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Hi Plax. I sent you a friend request on Discord. I couldn't figure out how to DM you there without being friends first. I was interested in your upcoming game. I know you were looking for a group, and I don't know if you have any spots left. If you do, how long do you expect each session to last? I have a lot of experience playing and would love the chance to play a long term campaign.
I think there is a slight mistake with the Darkest Age armor table. There's nothing about Strength requirements. Is that a mistake or is that intended?


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I'm working on and finalizing a simple card based (pen and paper supported) fantasy RPG that is designed to move fast and not be bogged down by endless rules on minute details of everything.
Hi, I started playing AD&D in the 70's and have played a number of different systems, even created new PC race. I would love to bring in a Brujah Vampire from VTM, he does not use weapons as he was in life a Heavy Weight boxer. I can send you a character sheet with further explanations. The alternative would be a Human Cleric
Finished my second, eberron campaign!

The Orc Cleric is a living saint, the Khoravar Sailor redeemed himself, the Cyran Necromancer is now bolstering New Cyre’s defenses with undead, and the Vadalis “Tech”lock is the face of House Vadalis in Breland.
Early afternoon and late evenings are usually best for me. I'm on Central time, so I'm one hour ahead of you. Mainly interested to see how you handle combat in Foundry. Thanks!
Ive got to lear to check this site when I've been talking to people, yeah sure np. So you can actually contact me I'm thesodge#2035, I'm session planning tonight after 7/8ish if you're about.
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If free speech is what you desire and you're inclined to "notice" certain double standards, join GAB.AI and you'll find yourself in good company.
So I have Telecaster (kind of like a Nashville) that I this swapped out the pickups. (3) Seymour Duncan's. If I had to choose out of any of my guitars now, that'd be it. (2) Hotrails and (1) Trembucker man it can scream or be a whisper on the wind. And I took it to my guy it was only an 8 hr turn around. Those are great pickups.
Got Pix?
I do but when I go to insert image it doesn't work, wont let me upload them.