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does cal want to stay with merchants, flee to the city or flee to the wilderness?
Plool likely wants to stay local, so he can investigate the Yellow temple, but Blaze is yearning for freedom. The Trikreen seems satisfied with merchants.

my DMing style is not for everyone, if the game isn't working for you let me know. I can make further adjustments or you can drop out.
Sorry, I have been busy trying to turn Plurbium into Gold. I will look at the Professor really soon.
Are you considering joining the group again? Please let me know A.S.A.P.
Hi, Manchurian. You can find us here: Join the Sword & Spell Discord Server!

For those using the Sword & Spell (the Original Edition rules) Warrior (Fighter), Wizard (Magic-User), and Champion (Cleric).

When you join the server, I can get you the stats for your character: attributes (ability scores), GP to buy equipment, and starting HP.
If you are interested then update Professor Randolf Smarz to second level and post a new post in the Rogues Gallery here by the end of the year. We will get things going again in the new year.
Great post from 2017 about Sorlocks. I was wondering if allowed you would take a single level of fighter for Close Quarters Shooter (CQS)?
CQS lessens the need for Warcaster to avoid disadvantage for Eldritch Blast, +1 to hit and the ignoring all but full cover. Take Elven Accuracy as your first ASI... which combines nicely with the improved critical from Hexblades curse.
I know you had dropped out of the Return of the Runelords game. But we are down to four players and I was wondering if you might want to jump back in with your alchemist. Let me know.
Scott DeWar
Scott DeWar
I will give this serious consideration, but you should know that I have acquired a side job: electrical work. This is the first electrical work since 2011.
Along unrelated but similar lines, if it seems to anyone like I have an axe to grind with OneBookShelf/DriveThruRPG, I don't, at least not really.