Paizo News Update: Signal of Screams, Concordance of Rivals, Starfinder Beginner Box
  • Paizo News Update: Signal of Screams, Concordance of Rivals, Starfinder Beginner Box

    Hello and good fortune, my lovelies, itís time for another edition of your favorite EN World article and mine: the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE! The official release announcement of Pathfinder Second Edition crowded up our last update some, but even before that thereís enough to talk about for this upcoming month that we have another update just for you! Less news, I guess, and more update, but now in one convenient location!

    I must say Iím personally quite excited for this particular tidbit, although itís not entirely surprising in its arrival. The good people at the Golem are continuing their tradition of making dedicated pawns for each Adventure Path with the Starfinder Pawns: Signal of Screams Pawn Collection! Iíve been a fan of the Signal of Screams Adventure Path since I first got a good read of it, and now other fans of it out there can have purpose-built tokens for when they run it. My goodness, looking at the cast list, I didnít think there were this many NPCs, but just goes to show: your GM isnít paying attention! Grab the loot and run!

    Now then, onto more toys for your favorite GM. Pathfinder has been generous with providing reams upon reams of paper and oceans of spilled ink with which GMs can add depth, flavor, and complications to their game worlds, and this latest offering is no different. Did you think outsiders couldnít get weirder? Did you wonder what else could be fought over with good, evil, law, and chaos all taken care of? Have you been waiting with bated breath to know what on earth an agnoia aeon is? Well wait no longer! Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Concordance of Rivals has answers to all these questions you didnít ask, and more! 24 new demigods to whom you can assign a bizarre new paladin or cleric, a new prestige class just in case this one will actually be useful, and a few new occult rituals for everyone still enjoying one more system of magic before the great calamitous system update. Get your copy now, and let Ďem know that 1E has life in it yet!

    Onto the future! The far future, in fact, so far away that Golarion is no more. Thatís right, weíre getting to Starfinder products! And this one seems to be the clean-up hitter: the Starfinder Beginner Box is everything you and a pack of friends need to dive straight into your own technicolor magi-sci wonderland! Including a supposedly-streamlined ruleset consisting of a 96-page Heroesí Handbook with character creation rules and character-focused interaction rules, a 96-page Game Masterís Guide with an adventure, some alien baddies, and some advice on continuing your adventure, and a big olí bucket of pawns, character sheets, and other random gubbins for playing Starfinder (bucket not included). It even comes with its own set of dice! Although for a game that nominally requires friends to play, I wonder what the thinking was behind including only one set of dice. Costs, most likely!

    Rest assured that as soon as the Starfinder Beginner Box hits the shelves, there will be a review from your friendly neighborhood Paizo pal ready to go so you know exactly what to expect from its ins, outs, tips, and tricks. In any case, that about does it for this edition of the PAIZO NEWS UPDATE! What are you most excited for come April? I gotta say my heartís set on the Campaign Setting book, but thatís just because I love the ideas of powerful unknowable deities of knowledge and mystery. Must be a GM thing!

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