Gritty Sci-fi Survival Horror - Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing
  • Gritty Sci-fi Survival Horror - Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing

    Fans of gritty science-fiction survival horror will find this interesting. Coming soon to Kickstarter from EN Publishing is a standalone set, powered by WOIN, which allows you to play in a dystopian future on distant colonies where death is just around the corner. Here's an in-depth preview!

    A full standalone set containing the core rules for WOIN-powered science-fiction roleplaying games and the Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing setting/adventure sourcebook. The set includes:

    • The 300-page full-colour hardcover N.E.W. The Science Fiction Roleplaying Game core rulebook, fully updated and errated, with a special, exclusive Xeno Edition cover.
    • The 60-page full-colour softcover Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing setting/adventure sourcebook which describes the setting - including local space, United Marine Corps, equipment, careers, a pair of iconic starships, four varieties of xenomorph, plus a detailed terraforming colony called Somerset Landing, and a survival horror adventure set in that colony. Both books are detailed below.

    It is the late 22nd century. Humanity has travelled some 50 light years from Earth, but has not yet encountered any intelligent alien civilizations. Colonies — usually financed by the massive Chen Zua Corporation—litter known space, mining, terraforming, and researching, as humanity slowly pushes its frontiers forward. Back on Earth, much of the wasted space — Antartica, the great deserts — has been terraformed and the planet is crowded; resources are running low, a situation which is driving the push out into the galaxy.

    This book is divided into three sections:

    • The setting. The first 24 pages of the book describes the overall setting, its main features, player races (Human Norms, Belters, Jovians, Clones, and Synthetics) and careers, and a brief overview of the section of the galaxy that humanity has explored. You can use this section to run your own adventures and campaigns in this setting.
    • The colony. The next 8 pages of the book describes a sample colony, Somerset Landing, some 12 parsecs from Earth. You can run adventures of your own on Somerset Landing, or you can use the adventure in the third part of this book.
    • The adventure. In the third 15-page section of this book, you’ll find an adventure called The Fall of Somerset Landing, a dark horror adventure in which alien xenomorphs invade the colony...
    • Pregenerated characters. Plus a 10-page appendix containing a selection of pregenerated characters. Because in Xenomorphs, you might not make it out alive...

    Xenomorphs is a gritty, dark survival horror setting. Known space is largely dominated by a self-serving corporation, and the setting primarily features blue-collar workers or marines. The game should feel claustrophobic; colonies are dark and cold, and hammered with rain. Death is around every corner, whether by an engineering accident or by some- thing else...

    "Some clever comedian actually put up a sheet metal sign with “Welcome To Somerset Landing” on it in front of the main entrance years ago. Whoever was Commander-in-Chief at the time decided to leave it up and it’s remained in place ever since… although occasionally we have to put it back up due to a really bad storm.

    Somerset isn’t so bad though. There’s loads to do here beyond all the work… you’ve got Clancy’s bar and bowling alley, Dymond’s casino, a fully equipped gym, sauna, steam room and pools, entertainment center for those who want a communal movie, lovely green parks and a luxury 18-hole golf course! Oh, alright, some of that isn’t true. The ‘lovely green parks’ is actually the small public area in the Food Factory and the only golf you’ll be getting round here is either on the VR sets or Ramos’ office golf putting set when the Chief’s not around.

    Life here is tough, gruelling and sometimes dangerous, but we know how to have fun and keep everyone’s spirits up. We might have originated from all over Earth but we’re a community now, surviving and, one day, thriving on this little piece of rock. We’ve not been blown away yet in any case."

    Characters in this setting do not tend to be combat experts. More frequently, they are blue-collar workers, miners, traders, scientists, pilots, and so on. The genre of Xenomorphs is survival horror, and along with that character deaths should be expected. Even a lone xenomorph has the ability to wipe out an unprepared group of characters.

    In the book you will find 10 pregenerated characters. Why 10? Because the genre of Xenomorphs is survival horror, and there's a good chance your first character might not make it!

    • Asha Rosales, an erudite Belter engineer who loves robots.
    • Butler, a brilliant Synthetic scientist who reads old literature.
    • Carl Garner, a tough-as-nails Belter space jockey who loves to travel.
    • Carrie Goldstein, an obnoxious Human pilot who resents authority.
    • Danny Garvin, a spendthrift Jovian drifter who escaped organised crime.
    • Gayle Knight, an athletic Clone marine who enjoys sports.
    • Jason Milic, a clumsy Human gambler who always plays the odds.
    • Margarita Orellana, an inspiring Human priest who enjoys singing.
    • Sebastian Vale, a brilliant Human medic who always tries to help.
    • Vadim Andreev, a young, rugged Human explosives expert who dreams of space.

    The Fall of Somerset Landing
    chronicles the discovery of a new abundant mineral deposit which will make the colony rich and the subsequent discovery of an alien ship that will change everything, becoming a catalyst for the events which plunge the colony into a state of disarray, and lead to an eventual loss of contact.

    This 300-page hardcover core rulebook details the N.E.W. roleplaying game system, a mid-crunch flexible toolkit designed to run a variety of science fiction genres. This core rulebook will allow you to run any kind of science-fiction fiction game; it is presented here with a special Xeno Edition cover to accompany the Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing setting/adventure.

    This is v1.2 of the N.E.W. core rulebook, and comes fully errated. Note that if you already have the N.E.W. core rules, you only need the Xenomorphs softcover (above). If you already own the N.E.W. The Science Fiction Roleplaying Game core rulebook, you have the option to simply purchase the Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing setting/adventure sourcebook on its own.

    WOIN (which stands for "What's OLD is NEW") is a mid-crunch roleplaying game system. It powers N.E.W., the science-fiction roleplaying game, which was released in 2016 and contains rules for playing and running games in a wide variety of sci-fi settings, from hard science fiction though to heroic science fantasy. With this book you will be able to travel the final frontier, explore galaxies far, far away, or hunt alien creatures on dismal, distant worlds.

    WOIN features rich life-path character creation, a d6 dice pool, and innovative features such as its suspense-building "countdown" mechanic.

    You can find out more about WOIN over at the official website.

    Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing is a setting/adventure designed to accompany the core rulebook. Both are included in this Kickstarter so that you have a full standalone package for running adventures in the Xenomorph universe (and tools for running adventures in any other sci-fi universe of your choosing).

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      As I've mentioned on other posts about this Morrus, I'd like to hurry and give you my money please.
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      Yes...just take the damn money already.
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      I would be delighted to! It'll be a week or two yet - we don't launch Kickstarters until we have the product in our hands. It's all done except for the pre-generated characters' character sheets, so I expect to have it in my hands in the next few days. Then I will need a while to drool over it, because, man it's pretty!
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      Can't wait!
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      This might make me jump and get the dead tree version of the NEW book.

      Little nitpick: errata-ed and not errated.
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      Just saw this. It looks really interesting. I'll need to see if I can back at the physical copies level.
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      Just saw this. It looks really interesting. I'll need to see if I can back at the physical copies level.
      It launched a couple of days ago!
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