Gen Con 2012 'Industry Insiders' Guest List Announced
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    Gen Con 2012 'Industry Insiders' Guest List Announced

    Gen Con has announced the "Industry Insider Guest of Honor" list for Gen Con Indy 2012. They are as follows:

    • Tavis Allison
    • Steve Kenson
    • Mark Rein-Hagen
    • Wolgang Baur
    • T.S. Luikart
    • Elizabeth Shoemaker-Sampat
    • Stan!*
    • Michelle Lyons
    • Gareth-Michael Skarka
    • Dennis Detwiller
    • Ryan Macklin
    • Christina Stiles
    • James Ernest
    • Dominic McDowall-Thomas
    • George Strayton
    • Matt Forbeck*
    • Jason Morningstar
    • Richard Thomas
    • Jess Hartley
    • Susan Morris
    • Rodney Thompson
    • Kenneth Hite*
    • James Wyatt

    * Advisory panel

    The guest list was, I believe, a list that industry folks had to apply for.

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    I love Gen Con, but I was disappointed by how the program was communicated.

    The initial announcement here is confusing. It isn't clear if the program is for established industry insiders (in which case Gen Con should really know them and reach out to them instead of forcing them to apply) or new talent / talent in new areas (in which case it probably should network to find them and have the site be a place where people can be recommended).

    The announcement should really pump up the program so that people chosen will feel valuable and so those attending Gen Con feel excited to see more industry insiders. Instead, I'm left wondering if Gen Con knows the industry well enough if it has to ask for suggestions.

    Having to apply is fundamentally going to reward very few (those that get in) and disappoint the rest. Because of the confusion, it could disappoint many. And, as the program increases in popularity it would disappoint a greater number of applicants.

    And, many people that could potentially be accepted may not enter. They may see it as hubris to do so. They may be too scared to do so. The system may keep people you want to attract from being a part of the applicant pool.

    The rewards are ok. You get a free badge (sure), a picture and bio in the program book and web site (a fantastic benefit for most applicants), you can room with other accepted insiders (but have to pay for your room!). In return, you have to spend 4-6 slots conducting seminars or workshops. You sign a contract as to what you will be doing for the show. Other than the program mention, I could argue RPGA DMs get better rewards (for 6 slots you can get badge, room, loot, and more).

    The final list of Industry Insiders is impressive - I love the names I recognize (I don't particularly follow the people in the industry and I recognize 11 of the names). Others that know the industry better will have to say whether it includes more than obvious picks. Either way, I think there could be some improvements.

    Note: I didn't apply (I know I am not qualified for the role). I also really like judging the RPGA events. All of this is just my opinion and I'm sure others will find the program to be fine.

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    Gratz to all of the 2012 Industry Insiders!!!!!!! (!) and one extra for Stan!.

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    I used to know Elizabeth Shoemaker-Sampat a long time ago, but for some reason I can't remember (probably boils down to me being a jerk in a no coffee time) we don't talk anymore.

    Still, good for her.

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    I think a number of folks were "invited" to apply ([NDA]but don't quote me on that[/NDA]).

    Good list!

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