New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 30th October 2017
  • New Hobby Releases In Stores & PDF Spotlight: 30th October 2017

    A rundown of the New Releases that should be hitting games stores this coming week! Board games, card games, RPGs, Wargames, Miniatures and collectible games... hopefully something for everyone! In addition to the games hitting your local store we’re also now listing a few RPG PDF releases from the last week that we hope may be of interest. For more information about any of the physical products please contact your local games store.


    Temple of the Twelve
    Starfinder Adventure Path #2 (Dead Suns Part 2 of 6)
    By Paizo

    Welcome to the Jungle

    Now members of the Starfinder Society and piloting their very own ship, the heroes head to the planet Castrovel, home of some of the best universities in the Pact Worlds, to research the clues they found on the mysterious asteroid called the Drift Rock. On Castrovel, the adventurers' findings point them toward an ancient elven temple-city called the Temple of the Twelve, lost deep within Castrovel's teeming wilderness. But in addition to the dangerous flora and fauna of the jungle, the heroes must contend with two other factions—the exiled Corpse Fleet of Eox and the Cult of the Devourer—who are also interested in the asteroid's secrets and have their own plans for the ancient alien technology behind it, if they can find it first!

    This volume of Starfinder Adventure Path continues the Dead Suns Adventure Path and includes:
    · "Temple of the Twelve," a Starfinder adventure for 3rd-level characters, by John Compton.
    · A gazetteer of the wild planet of Castrovel, by John Compton and James L. Sutter.
    · Details on the destructive Cult of the Devourer, including a new mystic connection and new cult gear, by Owen K.C. Stephens.
    · An archive of strange new alien creatures, by John Compton, Jason Keeley, and Robert G. McCreary.
    · Statistics and deck plans for a new starship, by John Compton, plus details on a moon whose planet disappeared into a black hole in the Codex of Worlds, by Jason Keeley.

    Starfinder Flip-Mat
    By Paizo

    Drink Till You See Stars...

    Slip into a private booth and let the story begin. Whether your illegal negotiations with a freighter captain break out in a sword fight or your celebratory night in an opulent space resort's lounge turns into an action-packed shootout, star-faring adventures tend to begin or end in the bar! Starfinder Flip-Mat: Cantina presents both low-life and high-class options for urban intrigue, from a scum-riddled backwater dive appropriate for any colony planet or drifter asteroid, to a high-society dance club befitting the richest space stations and star-yachts. Either way, the drinks flow and lasers fly, as both include their own back rooms for private shows and dirty deals. Immerse your players in the secret plots and exhilarating gunfights found in space nightlife! With Starfinder Flip-Mat: Cantina, you might find your next adventure just a drink away!

    Starfinder Pawns Base Assortment
    Starfinder Accessory
    By Paizo

    Base Invaders

    Make your space heroes, alien monsters, and starships stand ready for galactic adventure with this collection of sturdy Starfinder Pawns bases. Designed for use with the Starfinder Roleplaying Game, this set includes 18 bases—11 Medium bases, 5 Large bases, and 2 Huge bases—that are perfectly sized for battles on Starfinder maps or other gridded game mats. With Starfinder Pawns Base Assortment, fill the spacelanes with all the alien creatures and starcruisers your game demands!

    The Flooded Cathedral
    Pathfinder Adventure Path #123 (Ruins of Azlant 3 of 6)
    By Paizo

    Down in the Flood

    As the adventurers work to track down the missing colonists, the trail leads to a nearby island. There, they discover the submerged ruins of a cathedral dedicated to a now-dead god; the site has become a lair of an ichthyic monster and its cunning minions. The adventurers must fight their way through flooded chambers and vicious monsters to rescue the kidnapped colonists and learn of a greater threat to the region—and to humanity as a whole.

    This volume of Pathfinder Adventure Path continues the Ruins of Azlant Adventure Path and includes:
    · "The Flooded Cathedral," a Pathfinder adventure for 7th-level characters, by Mikko Kallio.
    · A double-sized article exploring the divine beings worshiped in ancient Azlant, by Adam Daigle.
    · An under-the-hood look at the ancient world’s marvelous clockwork creations, by Mikko Kallio.
    · A bestiary of terrifying monsters and fantastic creations, by John Compton, Kalervo Oikarinen, and David Schwartz.

    Blood of the Coven
    Pathfinder Player Companion
    By Paizo

    Are You a Good Witch? Or a Bad Witch?

    Wizards may wield studied spells and clerics pray to the gods themselves, but witchcraft—wild, untamed, perilous—is the magic of the common folk, with all the desperation and danger that implies. Embodied by hags and their half-blood daughters, changelings, witchcraft has always been one of the broadest, most potent, and most misunderstood forces of magic... until now. Learn the dark rituals and curses witchcraft empowers, and the good it stands to do in the world as well.

    Inside this book you'll find:
    · An examination of the changeling race, including changeling covens, enhanced hag heritage, and specific rules for the 10 subraces of changelings, depending on their hag mothers.
    · New hag- and witchcraft-focused archetypes for a variety of classes, including bloodragers, clerics, investigators, and witches.
    · New curse spells and magic rituals employed by witches, as well as curse-related feats to help adventurers get the most out of a bad day.

    This Pathfinder Player Companion is intended for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and the Pathfinder campaign setting, but it can easily be incorporated into any fantasy world.

    Bestiary 2 : Pocket Edition
    Pathfinder Supplement
    By Paizo

    Go beyond goblins with an army of fantasy's most fearsome foes! Bestiary 2 presents hundreds of different creatures for use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Within this collection of creatures you'll find undead dragons and mischievous gremlins, shrieking banshees and unstoppable titans, the infamous jabberwock, and so much more! Yet not all these monsters need to be foes, as new breeds of otherworldly guardians, living shadows, and vampires all might take up adventure's call. In addition, new rules for customizing and advancing monsters and an expanded glossary of creature abilities ensure that you'll be prepared to challenge your heroes wherever adventure takes them!

    The Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 is the second indispensable volume of monsters for use with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and serves as a companion to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook and Pathfinder RPG Bestiary. This imaginative tabletop game builds upon more than 10 years of system development and an Open Playtest featuring more than 50,000 gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into the new millennium.

    The 320-page Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 2 includes:
    · More than 300 different monsters
    · Creatures both new and familiar, drawing upon the best-known beasts of legend, literature, and Pathfinder RPG adventures
    · Challenges for any adventure and every level of play
    · Hosts of new templates and variants, including simple templates for on-the-fly creature customization
    · Numerous lists of monsters to aid in navigation, including lists by Challenge Rating, monster type, and habitat
    · New rules for creating and running high-level menaces
    · Expanded universal monster rules to simplify special attacks, defenses, and qualities
    · New familiars, animal companions, and other allies
    · ... and much, much more!

    Ultimate Equipment: Pocket Edition
    Pathfinder Supplement
    By Paizo

    Choose your weapon and stride boldly into battle with Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment! Within this handy, all-in-one reference, you'll find 400 jam-packed pages of magic items and adventuring gear, from simple camping equipment and weapons up to the most earth-shaking artifacts. Included as well are handy rules references, convenient price lists, and extensive random treasure generation tables, all organized to help you find what you need, when you need it. With this vast catalog of tools and treasures, the days of boring dragon hoards are over, and your hero will never be caught unprepared again.

    Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment is a must-have companion volume to the Pathfinder RPG Core Rulebook. This imaginative tabletop game builds on more than 10 years of system development and open playtests featuring more than 50,000 gamers to create a cutting-edge RPG experience that brings the all-time best-selling set of fantasy rules into the new millennium.

    Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Equipment includes:
    · Thousands of items both magical and mundane, including the best weapons, armors, magic items, and gear from the Pathfinder RPG hardcover line and select other Pathfinder sources, as well as hundreds of never-before-seen items.
    · Tons of special materials and magical abilities to help you create exactly the magic item you've been looking for.
    · A wealth of specific magic items, organized by type to ensure your character is always wearing as much magic as possible.
    · An innovative new treasure generation system, designed to help GMs roll up exactly what they need, every time.
    · New alchemical weapons, tools, and poisons.
    · Kits to help your character get the most out of her skills or profession, plus new mounts, animal companions, and retainers.
    · Descriptions of every item, plus hundreds of full-color illustrations to aid in window-shopping.
    · ... and much, much more!

    Bigger Keep
    Pathfinder Flip Mat
    By Paizo

    A Mightier Fortress

    Whether players are infiltrating an enemy stronghold or defending against invading troops, the possibilities for adventure are endless with Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Bigger Keep. With an area that's 45% larger than normal Pathfinder Flip-Mats at their disposal, Game Masters can now dream even bigger! This massive gaming accessory presents an extensive multi-level keep, complete with an armory, arrow slits, a drilling yard, guard towers, a mess hall, a moat, and a shrine for valiant defenders.

    Don't waste your time drawing every turret, drawbridge, and crenellation. With Pathfinder Flip-Mat: Bigger Keep, you'll be prepared the next time your players decide to scale the walls!

    Fungus Forest
    Pathfinder Map Pack
    By Paizo

    We've Taken a Lichen to It!

    No underground adventure, fey excursion, or foray into a forest's depths is complete without a morass of mazelike mycology. This Pathfinder Map Pack provides beautifully illustrated 5" × 8" map tiles that can be used whether you need to infest a single corner of a cavern or flesh out an entire forest. Inside, you'll find 18 richly crafted map tiles, with features like:

    · Choke-Point Entry
    · Dead End
    · Hidden Spring
    · Phosphorescent Island
    · Stagnant Pond
    · Tight Passageway

    Game Masters should always be prepared whenever characters decide to stalk the dank depths. With Pathfinder Map Pack: Fungus Forest, you'll be ready to take your players into a twisting fungal landscape packed to the gills with twists, turns, and tight spaces—and maybe even a dead end!

    Bestiary 2
    13th Age Fantasy RPG Supplement
    By Pelgrane Press

    Fallen icons, apocalyptic fire giants, and a purple dragon who throws the best parties: welcome to 13th Age Bestiary 2!

    More than 250 individual stat blocks appear in 51 entries, along with with story hooks, icon relationships, customizable campaign variants, and advice on creating exciting battles.

    New monsters for your campaign include:
    · The Gold King and the Forest that Walks, fallen icons who must be defeated by a blend of swords, spells, and campaign victories.
    · A wizard bonded to their spellbook, a rogue bonded to their magic cloak, and other former heroes who took shortcuts to power by merging with their magic items.
    · The Lich King’s covert undead propaganda force: the Cult of the Silver Hand.
    · Fomorians, monstrous worshipers and children of the ancient chaos gods.
    · Malatyne, the purple dragon whose entertainments are legendary—and the player characters might be the main attraction…
    · Lions (temple); tigers (elemental and rakshasa); and owlbears (snowy and great horned).

    Plus an appendix on using these monsters when playing 13th Age in Glorantha!

    A Stitch In Time
    Through The Breach Adventure
    By Wyrd

    A Stitch in Time is a four session adventure for the Through the Breach roleplaying game that hurls the fated back through time to the days of the first Breach. It requires the Fated Almanac or Core Rules to play.

    Spell Deck
    Through The Breach Accessory
    By Wyrd

    This box contains spell cards for all the Immuto, Magia, and Magical Theories found in the 2nd Edition of the Through the Breach roleplaying game.

    With these cards, creating a powerful spell has never been easier!

    Action Decks
    Deadlands 20th Anniversary Accessory
    By Pinnacle Entertainment

    This double deck of cards features some of the best art over the past 20 years of Deadlands! Each deck has 52 cards and 2 Jokers.

    Knights of the Dinner Table #248
    Comic & Magazine
    By Kenzer



    Pax Cthuliana
    Call of Cthulhu Scenario
    By NEVR

    London, 1927... A sinister discovery is about to unveil itself in your dreams... an untold secret that will disturb the soul of even the most resilient investigator... The slumber of Cthulhu will soon come to an end…as will humanity.

    This is Pax Cthuliana, a scenario for the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game. This scenario is unlike anything you’ve ever played before. This is no scenario where it takes hours before the terror unleash; from the very beginning, the investigators are thrown against ultimate, cosmic evil.

    Through investigation, puzzle solving, time travel, knowledge of the Mythos, situational music, timed events and horrible scenes, the players will experience an interactive and unique scenario – an epic adventure playable in one gaming night.

    Pax Cthuliana is a unique scenario designed for experienced players only.

    The scenario may be played as a standalone event, or incorporated into an ongoing campaign.

    With optional expanded situations and several possible endings, Pax Cthuliana may take different routes each time. Prepare your players for something unique.

    Children of Orion – The Venu Sourcebook
    MIndjammer Sourcebook
    By Modiphius

    Welcome to the Bright Empire of Venuthe interstellar civilisation of the “bad guys” of Human Space! An ancient people of xenophobic human supremacists, survivors of an ancient war, now hellbent on cleansing the cosmos of abomination and bringing the purifying word of their undying God-Emperor to the stars.

    Children of Orion—the Venu Sourcebook provides a whole new universe of adventure for your Mindjammer games—a harsh and violent interstellar empire beyond the Commonality frontier. Play rebels against the domineering rule of the God-Emperor, mutated troopers and servitors of the sinister Dark Radiance fighting against the cultural inroads of the Commonality—or Commonality agents themselves, working behind enemy lines to defeat an implacable foe which once devastated the Core Worlds! It’s a completely different vibe for your Mindjammer games—darker, more desperate, where the survival of an entire people is at stake.

    Children of Orion—the Venu Sourcebook includes:

    • Prehistories and histories of the Empire of Venu
    • The strange powers of the Dark Radiance
    • Starmaps and world descriptions
    • Full details for creating Venu characters, including genotypes, occupations, and cultures
    • Venu tech and starships
    • Guidelines for playing Venu campaigns. Fight against the Venu, or play a Venu character yourself!

    Bluebeard’s Bride
    Core Rulebook
    By Magpie Games

    Will you open the final door?

    A young bride is wed to an ugly, but powerful man with a blue beard. He invites her to explore the house...but one room is forbidden. Eventually, the young bride falls prey to her curiosity and opens it, discovering the gruesome display of former brides murdered...

    Explore Bluebeard's mansion and create your own beautifully tragic version of the dark fairy tale with Bluebeard's Bride. Experience the nightmarish memories that haunt the rooms of this broken place and discover the truth of what happened here. But it is up to you and your friends to decide whether or not you are a faithful or disloyal bride.

    In this book, you get:

    • Five playbooks, each representing a different aspect of the Brides personality
    • Detailed instructions for running the game and playing to find out what happens
    • Tools for creating your own custom servants, rooms, and horors for Bluebeard's Bride
    • Tips and tricks for managing horror at your table, including safety mechanisms

    Bluebeard's Bride is an investigatory horror tabletop roleplaying game that makes use of the same rules-light engine as Apocalypse World, Monsterhearts, and Urban Shadows to create stories of feminine horror in the vein of Crimson Peak, American Horror Story, and The Company of Wolves.

    Savage Worlds Explorer 01
    Savage Worlds Supplement
    By Pinnacle Entertainment

    Calling All Explorers!

    Whether you’re hunting bloodthirsty critters in the Weird West, exploring the perilous fringes of Known Space, maintaining your grades while grappling with nefarious evil at East Texas University, or facing supernatural horrors of war on the Eastern Front in 1916—savage settings need intrepid explorers!

    Infinite Worlds of Adventure

    Savage Worlds Explorer is a continuing series featuring Savage Tales from all our settings written by new authors and industry veterans. This installment features tales by Weird War One Brand Manager Teller and Deadlands Brand Manager Matthew Cutter.

    Weird War I - Hellfighters by Teller is a Plot Point Campaign that follows the exploits of the American 369th Infantry Regiment from the time the unit is attached to the French army until shortly after the Second Battle of the Marne. The campaign covers a period of five months and covers a wide geographic area of the Western Front.

    Deadlands - Knights With No Armor by Matthew Cutter is a Savage Tale for Deadlands: The Weird West, designed for buckaroos who’ve traveled its twisted trails long enough to achieve at least Veteran Rank. The story nominally begins in southern Cochise County, Arizona Territory, but the Marshal can transplant it to any spot on the Mexican border without too much fuss. It’s a one-two punch of a story: What starts out as a simple rescue soon turns into a peek into the machinations of one of the Weird West’s most wicked and corrupt villains.

    CD1 Dragon Fang Halls of Castle Dracos
    5th Edition Adventure
    By Cut to the Chase Games

    Winner of the Gamehole Con 2017 Design Award!

    Long ago, among the remote peaks of the Moss Mountains, a band of scholars and adventurers calling themselves the Ordo Draconum came together to pool their resources on a singular subject – dragons. They built a sanctuary for their work called Castle Dracos, and together with others they researched and experimented on these powerful creatures. Over time, however, the castle fell into ruin and the group disappeared. What became of their secrets? Many have wondered but the truth has remained hidden. Now, the halls of Castle Dracos have been found and adventurers seeking to claim the lost treasures of the Ordo Draconum swarm the land!

    CD1 Dragon Fang Halls of Castle Dracos is the first module in the CASTLE DRACOS series from CUT TO THE CHASE GAMES. It is designed for a party of four to eight characters levels 2 to 4. This module covers the key areas of a region in the first level of Castle Dracos, known as the Dragon Fang Halls, introducing would-be heroes and treasure seekers to the dangers and mysteries of this lost site.

    This adventure is the first in the ongoing CASTLE DRACOS series of Fantasy Renaissance Adventure Modules brought to you by your friends at Cut to the Chase Games!

    Deadly Delves: Reign of Ruin
    Swords and Wizardry Adventure
    By Jon Brazer Enterprises

    Beware The Blackener Of Bright Waters, For She Is Come Again

    Rumors of death move like a plague through the Crannogtowns of the Great Swamp—of ranger patrols mysteriously disappearing on routine scouting missions, of a winged shadow that blots out the midday sun, and of entire villages slaughtered, their homes left burning and the victims’ flesh melted from their bones. All evidence gathered from the sites of these massacres points to the heart of the Great Swamp, where an ancient and primitive tribe of lizardmen have ruled from an abandoned human temple for centuries on end. The Crannogtowns’ protectors, the Stormhammer Rangers, warn that horrid half-dragon monstrosities still stalk the bogs and travelers would do well to stay away from the inner swamp. Yet the killing and the carnage continue, and the people of the Crannogs plead for heroes to aid them now as they did in days long forgotten. Are you up to the challenge?

    Reign Of Ruin is the exciting inaugural adventure module in Jon Brazer Enterprises’ Deadly Delvesproduct line and is designed for the Swords and Wizardry Roleplaying Game. This adventure is designed to heartily challenge a party of 6th-level PCs and leave them with a memorable heroic tale. Inside this volume, you’ll find:

    • 11 New or Modified Monsters for your campaign, including lizardmen warpriests, mud zombies, and befouled spirits
    • 2 New Magic Items waiting to be discovered, including the glorious rainbow sceptre
    • Full-color maps of a Crannogtown village, as well as five floors of a terrifying temple dungeon
    • Specialized advice on playing a cunning black dragon against a group of PCs in a dangerous game of cat and mouse
    • Enough content for five 6th-level PCs to gain nearly two levels, with ideas to extend the story even further once you’re done exploring the temple

    Dangers Unknown. Treasures Untold. Adventure Awaits.

    Survive This!! Dark Places & Demogorgons
    Core Rulebook
    By Bloat Games

    Following in the tradition of the highly popular Survive This!! Zombies! comes Survive This!! Dark Places & Demogorgons, a tabletop roleplaying game that uses the original 1970s Fantasy Roleplaying game rules but mutates it into this retro nightmare. It’s sleek, slender and creepy as Hell.

    In Dark Places & Demogorgons, you play as high school students during the early 1980s. The town you live in has had a rash of disappearances and strange happenings. The adults seem lost as what to do, the police are as clueless as ever and aren’t helping and Reverend Phillips is on another witch-hunt. It’s up to you and your friends to figure out what’s going on and stop it from happening again!

    Starfarer’s Codex: Witch Legacy Class
    Starfinder Supplement
    By Rogue Genius Games

    There’s More to Magic than Spells and Items!

    Starfarer’s Codex: Legacy Witch Class brings the legacy class of the witch to the Starfinder Roleplaying Game.

    Reimagined for the far future, the starfaring witch is a spellcaster with access to 6th level of spells, powerful magic hexes, and a familiar as well as the skills and proficiencies to operate in a science-fantasy game. While designed to work with the Starfarer’s Companion, this book has all the rules you need to bring the witch forward into a whole galaxy of adventure!

    The Wasted Hack
    Core Rulebook
    By Shattered Pike Studio

    The Wasted Hack is a “Pen and Paper” role playing game made using "The Black Hack" by David Black that uses dice and character abilities to resolve conflicts and overcome challenges in a Post-Apocalyptic world.

    Players assume the roles of survivors in this ruined world, with varied backgrounds and abilities at their disposal. Play as a brutal Savage, disciplined Veteran, crafty Scavenger, or baleful Infected.

    This 100 page book contains rules for Action Dice that fuel special abilities for each class that can be acquired as the characters level up, a wide array of mutations the characters can develop over time, weapons, armor, and gear, varying degrees of success, hirelings, character vs. character combat, waste-land beasts to oppose your players, printable monster cards, Marvelous Items including Future-Tech, Relics, Lost Marvels and Schematics, and more!

    Tarot Adventures, Book One: The Draw of Glenfallow
    5th Edition Adventure
    By Sinopa Publishing LLC

    Pieron is a man who, by virtue of a strange pact and the drawing of a magical card, is now the lord of a keep which fell to monsters long ago.

    Monsters who still call the keep their home.

    Determined to claim his destiny, Pieron asks for aid from the player characters.

    Can you help Pieron claim his keep, land, and title?

    Clearing the keep of its monstrous occupants would be the beginning of Pieron's assent to wealth and power. Is the risk of facing so many monsterous foes worth having a friend in such a high station?

    Will you survive the challenge?

    Written for three to five characters, of first through third level.



    1-4 players, ages 14+, 45-60+ minutes
    By Plaid Hat Games

    Raxxon is a 1-4 player cooperative card game set in the Dead of Winter universe at the start of the zombie apocalypse. Players each choose one of six different specialists assisting Raxxon with the evacuation of healthy citizens from among the sick. Citizens take the form of face-down square cards in a grid. Through game actions, these can be flipped to reveal whether they are sick or healthy. There are various types of sick and healthy cards, each triggering different effects when flipped or killed. Flip too many Chaotic sick and you'll add more citizens to the crowd, or even end the round prematurely. Killing off the healthy can have similar negative effects.

    Each round begins by creating a crowd - a grid of citizens from the citizen deck. Players take turns performing one action at a time after resolving any consequences marked on their character sheet. Character actions are powerful effects (kill, quarantine, evacuate, etc) that interact spatially with the crowd (killing a row or column, evacuating one card and adjacent cards of your choice) and have stacking consequences. At the start of each turn, a player must resolve all their consequences from previous turns (flip citizens, add citizens, infect citizens, lose evacuated citizens, etc) before performing another action - and adding another consequence. Some consequences require players to draw Raxxon cards. Much like Crossroads cards from Dead of Winter, Raxxon cards feature stories relating to characters in play. Many have multiple parts with different outcomes depending on the choices players make. Often, the choices that make the game easier also grants power to the Raxxon corporation which can lead to defeat. Consequences don't clear until that player passes for the round.

    Once all players have passed, the citizen deck is rebuilt using remaining cards in the deck, the discard, new sick citizens, loosely quarantined citizens, and any cards still in the grid. The deck is shuffled and used to create a new crowd at the start of the next round. Players win when all healthy citizens are evacuated. Players lose if the infection deck runs out (the deck of only sick people added to the citizen deck each round) or Raxxon maxes out on power and takes over the city.

    Venus Next
    Terraforming Mars Expansion
    By Fryx Games

    Terraforming Mars: Venus Next, the second expansion for the Terraforming Mars base game, has players building flying cities and making the atmosphere more hospitable on the deadly planet Venus.

    In Venus Next, the World Government chooses to also fund the terraforming of Venus. Around 50 project cards and 5 corporations are added, with a special focus on how to make Venus habitable. With the new floater resource, a new milestone, a new award, a new tag, and a new terraforming parameter, players are given more paths to victory and an even more varied play.

    When I Dream
    4-10 players, ages 8+, 20-40+ minutes
    By Repos Productions

    The night has fallen and your mind is floating in the magical world of dreams. But the Dream Spirits want to have some fun tonight! They are giving their best and the dreams become strange and surreal. Become the dreamer, put on your sleeping mask and try to figure out your dream and which spirits are the Naughty ones. Become a good spirit and help the Dreamer by giving him clues about the dream before the naughty spirits mess it up. Close your eyes and dive in!

    At the beginning of each round of When I Dream one player takes the role of the Dreamer and "falls asleep", wearing a cloth mask. The other players are secretly dealt their role cards determining what kind of spirits they are "good" or "naughty" or if they are just "tricksters" changing sides as the game goes by.

    The whole round lasts 120 seconds in which the spirits are drawing "Dream" cards depicting a specific element of the dream, trying to describe them to the dreamer using one word each. The dreamer can guess what the element of the Dream is at any time, placing the card to the good spirits team side if the guess was correct and in the naughty spirits pile if it was not.

    At the end of the round the Dreamer and the good spirits get a point for every card in the good spirits pile, when the naughty spirits get one point for every card in the naughty spirits pile. The tricksters get points according to how well balanced the two teams were at the end of the round, gaining extra points if they managed to equally balance the two piles.

    At the end of the round, the dreamer must use the words he guessed and story-tell his dream for extra points before he opens his eyes.

    You can learn how to play in a few minutes and have a great laugh right from the start. Each role is challenging and entertaining giving the game more depth according to the player’s imagination, providing a wonderful experience with a unique dream every round.

    Spider-Man Homecoming
    Marvel Legendary Deck Building Game Expansion
    By Upper Deck

    Following the events of Captain America Civil War, Peter Parker, with the help of his mentor Tony Stark, tries to balance his life as an ordinary high school student in Queens, New York City, with fighting crime as his superhero alter ego Spider-Man as a new threat, the Vulture, emerges.

    Epic Masterminds! Heroic Bystanders! All-New Game Mechanics! Play Peter Parker and friends, including Tony Stark, from the Spider-Man: Homecoming storyline and the Marvel Cinematic Universe with this 100 card expansion for Legndary!

    Hell’s Vengeance Character Deck 1
    Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Expansion
    By Paizo

    The Depths of Evil!

    The Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Hell's Vengeance Character Deck 1 features three new evil characters from the popular Adventure Path: the Hellknight Linxia; the dwarf antipaladin Urgraz; and Lazzero, cleric of Asmodeus! This 109-card accessory for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game lets you plunge your adventure into darkness. These characters can be played in any Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Base Set or in the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild organized play campaign!

    Flight of the Stormcaller Nightmare Deck
    Lord of the Rings The Card Game Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Contains 20 cards to swap with specific cards from Flight of the Stormcaller Adventure pack encounter deck to raise the difficulty of that scenario to nightmare difficulty.

    The Thing in the Depths Nightmare Deck
    Lord of the Rings The Card Game Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Contains 20 cards to swap with specific cards from The Thing in the Depths Adventure pack encounter deck to raise the difficulty of that scenario to nightmare difficulty.

    Temple of the Deceived Nightmare Deck
    Lord of the Rings The Card Game Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    Contains 20 cards to swap with specific cards from Temple of the Deceived Adventure pack encounter deck to raise the difficulty of that scenario to nightmare difficulty.

    Desperate Circumstances Force Pack
    Star Wars LCG Expansion
    By Fantasy Flight Games

    "I used to believe that being a good soldier meant doing everything they told you. That's how they engineered us. But we're not droids. We're not programmed. You have to learn to make your own decisions." –Captain Rex

    Desperate Circumstances is the third Force Pack in the Alliances cycle for Star Wars: The Card Game.

    As the Galactic Civil War rages, its battles continue to spread from system to system and planet to planet. TIE engines roar through the skies. Blaster fire echoes off the hillsides. And galactic citizens everywhere are drawn into the fight—on one side or the other.

    With its sixty new cards (two copies each of five different objective sets), Desperate Circumstances reaches far from Rebel and Imperial headquarters to follow the new alliances formed on both sides of the Galactic Civil War. You'll find the dark side reinforced by mysterious witches and a new version of the galaxy’s deadliest assassin droid while the light side’s defenders gain valuable strength from daring scouts, a Force-sensitive Lamproid, and one very special relic of the Old Republic.

    Anniversary Pack: Leaders
    7 Wonders Expansion
    By Repos Productions

    To celebrate the seven year anniversary of the fantastic release of 7 Wonders from Repos, 7 Wonders: Leaders Anniversary Pack Expansion offers no fewer than fifteen new leaders to include in your games of 7 Wonders. Players will be able to add such characters from history including Gorgo, Cornelia, Enheduanna, Roxana, and more, considerably increasing enjoyment and replayability.

    Anniversary Pack: Cities
    7 Wonders Expansion
    By Repos Productions

    To celebrate the seven year anniversary of the fantastic release of 7 Wonders from Repos, 7 Wonders: Cities Anniversary Pack Expansion offers no fewer than fifteen new cities to include in your games of 7 Wonders.Players will be able to add such great cities including a memorial, customs, counterfeiter’s office, smuggler’s cache, and more, considerably increasing enjoyment and replayability.

    Mana Storm
    Mystic Vale Expansion
    By Alderac Entertainment Group

    A Card Crafting Game of Nature’s Power! The campaign to restore Gaia's realm rages on and other druidic clans combating the curse have joined the ranks. And it’s not just druids who have heeded the call; other creatures have joined the fight, eager for a day when all are free from the accursed blight.

    The Mana Storm expansion adds new advancement and vale cards to the base Mystic Vale game, giving players more card crafting options and exciting new possibilities for combos. New leader cards grant abilities that can be upgraded to become even more powerful! Amulets feature unique effects and greater variety over regular mana tokens.

    EXIT: The Forbidden Castle
    1-6 players, ages 12+, 45-90+ minutes
    By Kosmos

    Finally, a vacation! This year, you’re going to an idyllic village in the mountains. Instead of driving, you decide to take the train this time. After a three hour delay, you arrive in your vacation rental, where you find various brochures for local events and attractions — including an impressive castle. The flyer looks quite amateur and self-printed, but you’re a sucker for medieval castles!

    The next day, you get up and go to the castle. There’s no ticket booth. No one else appears to be around. Well, at least you can explore the place in peace! You enter the castle and find yourself in a magnificent throne room. Suddenly the big, wooden door locks behind you and you realize that maybe (again) this was not such a good idea ...

    The castle is full of mysteries. Only if you can solve all of the puzzles together in time will you escape. If not, your creepy host will probably never let you leave again ...

    In EXIT: The Game – The Forbidden Castle, players must use their team spirit, creativity, and powers of deduction to crack codes, solve puzzles, collect objects, and earn their freedom bit by bit.

    EXIT: The Forgotten Island
    1-6 players, ages 12+, 45-90+ minutes
    By Kosmos

    The sea is calm. The sun is shining. You’re on the perfect sailing excursion. But then you spot something on the horizon. Dark clouds are rolling in unusually fast. Soon the sun has disappeared and darkness has surrounded you. Everything is absolutely still ... until suddenly, out of nowhere, a mighty gust of wind capsizes your boat. You are knocked unconscious.

    When you wake up, you are on a black sand beach. There’s no sign of your boat, not even wreckage. You look around and find an old book and a mysterious golden compass disk.

    A boat is chained to a palm tree. Everything on this island seems to be secured with locks ... and you soon come to realize: You must figure out all the combinations to open the locks in to order to escape. If not, you will never leave this island! Can you solve the riddles left for you and escape the island?

    In EXIT: The Game – The Forgotten Island, players must use their team spirit, creativity, and powers of deduction to crack codes, solve puzzles, collect objects, and earn their freedom bit by bit.

    EXIT: The Polar Station
    1-6 players, ages 12+, 45-90+ minutes
    By Kosmos

    A wonderfully mild morning in the Arctic — only -15° Celsius! You belong to a large research organization, which is divided between several stations. As part of Division IMB-Q-12, you are researching climate change at the North Pole. Everything is strictly secret and you have no idea what the missions of the other teams are. From Division IMB-Q-13, for example, have not seen or heard anything for weeks.

    Suddenly the evacuation alarm goes off! You run to the door, but it has already been locked automatically. = Through the window you can see your colleagues from the other stations run to the helicopters. You are left alone in the freezing Arctic ...

    You crawl into an adjacent station via a ventilation shaft. Again, the door is already locked. The lab is devastated and you wonder what happened here. Then you find a notebook and a strange disk. Everything in the room is secured with numbered locks. Then it dawns on you that only if you can figure out all of the codes to unlock the locks in time, can you escape. If not, this will be your bitter (cold) end..

    In EXIT: The Game – The Polar Station, players must use their team spirit, creativity, and powers of deduction to crack codes, solve puzzles, collect objects, and earn their freedom bit by bit.

    The Pyramid’s Deadline
    2-6 players, ages 8+, 20+ minutes
    By Oink Games

    In ancient Egypt, the king has ordered architects to his side. "Construct a glorious tomb for this eagle, and I will give a reward to whoever has created the largest tomb. Fail to complete the tomb by the time that the eagle dies, however, and it's the death penalty for you on the spot."

    Your challenge in The Pyramid's Deadline is to create a tomb larger than any other player's without getting so greedy that you'll be rewarded with death instead. This game combines puzzles, bargaining, and pieces rolled on die that you'll use to build pyramids.

    3-7 players, ages 10+, 20+ minutes
    By Oink Games

    There are six companies that will change the world as we know it! You can be part of their success and be a investor. Try to become rich by making the right decisions!

    Only the one biggest investor can get money out of each company. You must try to read the next steps of your rivals and use your capital and your three hidden cards to win against them and become the biggest shareholder!

    You have to be lucky in this game but you must also think about your moves and analyze your rivals! You can play this card game with only a few players but also with many!

    Merjoram Alexian Bonus Fighter
    BattleCON Expansion
    By Level 99

    A strong fighter with excellent stats, Marjoram uses her tactical knowledge to press the attack or ready her defences each turn, and gains bonuses based on whether the opponent’s power exceeds her own attack power. 18 cards.

    Final Countdown
    Galaxy Defenders Expansion
    By Ares

    Galaxy Defenders: Final Countdown adds new agents to the Galaxy Defendersbase game:

    • Scandium: She is a soldier with extensive experience in guerrilla tactics and weapons, her training allows her to ignore any class restriction. During her life, she developed a blind hatred toward alien robots. This "rage against the machine" grants her a boost when fighting them.

    • Xeno–Warrior: He is an Alien, but he is driven by a lust for blood and the thrill of the fight, often bringing him to the field to fight other aliens. Because of this, his alliance with the Galaxy Defenders is an uneasy one. Once a mission begins, he decides which race is the "prey" for the current mission. This creature is the only double–classed: agent (Guardian/Hulk) affiliated with the Agency.

    • Vanadium: He is an Outer Space Bounty Hunter exacting revenge to honor the memory of his beloved daughter, who lost her life during an alien attack. He is an Infiltrator totally dedicated to dealing damage. His fury increases the damage he deals with blade weapons. At higher ranks, he improves his movement to becomes even faster and more deadly!

    And take the battlefield to the third dimension thanks to the new doors and windows stand–up tokens. This expansion also includes an additional set of custom Galaxy Defenders dice.

    Abandon Planet
    4-8 players, ages 14+, 40-80+ minutes
    By Orange Machine Games

    From the creator of The Resistance and Avalon, Abandon Planet is a new game about escaping the meteor apocalypse. It's an experience of survival, betrayal, and fragile alliances in the moments before Earth is annihilated. Anyone who doesn't want to die on the soon-to-be-burning rock will have to team up with a partner to outfit their janky rocket transport for the interplanetary jump. But everyone's looking out for number one, and alliances can change at any time.

    Every turn, each player secretly decides which direction to send their rocket. They reveal their choices simultaneously, then take turns collecting resources from the board, or stealing them from each other. This would all be safe and pleasant if it weren't for the deadly meteor that will strike at the end of the round, drastically altering the map and damaging any rockets in its path. One player knows in advance where the meteor will hit, but depending on who they choose to share that information with … well, friends tend to come and go during the meteor apocalypse.

    To win the game, you and one other player will both need to acquire enough resources to launch, prep your rocket, then survive for one more round without getting stolen from or blown up. There's no limit on the number of teams that can pull this off – it's even possible for everyone (or almost everyone) to win, as long as everyone plays nice. But once the first wave of rockets launch, anybody left on the planet is stuck. The players who made it to space win; everyone else is obliterated by meteors.

    Star Cartel
    3-6 players, ages 10+, 30-60+ minutes
    By Osprey Games

    It's time to ditch this dingy cantina because you're ready to make it big. Welcome to the Star Cartel.

    The black market's a tricky business, and now that you've joined the Star Cartel, you'll need to play it smart. Every shipment you make will let you stash some contraband for yourself and will earn you a new ship, but with every fresh delivery the Cartel's prices change. Will you risk it all on illicit plants, plan to convey a careful mix of med-kits and energy crystals, or rush to deliver as quickly as possible to get that special ship? Don't push too hard or the price will fall faster than re-entry to atmosphere, and your hopes will fall with it.

    Load your ship with available goods and once your ship is full, the goods shipped will modify their own value. Each time you deliver goods, your ship upgrades to the next highest capacity ship. In the end, the player who stashed the most luxurious goods wins.

    Brides and Bribes
    2-5 players, ages 12+, 60-90+ minutes
    By Spaceballoon Games

    In Brides and Bribes, a strategy game played over six rounds, each player takes the role of a powerful family of Genoa. Carefully employing your family members, each of whom has a unique ability, is the key to your success.

    Each round, you plan send your family members to the Genoese boroughs to hire new employees, get new workers, and convince the local lord that your family is worth a marriage with his beautiful daughter. If you want to succeed, you have to send the right person in the right place.

    Hire the most skilled people, intermarry with the most powerful families, poison your enemies, and increase your commercial empire!

    Alien Invasion: Nightmare Forest
    1-6 players, ages 8+, 20-60+ minutes
    By SolarFlare Games

    You are The Lone Survivor of last year’s Dead Run Incident, the night when the animals came back from the dead hungering for the brains of humans. Somehow, you escaped the Nightmare Forest before it was overrun by the undead. After that horrifying experience, you steeled your heart and appointed yourself the investigator of the strange, wild, and unexplained in and around The City.

    Recently, you saw strange lights hovering outside the City. You gathered a few trusted friends, and headed back to the Nightmare Forest. There you discovered an Alien Expeditionary Force seeking to gather human specimens they can use to conquer the entire planet. You must defeat all the Aliens, without any of your friends being killed and collected, before the Aliens break out of the Forest and wipe out humanity.

    Can you can survive another journey into the Nightmare Forest?

    Archmage Origins
    2-4 players, ages 8+, 10-20+ minutes
    By SolarFlare Games

    In the time before the Dawn, the mages of Sorcado were locked in a constant struggle for power. They would battle to control monsters and minions. At the end, the mage with the greatest fighting force was declared leader…but that was then.

    Players take turns observing and manipulating the field of monsters by peeking at cards and deviously moving the monsters. Players strategically place their mage cards to compel monsters to join their army. The mage controlling the strongest force of monsters wins.

    Adventuria Adventure Card Game: The Dark Eye
    1-4 players, ages 14+, 45-180+ minutes
    By Ulisses

    For an unknown reason, the undead had chosen to concentrate their attacks on Carolan, trying to drag him into their cold grave. "Just do something already!", the half-elf shouted at his comrades, while dodging attacks left and right with growing boldness. Despite his skills, he received multiple hard strikes nonetheless, his quilted tunic torn to shreds. Then he heard Arbosch roaring triumphantly. The dwarf took a last swig from his jug of beer before raising his spiked mace up high: "In the name of my ancestors, now we can begin!" With a loud crack, the terrible weapon smacked down on the first skeleton, bursting into a cloud of bone dust.

    Brace yourself for combat for Aventuria is a dangerous place! Behind every corner lurks danger in the form of devious monsters, exciting adventures, or bad-tempered comrades challenging you to a duel.

    Gather weapons, armor, and magic spells. Acquire special talents and unique abilities to surprise your enemies with unexpected tricks. You need to make a decision: Concentrate your strengths to be able to play a mighty sword later, or make do with a dagger to keep your enemies on their toes and snatch their own weapon afterwards?

    Aventuria: Adventure Card Game is a fast-paced card game for 1-4 players in which each player embodies a hero from the land of the dark eye, Aventuria: the grim dwarf Arbosch, the swift elven scout Layarial, the shifty half-elven wanderer Carolan, or the mysterious tulamid mage Mirhiban. In duel mode, you fight each other for glory, whereas in the cooperative adventure mode, you work together to overcome exciting adventures. Each turn, you draw action cards that improve your character constantly. But be aware! Every turn, hard decisions have to be made, and surprising attacks of your enemies can catch you off-guard.

    Forest of No Return
    Adventuria Adventure Card Game Expansion
    By Ulisses

    King Kasimir himself has hired you to cross the Forest of No Return to recover an important scroll. Will you and your companions defy the forest’s dangers or get entrapped in its labyrinthian confines like so many before you?

    Forest of No Return is the first expansion for the Aventuria Card Game. This box contains the adventure Forest of No Return in three acts as well as two short adventures (Selemian Delusions and Head Money). Additionally, it introduces a new hero, Hilbert from Auen, a Blessed One of Peraine who uses his liturgical chants to support his companions and put the fear of the Twelvegods into the enemies.

    Dragon Keeper: The Dungeon
    2-4 players, ages 10+, 20-30+ minutes
    By Ilopeli

    In those primitive times when men and dragons were enemies, former adventurers left their original guilds to serve a dragon. They protect him from the repeated assaults of adventurers attracted by his fabulous treasure, buried in the basement of the castle. What if there were more than gold to protect?

    In the tile-collection game Dragon Keeper: The Dungeon, you embody these keepers and must capture the adventurers who invade the rooms of the dungeon — yet you must remain faithful to your guild by avoiding capturing its members. Once you have repelled the assaults, you give to the dragon as a tribute a part of the adventurers you caught…

    Zombie Terror
    2 players, ages 10+, 45-60+ minutes
    By Galakta

    We must stay together - they’re everywhere!

    Only a few has managed to stay alive after the zombieapocalypse. A small group of survivors hid inside a shopping mall, but the apparently safe place soon turned out to be a dead end - literally! In the face of danger they have only one choice - to escape! However, the only way leads through a parking lot full of brainthirsty zombies…

    Zombie Terror is an asymmetrical game for two players. One player becomes the leader of the surviving humans who must be smart and ready for any sacrifice if they hope to survive in the world full of deadly surprises. Those brave few have to face endless hordes of bloodthirsty zombies controlled by the other player. As you might expect, those humans are but a game for the mindless monsters prowling every street and building.

    Desperate courage might not be enough to stop undead hordes.

    Zombie Terror contains additional game scenarios and rules for creating your own, unique scenarios, guaranteeing high replayability as well as giving you almost limitless options to expand the game!

    21 Days
    1-4 players, ages 10+, 30-45+ minutes
    By Erik Winkelman

    17 October 1903: The Esperanza ends up in a terrible storm and loses its battle against the elements. 163 people lose their lives, but a small group survives this disaster and washes ashore on the isle Juan Ansidad. For weeks they wait, hoping to be rescued, but they slowly run out of food. They come to realize that if they ever want to get home again, they will have to take matters into their own hands. A raft is carefully put together and with a small ration four brave survivors try their luck on the Pacific, looking for salvation. You have found the logbook in which the four survivors wrote down their adventures — their story, which lasted 21 days.

    In the dice-driven survival board game 21 Days, you relive the events of 21 days recorded in this recovered logbook. The purpose of the game is to have (at least) one of the survivors rescued by the rescue ship on the 21st day. You do this by following the events described in the logbook and having the survivors, represented by two stacked dice per survivor, choose and perform actions on the various locations on the game board by using their placement dice.

    Don't lose too many planks of the raft or else you will lose some of your survivors as well! In 21 Days, the four survivors are stuck together on a raft made out of six planks that are held loosely together. Some events during the 21 days may cause some planks to drift off. There are ways to prevent this, like saving up hope tokens or picking the right bottle cards. When the rescue ship enters the final spot on the rescue track and there are still survivors left on the raft, you will be saved and win the game.

    21 Days is a dice-driven, Ameritrashy, game, so a lot depends on how you will roll the dice! However, there are ways to alter the dice, plan ahead, and make use of your survivor's special skills.



    Company of Iron
    2 players, ages 14+, 30-60+ minutes
    By Privateer Press

    Company of Iron is a squad-based skirmish game that reinvents WARMACHINE and HORDES battles as smaller confrontations between fewer warriors and their character leaders. Average games are played with 10–15 miniatures, and Company of Iron is compatible with the majority of the existing miniatures in the WARMACHINE and HORDES product lines. The rules for Company of Iron have been streamlined and do not include warcasters or warlocks but can include light warjacks and light warbeasts.

    The Company of Iron box set is designed for two players and will contain two 20-point armies, including a unit of Cygnar Stormblades and a unit of Minion Farrow Brigands. Additionally, two all-new character solos will be included to lead their respective units: Lieutenant Gwen Keller and Agata, Queen of Carnage. These new models can be used in both Company of Iron and in WARMACHINE and HORDES. All components needed to play the game are in the box set, including rules, tokens, and two types of cards that allow players to choose specialties for their squad leaders as well as battle plans that can provide powerful effects and advantages in combat.

    Company of Iron uses the core rules of WARMACHINE and HORDES but has been tailored for the scale of the game and the absence of warcasters and warlocks. Emphasizing its fast-paced skirmish scale and the focus on small squads and solos, gameplay revolves around players taking turns activating one model at a time as opposed to the alternating activation in WARMACHINE and HORDES, in which players activate their entire army during a single turn.

    Ghost Archipelago
    Frostgrave Wargame Rules
    By Osprey

    The Ghost Archipelago has returned. A vast island chain, covered in the ruins of ancient civilizations, the Archipelago appears every few centuries, far out in the southern ocean. At such times, pirates, adventurers, wizards, and legendary heroes all descend upon the islands in the hopes of finding lost treasures and powerful artefacts. A few, drawn by the blood of their ancestors, search for the fabled Crystal Pool, whose waters grant abilities far beyond those of normal men. It is only the bravest, however, who venture into the islands, for they are filled with numerous deadly threats. Cannibal tribes, sorcerous snake-men, and poisonous water-beasts all inhabit the island ruins, guarding their treasure hordes and setting traps for the unwary.

    In this new wargame, set in the world of Frostgrave, players take on the role of Heritors, mighty warriors whose ancestors drank from the Crystal Pool. These Heritors lead their small, handpicked teams of spellcasters, rogues, and treasure hunters into the ever-shifting labyrinth of the Ghost Archipelago. Using the same rules system as Frostgrave, this standalone wargame focuses on heroes who draw on the power in their blood to perform nigh-impossible feats of strength and agility. This game also includes 30 spells drawn from five schools of magic, a host of soldier types, challenging scenarios, treasure tables, and a full bestiary of the most common creatures that inhabit the Lost Isles.

    Mungo Mah Lobeh
    Congo Supplement
    By Studio Tomahawk

    Mungo Mah Lobeh, the Throne of Thunder is a campaign made of 6 adventures designed for Congo, Adventures in the Heart of Africa. It recreates the journey of Mary Kinglsey, an expedition that ended with the column climbing the Mount Cameroon.

    Along the campaign system and the adventures (that can be played outside the context of the campaign), this supplement offers new characters, new animals, alternative dangerous terrain tables and some optionnal rules.

    The book comes with 2 figures designed exclusively for this supplement and that will not be sold separately.

    Star Trek Tactics Series 4 Starter
    By WizKids

    The Star Trek Tactics: Series IV Starter Set features four iconic ships with all-new dials and includes everything needed to start playing Star Trek Tactics!

    Features favorite ships from the 23rd century including:

    • U.S.S. Enterprise
    • U.S.S. Hood
    • I.R.W. Vorta Vor
    • I.R.W. Algeron

    Includes two double-sided maps, Rulebook, Powers and Abilities Card (PAC), Object and Terrain Tokens, Dice and Character Cards.

    Star Trek Tactics Series 4 Booster
    Star Trek Tactics Series 4 Expansion
    By WizKids

    Relive iconic battles from the Star Trek Universe or create your own with the Star Trek Tactics tactical space combat game system. The Star Trek™: Tactics – Series IV set features over 25 premium pre-painted ships with all new dials! That’s not all, several of these ships will feature sculpts never before seen in Star Trek: Tactics! Play with fan-favorite classic factions such as the Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Dominion, and Borg as well as the all new Xindi and Andorian!

    Unlike the previous Star Trek Tactics sets, all ship sculpts are used only once within the set! That’s right, Series IV brings over 25 unique dials and sculpts to the Milky Way!

    On top of all of that, the Kelvin Timeline Constitution Class and K’t’inga Class are coming to Star Trek Tactics as well! Start stocking up on countertop displays because Star Trek Tactics: Series IV is going to be a must have for Star Trek and HeroClix enthusiasts alike!

    The rarity breakdown for Star Trek Tactics Series IV is as follows:

    • 11 Common Figures
    • 10 Uncommon figures
    • 7 Rare figures

    HMS Polyphemus 1782 / HMS America 1777
    Sails of Glory Expansion
    By Ares

    Tarot Fate Deck
    Malifaux 2nd Edition Accessory
    By Wyrd

    This deck may be used to play Through the Breach, Malifaux, The Other Side, or Puppet Wars.

    Broken Promises Upgrade Deck
    Malifaux 2nd Edition Supplement
    By Wyrd

    This box contains two new Upgrades for every Master in the game, allowing you to play your Crews in new and powerful ways.

    WYR20137 Thalarian Queller (2)
    Malifaux Miniatures
    By Wyrd

    WYR20537 Talos
    Malifaux Miniature
    By Wyrd

    WYR20729 Crime Bosses (2)
    Malifaux Miniatures
    By Wyrd

    WYR21069 Alternate Nekima
    Malifaux Miniature
    By Wyrd



    Thor Ragnarok Booster
    Marvel Heroclix Expansion
    By WizKids

    Sun & Moon 4: Crimson Invasion Theme Deck
    Pokemon TCG
    By Pokemon

    Sun & Moon 4: Crimson Invasion Booster
    Pokemon TCG
    By Pokemon

    Sun & Moon 4: Crimson Invasion Elite Trainer Box
    Pokemon TCG
    By Pokemon

    Ultra Beasts GX Premium Collections
    Pokemon TCG
    By Pokemon

    Structure Deck Cyberse Link
    Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG
    By Konami

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