Has anyone else been infurriated by losing characters? Characters you've worked hard on, planned carefully to develop, through many levels of play, made no few choices and selections to help your Fellow players PCs, be all that they could be.

Only to have it ALL RIPPED AWAY, because some simpering twit FEELS that his character would do something absolutely moronic AND detrimental to the group FOR ROLE-PLAYING reasons.

THEN the putz (whos done this a couple of times now) has the BLOODY AUDACITY to call ME a crappy roleplayer because I make the assumption that SANE people wish to LIVE.

And now what am I left to do? The other players dont seem to mind writing up new characters on a semi-monthly basis, thus this kinda STUPIDITY cannot be voted away from the group.

I will meet the new PCs and if they are a liability to the mission, they DIE by my hand (or hired thugs). Ohhh I do wish there were more player who weren't EXCLUSIVLY ROLE-players around here they make me sick.

Thank you for attending Limper High Anxiety Theatre, I only wish I could share my blood preasure and the flecks of saliva, just thinking of this has caused. Some day when I'm not thinking of taking up fishing I'll share the tale. BY THE GODS I'M BENT INTO FURRIOUS SHAPE TODAY.

Thank You again my friends. I do hope your weekend was a good one.