Can Dextyr Keep All These Strikers Alive? (DM: JoeNotCharles, Ozymandias79 Judging)
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    Can Dextyr Keep All These Strikers Alive? (DM: JoeNotCharles, Ozymandias79 Judging)

    The Long Arm of Lauto
    Can Dextyr Keep All These Strikers Alive?

    The Leader:
    Dextyr M'rgan (DMDanW), Level 1 Half-Elf Bard

    The Strikers:
    Tonk (KenHood), Level 1 Half-Orc Rogue
    Blade (renau1g), Level 1 Deva Avenger
    Tristan Moonblade (Lord Sessadore), Level 1 Elf Avenger
    Mikara Li Mesadh (H.M.Gimlord) , Level 1 Elf Ranger

    * * * * *

    The Adventure Begins Here!

    * * * * *

    There is a small sign on the Bishop's door:

    Quote Originally Posted by Sign
    Bishop Klogg is on vacation until Wednesday. Sorry!

    If you have an urgent need to see the Bishop, please leave your name in the box, and someone will contact you when he's back in town.
    Next to the sign is a small box with a slot in the lid and a pile of blank slips of paper.


    Sorry to post a call-to-adventure and then leave town -I'd planned to post this when I got back, but I figured it was better to start the recruitment for both Lauto-themed adventures at the same time so people could sort themselves out.

    Once again: this adventure is for 1 leader (Dextyr gets first pick, but if he doesn't want to join someone else can do it) and any number of strikers.
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    Blade, the deva avenger, marches up to the box, surprised that he arrived quicker than the half-orc, Tonk, walks up and looks at the box quizzically. He continues to inspect it while he waits for the others, seeing if its some sort of trick to test out the intelligence of the applicants, chuckling to himself thinking of Tonk taking an apptitude test on anything other than bashing or eating...

    He decides to simply put his name down in each of the languages he knows, and leans against the wall next to the door.

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    You can shouting in the foyer of the temple. "Helloooooooo! Where is job?"

    "Helloooooooooooo! Where is people?"

    Tonk wanders into the office's waiting area. He carries the spine and head of a roasted pig in one hand. "Oh! Hello, Punch Brother! I get much lost on way here."

    Tonk reads the sign.

    "Aaaaaaawwww! Is not job! Is wait for job!"

    He thinks for a moment, biting through the skull of the pig and slurping out brains. "Okay, I have idea. I go into office and find papers that tell of job. We go do job. When bishop find out we do without he have to ask, he be much happy!"

    Tonk pulls out his thieves' tools and works on the lock.

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    Block DMDanW

    Dextyr enters and wears a curious frown upon his face. "Hmmm if this job was that the Bishop forgot his keys I think hs should have contacted a locksmith. What are you up to Tonk?" Dextyr asks with a bemused smile as if half guessing what the comical half orc will say.

    Upon seeing the sign and the box Dextyr writes down his name and places the paper in the waiting container.

    He then turns to Blade. "I wonder who else will take up the Bishops job offer? I suppose the fewer of us there are, the better the payoff will be if there is any loot to split" Dextyr comments.


    So far its Dex, Blade, Tonk and Tristan. I wonder if Vixo or Dang't will want in on this action? A ranged striker would be nice to and a bit of balance to this mix.

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    "Am taking...(What is word?)...initative. We get job and do job. No wait."

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    Just to inform your RP over the weekend... KenHood's approach works. I won't actually have time to post what you find in the office until next Wednesday anyway, so it doesn't save any time, though.

    And if anyone gets bored of waiting and wants to go join another adventure instead, feel free.

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    "Well I do appreciate your zeal Tonk, perhaps it'd be wise if we wait for the bishop. If we go in without him there, he might get mad and then we don't get paid for job. That would not be very good" Blade says to Tonk

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    "No, no. Is okay. We leave note. Beside, people much impress with those that take initiative." He rolls the syllables of the word around his mouth. "When he find note, he say, 'Hey! Look at these who go and get! They is much good boys! I give much gold and more job!'"

    "Also, all door is to say, 'Come to look behind me! I have thing of interest on other side!' Especially if lock. If lock, mean people want you to open and see what is behind. Otherwise, they no lock, so you know is not so of interest. What? You parent not teach you this? Is known to everyone."

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    "I must admit that is an interesting rationale Tonk, although I still think that certain religious-types don't like people going in their homes, they usually keep it locked to keep people out..." Blade replies.

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    Block DMDanW

    Dextyr walks over to Tonk, "Tonk my friend, I like your initiative, but perhaps Blade is correct - Perhaps where the Bishop comes from people lock their doors to actually keep others out when they are not there. I like your theory, but if the Bishop doesn't then we may not only be out of a job, but we also may be getting a visit from the city guard. So please my friend, why don't we wait for the Bishop to return and in the meantime you can tell me more about your Mama....and you mentioned a sister?..." Dextyr finishes off with a friendly grin in hopes that Tonk will leave the Bishops door alone.

    dice roll

    Dextyr will try and be diplomactic with Tonk to try and persuade him from breaking into the Bishops office

    Dex will also use his words of friendship encounter power to help out with this roll

    Roll Lookup 1d20+13+5=27

    hope that does it...

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