Omega World: Really Fun!
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    Omega World: Really Fun!

    Got a chance to run Omega WOrld for my regular group last night, and it was a blast!

    It's a lot like D&D, in that there are lots of monsters to blast, and it's pretty important to loot bodies for "stuff" , as this is how people survive in Omega World.

    The most fun my players had was probably during character creation. The random mutations and defects were a big hit! One player ended up with a mutated human with no arms, two brains and horns. He was (and is) thrilled! (and you should see the miniature I converted for it)

    Anyway, just thought I'd get the ball rolling. Anyone else get a chance to play? Post your thoughts here. Run into any problems?

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    I guess no one else has tried Omega World, Gospog.

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    Originally posted by mmadsen
    I guess no one else has tried Omega World, Gospog.
        I would dearly love to, along with Shadowchasers, Star Wars, Dragonstar, etc. But alas, my groups (neither of them) get together often enough to "waste" (and I hope you know what I mean when I say that) time on a different game...


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    I have used some of the rules in Omega World in my Darwin's World campaign does that count?

    Seriously there are a lot of things about the game I liked (the sheer number of mutations), but as someone with a long-running post holocaust campaign, I think you would need more options (like more than one character class), which is why I just use OW to dupplement my Darwin's World campaign.

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    Originally posted by mmadsen

    I guess no one else has tried Omega World, Gospog.
    My FLGS haven't got their shipment of Dungeon/Polyhedron #94/#153 and Dragon #299 yet.

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    I guess you're right, we're the only ones.

    Hmmm, does this count as a playtest?
    WotC, I want full credit!

    Honestly, though, if you have the opportnity, give it a chance, we can't wait to play again!

    And having only one class has not been a big problem, as each of the "races" is extremely different from all the others. Also, as in any D20 game, you can always select skills and feats to define your "class concept" without actually calling yourself a specific class name. For example, take all Tech skills and Skill Focus Feats for them. Select a bunch of tool kits for your gear, and you've just created a "Tech Specialist" class.

    I'll probably run the players through a small story arc or two, before moving back to Star Wars to wrap up THAT campaign (or at least part of it), and then it's back to our D&D campaign, and that big push towards Epic Levels. Omega World has certainly been a great change of pace!

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    Now this is a d20 game I could enjoy!

    I always thought this genre to be one that d20 would do a good job of emulating, and have been hoping they would put something out.

    Hopefully the response will be positive enough that they can turn it into a full-fledged game.

    BTW, anyone else think that "Reserve Points" have potential for a more free-wheeling high fantasy campaign as well? I think I might incorporate them in some fashion into my Basic D&D campaign--have to give it a little more thought though...

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    Thorvald, we use a policy very similar to "reserve points" in our regular D&D game, in that we are pretty laid back about swapping out skills and feats shortly after taking them.

    In fact, Omega World espouses a lot of ideas that are already in practice (to some extent) in our group. We love this game!

    BTW, after last game, one of my players stood up with a smile on his face and said "Well, I guess the moral of that story is 'Blasters kick ass!'" Everyone agreed.

    You gotta love that.

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    You're talking about "Undefined Feats" right? I agree that they are a good idea--as a matter of fact, it would work well for the Ranger's favored enemy as well.

    I was thinking that the reserve HPs would be the way to go for a heroic campaign though. Have you tried this particular option in D&D yet?

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    No, reserve Hp are new to us, but in our first Omega World game, they meant the difference between life and death for one PC, so I guess they work well!

    "Witholding" a Rangers' favored enemy is a gret idea! I think it's only fair, as the player has no idea what the GM plans to stock his dungeons/forests with. I will try this in the future.

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