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    The Second K'ril Incursion (SW Saga, KotOR era) [IC]

    Rogue's Gallery Thread
    OOC Thread

    The four people at the front of the room could not be more different at first glance. One human woman in the robes of a Jedi Master, who had a few strands of red poking out from hair almost entirely gone to white. A middle-aged Zabrak man in a Rear Admiral's uniform. A Mon Calimari who a few of you -- those who tended to follow politics -- recognized as chairman of the Republic Senate's intelligence committee. And a second Navy officer, this one apparenlty a relatively new human Ensign, who has simply escorted all of you into the room.

    The Mon Calimari cleared his throat. "I suppose it's time to begin. I am Senator Oro; my collegues are Admiral Saric Aan of the Republic Navy, and the Jedi Master Keda Starwind. You have all been informed of the basics of why this team has been assembled. Most of you have some connection with the Jedi Order, the Republic Navy, or Republic intelligence, though some of you have recruited specially.

    "As you probably know, the city of Dintella on Imperasan 4 -- a minor Republic system near the Outer Rim -- was attacked by unknown forces four months ago. It was only after we examined the wreckage that the true extent of this threat became known."

    The Mon Calimari turned to the Admiral, who activated the holoprojecter next to him, showing a display of a bombed-out city. Then the Navy officer took over the explanation.

    "What we found when we sent a Navy team to investigate was rather confusing. There was the obvious extensive damage to the city. But beyond that, we found a fair number of destroyed war droids and other military equipment of unknown designs, some dead soldiers in armor that was similar -- but not identical -- to Mandalorian designs, and a handful of the dead civilians were not recognized by any of the survivors, and gene typing suggests they were not native to Imperasan 4. At first glance, despite the oddities, we were inclined to write this off as a particularly ambitious band of pirates, possibly with the resources to hire a small group of Mandalorian mercenaries." The Admiral said, flipping through holo-still shots on the projecter as he did. "We forwarded the incident report to the main Jedi enclave on Dantooine, but we didn't expect them to have any more ideas than we did."

    "And they did not." Master Starwind said. "However, they did put out an inquiry to certain experts, one of which was a certain retired Jedi with a certain familiarity with computer systems..." She smiled. "I was on the first transport I could find to Imperasan 4 to confirm my suspiscions. I needed to examine things more closely to be sure, but my worst fears were confirmed.

    "Only two groups in the history of the galaxy have ever been able to build machinery that draws on the Dark Side. The Rakata of the Infinite Empire -- dead and gone millenia ago -- and Karil Valera's self-styled K'ril Technomages. Oh, we could have another mad genius. But it seems more likely that some of her followers escaped us.

    "And that is why you are here. To track down these new K'ril, discover their intentions, and allow us to stop them before they make another bid to conquer the Republic."
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