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    Conuld looks pensive. "Do you have unforeseen expenses? I thought with Cassus' reward money, you could afford a spell or two. I would probably be wiser to scribe a few scrolls of Color Spray, since it worked so well on Riffer, but I cannot resist the opportunity to try out some new spells."

    OOC - you're not forgetting the 250 gp? or are you saving up for a big purchase?


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    OOC: Okay then, Saithnar will also take 1 Cure Light Wounds potion, 63 gp, 7 sp, 4 cp and the 250 gp reward from Cassus.

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    ooc: I was, of course, forgetting the reward money. It's Sunday. Time for furious backpedaling!

    Tommy looks torn. "Well, I was saving for a wand or two, and of course a membership at to Orussus library, but... Oh, you're right! I won't see a chance like this to learn new spells every day!"

    ooc: Having peeked at your character sheet, I'd like to scribe Unseen Servant and Enlarge Person, when ever it seems appropriate IC.
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    "Oh!" says Conuld, "you have Feather Fall. I have been trying to puzzle out how one can produce such an effect with only an utterance, and I think I am nine-tenths of the way there. I'll get it soon. But I am most interested in Magic Missile. It seems that if you cannot cast that, you cannot really call yourself a wizard! But Baland and Althor put their feet down, and said it was a waste of time for a librarian, and how could I practise casting it, anyway? And so I have some utility spells - such as Unseen Servant and Enlarge Person. Well, Enlarge Person can be a help in a library with tall shelves."

    OOC - no problem. As above, Conuld would like MM. Is there a standard LEW procedure for this, or does it all happen off-stage?

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    The only LEW requirement is that you note on your character sheet where the new spells came from. When you get approved for next level, the character judges might ask where you got it, and they'll make sure you spent the appropriate money. It's best to make a note on the boards somewhere and include that link in your character sheet.

    And you can RP it out here or in the Tavern, or not at all.
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    OOC - thanks Rae. For record-keeping purposes, then:

    Tommy and Conuld spend a week sequestered away in their rooms at the Red Dragon. With Tommy's help, Conuld translates Tommy's version of Magic Missile into his own arcane notation. He helps his friend with Enlarge Person and Unseen Servant. Then he copies his scrolls of Magic Weapon and Comprehend Languages.

    OOC - spending 300 gp to add the above 3 spells to Conuld's spellbook.

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    OOC - you can take 10 on the Spellcraft check to learn a new spell, then? That makes success automatic, of course.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trouvere
    OOC - you can take 10 on the Spellcraft check to learn a new spell, then? That makes success automatic, of course.
    OOC: Yes you can I think. Looks like I can grab the crossbow and just get the the symbol filed off (should be pretty cheep). Looks like I owe 78 gp, 7 sp, and 6 cp.
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    OOC: Doh! i forgot about the 250 gp reward too!

    Pendrake bows to Cassus Arimae,a little less wobbly as the alcohol is wearing off, and thank him for his share of the reward. he then looks to the fellow party members and says, "I vill see each uf you at zee ret dragoon? Ja?"

    after giving departing comments to all, he bows to them and departs, walking briskly, the scene of the life he had to take earlier still playing in the back of his head...forced upon him by the wizard's enchantment...the anger of being forced to leave his fellow parties side by magic casuing a the embers of hatred to glow within his soul...(moving to the red dragon...)

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