Gaming W/Jemal: Mutant Apocalypse (Recruitment always open)

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    Gaming W/Jemal: Mutant Apocalypse (Recruitment always open)

    Well, might as well do it sooner rather than later, eh?

    I'm starting up a Mutants & Masterminds game, set a year after the global revelation that mutants/meta-humans exist. It will deal with how the world (Community, Government, Finance, Crime, etc) adjusts to the news, and how the repurcussions affect the future. The tone of the game will (Hopefully) be something akin to a blend of Heroes and Marvel: Civil War.

    For anybody who may have played in/remember my Mutant Rising game from ~2 years ago, that was supposed to be the first chapter in the saga, but I've made a few adjustments and decided this time to skip the first chapter (wherein the truth is revealed and the world gasps), and start with Chapter 2.
    For those keeping track, I've not yet mentioned anything about an apocalypse, even though that's the name of the thread. Oversight? I think not... Depending on how the PC's actions affect the planet, Apocalypse may be right around the corner, or it may never happen. That's entirely up to you.

    The direction of the game (Indeed, the whole world) will be very driven by the PC's. Whether they like it or not (OR even realize it), the Characters you play will be central figures in a time of great change. Whether it be through Diplomacy & Politics, Money & Business, or straight out Brute strength, their actions will shape the future.
    Options I've allready accounted for are: Downfall of Civilization, War(Humans win, mutants become hunted), War2(Mutants win, new age of weirdness ensues), Registration(cf Marvel: Civil War), Peaceful Coexistance, or Rising Tensions(Prolonged stalemate, could lead eventually to any of the others). And there are certainly other possibilities.

    I will be running this like a comic book/tv show, thus there will be things shown that no characters may know about, but that could make certain events make more sense to the players. So long as the Players remain capable of seperating what they and their characters are aware of, I'll also allow reading of specific character and/or skill-gained information to facilitate understanding and enjoyment of the story.

    Basic Backstory:
    (This is a summary of the basic information available to the Audience. How much is known by any particular character will depend on their background and involvement, and as with anything, there's a lot going on that will only be revealed with time. I will be posting up more details in the near future.)

    Meta-Humans have existed for decades, maybe centuries, but have managed to remain a secret until now. A company known as the Gryphon Corporation was founded in the early 20th century, it's private mandate was to keep that secret. Eventually, it failed.

    During a Terrorist attack on a school, there were numerous reports and even a few news videos of a group of 'super-powered individuals' saving the day. The videos were quickly confiscated and many of the reporters charged with perpetrating a hoax. The videos resurfaced on the internet over the next month, garnering a massive public following. Eventually, a Presidential press conference was convened wherein the president himself was set to validate or deny the events. Before he could, however, a second terrorist attack took place.
    In the middle of the Presidents speech, a Truck managed to make its way past the police blockades. As it barrelled towards the President, people dashed to get out of the way. Except for one man, since identified as Alex Drake, who dashed In Front of the truck and, in front of thousands of witnesses including the US President, and dozens of nationally broadcasting cameras, grabbed and lifted the truck, stopping it in its tracks and dumping the terrorist on the ground. Alex then proceeded to take an uzi clip to the chest before subduing the terrorist with a punch that sent him flying over a hundred feet.

    That was one year ago. Since then, the existance of Meta-humans (Also known as Metas, Mutants, Specials, and of course Freaks/Abominations) has become not only global knowledge, but topic #1.

    Alex Drake became the founder of the Alex Drake Centre for Meta-human Rights, and is currently their spokesman.

    The Gryphon Corporation has managed to keep its involvement in Meta-human activities out of the papers, though rumours and links have begun surfacing.

    A US Senator named William Lyons has started the "Lyons Foundation for Preserving Humanity", a group arguing(Loudly) that the Meta-humans are too dangerous to be allowed to roam free, and that they should be incarcerated for public safety, or at the very least "herded into a central location where officials can keep an eye on these dangerous Individuals"

    Even more Radical outcries against the Meta-human community are being fueled by recent medical reports that there are significant genetic differences between Humans and Meta-humans.

    Several groups of Meta-humans have taken the 'comic world' to heart, and reports of Super-villains and Super-heroes are on the rise, furthering the call for the government to do.. "Something".

    A government Agency has been apointed for dealing with Meta-human 'situations'. What is not public knowledge is that the Agency has existed in secret for years, tracking and studying Mutants, it's true agenda a mystery to all but it's highest ranking members. *See below*

    Further Info on Major Factions:

    Here's some info on each of the factions/players. Feel free to read any/all of it, either for entertainment value or to help decide whether your character should/would be a part of any of them. Info in Sblocks is not publicly known, being known only by members of the organization or certain people outside it who happen to know a lot about it.

    Alex Drake Centre for Meta-human Rights
    Alex Drake was a sharp businessman, living in DC, and well known as the Meta whos actions finally revealed the truth to the world when he saved the President from a Terrorist attack in public and on national television. Since then, he has turned his time and resources towards buliding the Centre, a haven for Meta-Humans. He provides housing and safety, as well as help in learning to control their abilities, in return for the opportunity for his scientists to study(Non-intrusively, of course) those Metas living under his care.
    Alex Drake is basically a cross between Jordan Collier(the 4400), and Professor Charles Xavier (If you don't know where he's from, you're in the wrong thread. :P)

    Drake Center

    Though publicly Drake comes off as a Philanthropist and generally good guy, and has been set up as a hero for his actions (Both saving the president and starting the centre), those involved more closely with him know that he is a very shrewd man, with far reaching goals. Some have even questioned why he was at the presidents speech that day to begin with, and how far back his plans stretch..

    The Lyons Foundation for Preserving Humanity
    Lyons Foundation

    The Lyons foundation is fairly open about its opinions. If they do have any secrets, they are well guarded.

    The Gryphon Corporation
    Started by William Gryphon back in the early 1900's, the Gryphon corporation is a company dealing primarily in R&D and technological advancements, supporting their efforts by sales of said research to other companies.
    Gryphon Corporation

    William Gryphon was a Mutant born in 1900 with the ability to sense the course of future events. He became convinced that should the recent rise in mutations among humans become public knowledge, a war would break out ending in the downfall of either or both species. He devoted a sizable portion of his corporation to tracking down mutants, to study, help, or detain them as deemed necessary.
    Through nearly a century of research, The Corporation has learned much and managed to keep Meta-humans out of the spotlight. Many Metas have some connection to the corporation, though few may remember it, and those that do have kept the secret, even in light of recent events.

    The Corporation has a sizable 'gray area', but spending any amount of time with them would likely be very convincing as to their 'generally' altruistic goals. Their main goal was keeping mutants safe & Hidden, and now that the secret is out, are scrambling to restructure and find a way to continue keeping the meta-population safe, though some of their members are open to the 'any means necessary' policy.

    secret but readable

    The Corporation has plants in The Agency and the Drake Centre. This is known only to a select few within the corporation, as well as some metas who've been saved by the mysterious Agent JC

    The Meta-Human Research and Protection Agency
    Referred to by most as simply The Agency, it is a 'newly formed' directorate of the CIA whose purpose is to track and study meta-humans across the country, and when needed intervene in dangerous situations involving meta-humans.
    The Agency

    The Agency was started by the CIA during the Reagan Administration, after the government gained knowledge of meta-human existance. Over the next decades, they tracked and detained hundreds of metas, studying and experimenting on them, though their goals and discoveries are highly classified.
    They are for the most part strongly opposed to meta-human existance, believing them to be a danger to humanity, though they approach the situation in a much more scientific and rational way than the Lyons Foundation or other radical anti-mutant movements.

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    *UPDATE: Character creation rules added April 6/2011*

    Unless I change it within the next 24 hours due to overwhelming protests, we will be using the new 3e ruleset.

    PL will be 9 (I stated 8 earlier but have changed my mind), with 135 PP.

    Special/House Rules:

    All characters chose one of the following traits, which can modify your PL caps but impose other restrictions.
    Meta: You are a 'normal' Meta-human, your PL Caps are all standard and you may make trade-offs up to 3.
    Offense: Your caps for Attack/Damage are increased by 2 each, but you may not take trade-offs.
    Defense: Your caps for Defense/Toughness are increased by 2 each, but you may not take trade-offs.
    Potential: Your PL is 1 higher than the campaign, though you don't start with any more points. You may make trade-offs of up to 1.
    Powerful: You have 10 extra PP, but retain PL 9. You have a lot of raw power but are unsure how to properly use it. You may make trade-offs of up to 2, and must have at least 90 points in Meta-Human Traits (Powers/abilities that are Specifically related to you being Meta-human)
    Trained: You are experienced and trained with your abilities. You may raise the PL on any 2 things by +1, and any 1 thing by +2.

    Any power that is not allready limited by campaign PL's is now limited to PL, with exceptions on a case by case basis.

    Regeneration is only allowed on Characters whose Focus is on regeneration.
    The Healing ability is not allowed on PC's, though may become available in the future, and will likely show up on one or more NPC's.

    Please buy ANY trait that is linked to your being a meta-human via powers (Power Feats, Enhanced Abilities, etc). These abilities may be enhanced or negated at times by various effects through the series.
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    Intelligence is the capacity to understand old Ideas.
    Imagination is the ability to come up with New Ideas.

    Eagles may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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    oooo Jemal... awesome background info and I would sooo love to be a part of this. Problem is I don't have all the much access if any at all to M&M so I might ask for a bit of help creating a character. If you could help with that, that would be great. I can give you a concept that I want and you can perhaps whip the chara up around it. Sound good?
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    I liked my idea for Frost from M&M Chosen OOC. Could he one of the above students, surviving the terrorist attack and being one of the first 'specials' automatically being an important part of the setting?

    Anyway, any idea for the PL? This tends to also affect my background, as some concepts are more easier/natural with higher/lower PL.

    I have access to both 2nd and 3rd edition and would be very interested.

    EDIT: Thanks for the answer and link, Binder Fred.
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    Tentatively interested, especially if we're talking 2E rules.
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    I like the background story/ premise quite a bit (reminds me of shadowrun), but am not very keen on M&M. Let me check out 3rd edition to see if its any better than 2nd, and I'll get back to you.
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    I think Jemal's refering to Mutants Rising, WD. Had some great fun in that one, though we didn't get much past the intro scene. My game docket is pretty full at this time, but I'll be looking forward to reading up on your adventures, guys.
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    I only have one thing to say to that...


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    Agreed with a yayyy!

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    Sounds fine to me.
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