[AU] Lost Dreams
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    [AU] Lost Dreams

    *It is a crisp autumn day in Ao Manasa. The breeze from the bay brings with it scents of the salty sea. The clouds are pulled over the city like a comforting blanket high above the sky. The sun has begun to set over the Elder Mountains to the west and the clouds have lit up from underneath with an orange luminesence. This time of year it is quite cool as the leaves on the trees turn and fall. The city still bustles as it is early in the evening yet. City watchmen begin to circulate along the streets bearing their strange sticks with small bell-like ends. They press the bells up against the various lantern posts that are placed along the main thuroughfares and they blossom into light, each post containing a glow-globe.*

    *Malarky, seeing the skies start to darken you say goodbye to the last customer of the day, a merchant from Sormere. Closing up your small stand in the Lower Market in Hollum, you head towards the inn you have been staying at for the past while. The blue facade of the Bluetooth inn greats you just as the city watchmen light the Glowlanterns on the street infront of it. Glad for the light, you watch wearily across Trallforth street at the gloom surrounding the Worm - a district known for its rough character.*

    *Vand, for you the twilight signals the begining of things. Your life on the hard streets of the Worm has only recently picked up. You are used to running odd jobs around the city, particularly at night. You have become quite knowledgable about the city and its environs. As coincidence would have it, coming down the street from the waterfront is your friend Yajarn. The mojh is one of the reasons that you have managed to find yourself in better positions these days. The two of you have managed to secure several minor guard jobs since you met him.*

    *Yajarn, you spot your friend Vand standing across from the Bluetooth in in the shadows of an alley leading to the heart of the Worm. Only a few days ago you fell in with the human, finding a companion among those whom you feel more affinity with. Together you have been able to secure a few odd guard jobs, particularily with some of the giantish nobility. With Vand around you have gotten to know the city in a very short time. You have even passed by the grand entrance to the Devanian Warguild, but you figure that you need to make a name for yourself before approaching them.*

    *Sharilan, as you approach the southern gates to the city you pull out the letter from your relatives again and hold if to your chest remembering the contents.

    Sharilan - Please you must come to Brightholme, your uncle has taken ill recently and you are his closest relative. He has asked for you from his bedside and I promised that I would write. He tells me that he dreams of you often. I hope that you can make it soon as I don't believe that he will last much longer. The village shaman has seen him and says that there is not much he can do beside easing the pain. Your childhood friend - Kaellynn.
    *Aadin, ever since you and Sharilan set out from Ka-Rone things have gone well. You have passed over low, fertile plains, windswept barren hills and even skirted the edge of a marsh. Your caravan of entertainers left for Sormere at the crossroads about a month ago and since that time the two of you have been travelling north. You decided to accompany her to find her family when no one else from the caravan was heading north from the crossroads. Looking over at your other traveling companions, Gren and his wolf, Rinaldo you remember the day just after you passed the swamps.*

    *Gren and Rinaldo were out wandering the forgotten plains of the once great kingdom of Devania. Ever since the dramojh occupation the population of this land had shrunk down to just the cities, a perfectly acceptable outcome in your mind. But on the open road some sometimes find trouble even from the so called civilized. That day Rinaldo had picked up the scent of a caravan heading north. The two of you approached the caravan cautiously but were determined to find out news and maybe see if they had any nice cooked meat to share.*

    *Things did not go well from there, the guards were inherently suspicious of the lone wolf warrior and some words were said that set them off. Weapons were drawn and things looked bleak as you faced down several pikes and swords. Were it not for the two strangers who came upon the situation you might have had to flee. Sharilan and Aadin, traveling north along the road spotted the trouble as it started. When they arrived threats were being uttered and it was a very tense situation. After a few minutes they managed to talk the guards into a parley with the caravan master. The cavern master exited the large covered wagon that he had been riding in and it was obvious from the tail that he was a mojh. With some well reasoned quick talking you managed to convince Zoringarath that it would be in everyone's best interest if he continued south and you moved along to the north.*

    *Since that day almost a week ago the four of you have traveled north towards Ao Manasa, arriving at the southen city gates just as twilight falls. The large walls of the southern part of the city glow orangish-yellow in the dying light. Several small buildings lie along the Southfarthing Road leading up to the walls. Even an inn or two according to the signs hanging from the buildings that you see as you enter the small offshout town of Wembridge.*

    *Finn as darkness falls you reach the western part of Norrich. You have been following the Kiyush Way along the river Kiyush for a few days. You were told that Brightholme is only a little ways from Ao Manasa and now that you are here you think that someone exagerated. You can see across the dike built up along the riverside that Ao Manasa spreads out across the flood plain and up onto a high cliff by the bayside. You look up to the sky to see the clouds slowly turning from the bright orange to a dull red, looking something like a sea of blood.*

    Out of Character thread
    Rogues Gallery thread
    In Character Thread - Malarky, Vand, Yajarn, and Finn
    In Character Thread - Sharilan, Aadin, Gren, and Kalythar

    Malarky Winddancer, loresong akashic played by Malarky.
    Vand, human mindwitch played by Zhure.
    Sharilan Glittermane, loresong magister played by SubMensa.
    Aadin Lofgred, human runethane played by GladiusNP.
    Gren, human wolf totem warrior played by Corinthi.
    Yajarn, mojh warmain played by GPEKO.
    Finn Redtip, spryte greenbond played by Raikes.
    Kalythar, litorian mageblade played by DrSpunj.
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    Finn Redtip, Spryte Greenbond 3

    Finn has been having the time of his life on this trip. The only scary moment was when a group of goblins made camp directly underneath the tree where he was sleeping the night before last.

    A quick application of Silent Sheath before heading out on his strengthening wings allowed him to avoid any nastiness with those brutes. Ever since Finn discovered his talent for manipulating sound, he has relished using it.

    Other than that, the young greenbond has learned that the world looks much larger and more dangerous when you are only a foot tall. Luckily, his wings allow him to zip along at a good pace, resting only occasionally on the branches of great trees.

    Since darkness is falling as he approaches the western side of the big city, Finn makes a beeline for the civilization. "Food & comfortable beds! All Right!"

    Checking for trigger-happy guards: Spot +3 = 15+3 = 18

    If he doesn't see any nasty bowmen, he heads on into town, thinking "I hope I can find a decent place to get a bite to eat that is a bit more satisfying than fruits and nuts enhanced with an Enchanting Flavor spell."

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    Aadin Lofgred, 3rd Level Human Runethane

    Aadin halts for a moment, and leans wearily on his spear.
    "So that's Ao-Manasa. It's smaller than I thought." He looks up towards the gates - a fleeting glance, and then starts moving again, calling up to his companions,
    "Slow down, you two. This leg won't carry me much further - never mind a footrace! "

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    Vand, Human, Mindwitch

    In Giant, Vand hails Yajarn, "Hello my very tall friend. I hope you've found work for us. My belly feels like my throat's been cut, so little good fare has passed. I'd be willing to eat mutton again I'm getting so lean."

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    Yajarn is starting to like the Worm. Granted it is a pit of poverty and lawlessness but at least most of the people here are tough and ready to defend themselves. Here, he gets the fewest stares for being a mojh. It's also in the Worm that he befriended that nonmojh, Vand. He first thought that Vand was only a poor man but he discovered that he had some mental powers and that the nonmojh could take and deal a lot of punishment. A strong mind in a strong body, Yajarn respects that.

    And there is Vand ... Funny that I was just thinking about him. "How do you do nonmojh ? Any plans for the night ?"
    Edit : Replying, also in Giant : "No such luck I'm afraid, and we'll never find something if we start looking too weak. Let's go eat something."
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    Vand, Human, Mindwitch

    "No plans right now, just hoping to get out of this muck and maybe pick up a major job, something that'll keep us in gold for a long while.." Vand says.

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    *Finn, as you fly into town the guards note your approach but dont look to be readying any weapons. They seem pretty relaxed on this side of town, maybe they just watch for trouble makers and monsters. The small village of Norrich which lies on the north bank of the Kiyush river, Ao Manasa proper on the south side. There is a large bridge gate built over the river. Many small houses an farms lead down the Kiyush Way and as you near the bridge, you see a few inns.*

    *Malarky as you approach the Bluetooth inn, you spot a couple of other pedestrians on the other side of the street that catch your eye. Mostly because one of them is a very large mojh dressed in heavy armor. The other though, a human, you have seen around before. Digging into your memory you remember hearing his name in the inn spoken a few weeks ago by another patron - Vand. As they great one another you can see that there are a few other people that are strolling between the docks and the inner part of the city.*

    *All of a sudden a strangled deep scream can be heard down the alley way behind them, somewhere in the darkness of the Worm. Vand and Yajarn hear it as well quite clearly as it is coming from the alley that you are standing in front of. The few other pedestrians in the area hurry on their way either into city or towards the docks looking down at their feet or off towards the safer Hollum.*

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    Quote Originally Posted by GladiusNP
    "Slow down, you two. This leg won't carry me much further - never mind a footrace! "
    Gren draws to a halt as he overhears Aadin's admonition. Sheepishly, he looks back and issues an apology in a coarse voice. "Sorry, Aadin. I am not used to travelling with anyone but Rinaldo, and he barely awaits me."

    Gren's been fairly decent to travel with. He and Rinaldo work diligently to keep both Sharilyn and Aadin comfortable and well fed. He makes camp, hunts, cooks, and listens to thier stories. He seems to be a simple man and has difficultly with some of the more intricate elements of various discussions, but nevertheless seems eager to learn. He seems to feel indebted to the pair of arcanists for saving him from a bad situation with the guards.

    "Should I wait outside the city? I don't want to cause more trouble and don't know manners. I don't want to scare anyone."

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    Malarky, faen akashic

    *Malarky pauses, head tilting towards the scream. A scowl settles on his face as he sees most of the locals simply turn a blind eye and move elsewhere, hand clenching his wares and the day's profits. On one hand, it was a good day at the market so he would rather not get mugged-- on the other, though this clearly didn't sound like a damsel in distress, it -did- sound like someone in need of help.

    He sighs, kicking himself and then shoots a look at the only two people left around him, Vand and Yajarn. *

    " I for one am not someone to just stand around..." he takes off into the alley at a run, towards the origin of the sound.

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    Well, this will at least be interesting. He turns to Vand: "I guess we should have a look" and he runs after the small nonmojh.

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