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Heya, I'm a DM in another 5e Westmarches server and stumbled into your server's pricing guide. Would you mind if I were to just pop over, make a copy, and repurpose it for my server? Would I need to give anyone in particular credit if I were to do so?
saw an old post of yours (For electrum: I only know it to be another name for amber, which can be used as currency. But I don't think an amber armor or sword would be that viable.) Electrum is a naturally (and artificially made as well) occurring alloy of gold and silver. Amber is a hardened tree resin. Not trying to be condescending, which is why i posted to you instead on the post itself...
Hey Ry,
Just had to write you a note after finding and reading your post on E6 from 2007.
AWESOME!!! Love the concept for its simplicity and mortality(for lack of better word).
Great article!
Thanks- it was fun to write and fun to play. So much 2e and 3e play was limited to those levels anyway. I strongly suspect that 3e’s original playtesting was in these levels as well.
does cal want to stay with merchants, flee to the city or flee to the wilderness?
Plool likely wants to stay local, so he can investigate the Yellow temple, but Blaze is yearning for freedom. The Trikreen seems satisfied with merchants.

my DMing style is not for everyone, if the game isn't working for you let me know. I can make further adjustments or you can drop out.
Sorry, I have been busy trying to turn Plurbium into Gold. I will look at the Professor really soon.
Are you considering joining the group again? Please let me know A.S.A.P.
Hi, Manchurian. You can find us here: Join the Sword & Spell Discord Server!

For those using the Sword & Spell (the Original Edition rules) Warrior (Fighter), Wizard (Magic-User), and Champion (Cleric).

When you join the server, I can get you the stats for your character: attributes (ability scores), GP to buy equipment, and starting HP.