Kickstarter, but again found that interest was low for a compiled version.
However, three separate, smaller hardcover compilations (Acts I, II, and III) of the AP will be available.

[h=3]Where are the deities?[/h]
Other than Srassama, the idea was not to state gods, so that if you wanted to slot the campaign into an existing setting, you could. You can make up whatever you want. Worst case scenario, just use the core pantheon.

[h=3]Is there a difference between Gloom Oil and Witch Oil?[/h]
No; they're two names for the same thing - much like people say "pavement" and "sidewalk" in real life.[comment] google_ad_section_end [/comment]

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