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Even my battle-axe gets a senior discount now.
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I'm semi-retired and only loosely attached to reality. I don't spend all of my time playing or thinking about RPGs, I just wish I could.

I play in three different groups:

One plays only short adventures and regularly changes the game being played in order to explore a long list of different RPGs.

The second is primarily Pathfinder, with one-offs of 13th Age/Midgard when the full group cannot get together.

Finally, perhaps dearest to my heart, is a bi-weekly group with members of the Autism Society of Minnesota, currently playing in a DnD 4e campaign.
Minneapolis MN
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Over 40
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Saturday, 10th February, 2018

Thursday, 21st December, 2017

  • 09:26 PM - rgoodbb mentioned Redthistle in post The never ending story of ...
    That's fab! B.I. By the way if anyone reading this wishes at any time to add a post or even multiple posts please join in. We would be delighted to welcome you. Just make it up from the last post and have fun. Dannyalcatraz Lanefan Redthistle Any of you interested in this?

Thursday, 6th July, 2017

  • 10:25 AM - Lanefan mentioned Redthistle in post Survivor Core Classes- Fighter Wins!
    BoldItalic rgoodbb Redthistle - what fun it would be for the four of us to play in an in-person game sometime! :) Of course, we'd go through DMs like Spinal Tap goes through drummers, as they'd keep failing sanity checks... Lanefan

Sunday, 19th March, 2017

  • 11:01 PM - pemerton mentioned Redthistle in post What the warlord needs in 5e and how to make it happen.
    ...of hit points as correlating to "damage" (but not injury - a weird dichotomy I won't try and get into here); of the action economy as "real" (so the gameworld is vaguely stop-motion); of the rest and usage economy as "real" (so that daily powers correlate to magical spells memorised every morning). There are existing elements of the game that put pressure on these things (eg fighters' action surge and second wind; barbarian's rage; the lack of a damage spiral for hit point loss), but the general response to pointing out that the warlord is consistent with and builds on those existing elements is that they're necessary evils that need to be ignored, not valuable features of the game that should be embraced and expanded. I'm not saying this view is the totality of D&D players. For all I know it's not even a majority. But it's clearly a large, and vocal, and influential, group. Keeping the on the side of 5e is an important marketing concern from WotC's point of view. EDIT (for Redthistle, tuxgeo): "Keeping the on the side of 5e" should probably read either "Keeping them on the side of 5e" or "Keeping that group on the side of 5e". Hopefully the meaning was nevertheless clear despite the poor typing. And while I'm at it: Tony Vargas, you know what my view is on the warlord, the D&D asbtractions that 4e embraces and expands upon, etc. But in general it's a mistake to let desire lead belief.

Monday, 9th January, 2017

  • 02:08 AM - gweinel mentioned Redthistle in post Lord of the Monsters: New Warlock patron (based on new Ranger playtest)
    Sorry that it has taken so long to get back to this thread; well, y'know, life. I've only found one thing that I feel hits the "over-powered" trigger, in the Companion's Bond feature: Becoming proficient with all saving throws. At 3rd level, it is way too unfair to other creatures of comparable level, imo. If it is kept, maybe it should be delayed until 14th level, comparable to the Monk gains the Diamond Soul feature. One last, larger consideration: I haven't really done a comparison/contrast with the Ranger Beastmaster, and how it's animal companion gains in power with level. This build for the Warlock may outdo that, so I do have more thinking (ouch!) ahead of me. Well, that's all I've got for now. Thanks again for a wonderful idea. Redthistle, thank you for your input. I have make some progress in the subclass ( as you can see. It still needs more work. Probably I will remove the Wyvern because it is too powerful at low levels (fly ability at 3rd lvl is too much). Maybe it could be an option for a high level warlock. Also, I replaced Eldritch Blast with a custom spell, because at higher levels Eldritch + all the monster attacks make the warlock OP. It is far from perfect, but i am working it. Your comment regarding "companion bond" feature is actually copy-paste from UA alt ranger. I hope you enjoy the newest version and if you have any comment please share it. :)

Monday, 26th December, 2016

  • 09:00 PM - pukunui mentioned Redthistle in post Little-Known Monster Facts
    Redthistle: Reminds me of how golems were created in Dragon Age. I've been using that as a way to explain how warforged were created for some time now myself.

Thursday, 24th November, 2016

  • 10:30 PM - QuietBrowser mentioned Redthistle in post QB's Monstrous Races
    Okay, before I begin, I want you all to know I do appreciate that you took the time to comment on this. I say this because, as much as it pains me to say what I'm about to say next, I can't think of a way to put it that makes me less of an :):):):):):):) for saying it. Redthistle: I appreciate the enthusiasm, but could you maybe share what you think of my actual efforts at statting the race up? As interesting as it is to see how you fluffed their presence in your last setting, my big concern is trying to balance out my take on the race's crunch. doctorbadwolf: Seeing as how my problem, as stated in the very post you quote, is that I can't choose which of those three possible racial features to give the Bouda because they're all thematically appropriate, but it'd be too overpowered to give it all three of them... I'm afraid that doesn't help very much. transcendantviewer: Thank you for the vote of confidence in my take on it. However, while I would appreciate your thoughts on precise rulings, the viability of present traits, traits that could be added or subtracted, or similar commentary, I must confess that DM's Guild is... not really an option.

Saturday, 22nd October, 2016

Monday, 1st February, 2016

  • 01:21 AM - Quickleaf mentioned Redthistle in post Al-Qadim: Land of Fate (5e conversion)
    Redthistle I've heard good things about Midgard, thanks for the recommendation :) Seamus' astrologer background is interesting, definitely food for thought. His Tattooed Monk, while it has a good overall concept (almost identical to Sterling Vermins), is without a doubt OP and looks a little like power fantasy fulfillment (nothing wrong with that - just calling it like I see it). For example, the Lion tattoo makes the monk immune to fear and only requires 6th level, whereas an equivalent paladin ability (the ones classically immune to fear) kicks in at 10th. Likewise, Crab tattoo grants resistance to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage and only requires 6th level, whereas the Barbarian gets that only when raging (a core class feature with limited per day use!). But conceptually, the idea of a sub-class with an array of options to choose from across all sub-class feature levels makes a lot of sense for the Mystic of Nog.

Wednesday, 2nd December, 2015

Friday, 25th September, 2015

  • 05:38 PM - TheCosmicKid mentioned Redthistle in post Blaster class ability; looking for second opinions
    First of all, Redthistle, thank you for the thoughtful response! For clarification, I'm assuming the Hex Blast Warlock is still limited to 1 spell slot at 1st level, going up to 4 spell slots at 20th-level, before needing a short or long rest, and that cantrips would still accumulate at the standard rate.I'm sorry, when I mentioned that this idea started life as the 3E warlock I just sort of blithely assumed that people would understand the reference. That was wrong of me. In case you don't know, the 3E warlock has no spells, no spell slots, and no usage limits on any of the handful of things it can do. Same goes for the hellion. Hex Blast is at will. This is its core combat ability, at least as important to it as the rogue's sneak attack. And you might be able to see that I based its damage curve more on sneak attack than on any spell. The 2d6 → 11d6 progression of the hex dice cap matches a rogue sneak attacking with a shortsword or shortbow. My concern is that the rogue is actually able ...

Monday, 10th August, 2015

  • 07:24 PM - Quickleaf mentioned Redthistle in post Character niche for monks?
    I like the idea of making monks masters of insight/assessment @Vasolv and (Psi)SeveredHead. As for the "type casting" concern, I've got a party that mostly has type-cast themselves already, so I think that's what we're going for, classic D&D class-based roles: Criminal halfling Rogue Military Leader human Fighter Wanderer human Monk Monster Hunter gnome Ranger Soldier/Urchin dwarven Cleric Noble half-elf Sorcerer Redthistle Even though our monk PC is a shiftless wanderer with no monastic order (sigh), I do like where you're coming from. Also, he's taken herbalism kit and weaving proficiencies to represent his mundane monkish skills. I'm trying to play to the herbalist aspect of his character.

Sunday, 7th June, 2015

  • 11:11 PM - Wik mentioned Redthistle in post Dark Sun Conversion
    (Edit: Sorry Redthistle, I didn't mean to "laugh" at your post. Hit the wrong button!) A few thoughts as I read through this (excellent!) PDF. 1. Dwarven Focus seems a little off. a +1 bonus is nice and all, but that whole "1 level of exhaustion each week the dwarf doesn't follow his focus" thing is HARSH. WHat this would mean in play is that the game is always about the dwarf... and if it's not about the dwarf, the dwarf suffers. Why not just a flat penalty, say, -2? That's much less game-changing. Personally, though, I'd lay back on the dwarven focus stuff. It always seemed a bit weird to me. 2. I like your half-giant, but their weapon use ability could benefit from a rewrite for clarity. 3. Halflings get waaay too many skills. Basically, a halfling bard could now begin play skilled in EIGHT skills! And I'm not sure why they get this ability. How does this link up to athasian canon? Were it me, I'd change the perception skill to insight (seems more athasian halfling to me), a...

Sunday, 15th February, 2015

  • 08:39 PM - MarkB mentioned Redthistle in post Vehicle combat rules for a piracy-themed campaign - suggestions?
    Redthistle - thanks for the link, that'll be useful when we get to aerial combat. My PCs were being pursued by a fleet of Imperial ships commanded by the Emperor's own bastard daughter a few weeks ago. I used the Chase rules in the DMG (pg 252) as a template as well as the Siege Equipment info (pg 255) to calculate damage/range. Ah, excellent advice - I'd missed the Chase rules in the DMG. I'll see about adapting them to my setting. Combining them with the Siege Equipment information should work well.

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Saturday, 10th November, 2018

Friday, 9th November, 2018

Saturday, 23rd December, 2017

  • 10:11 PM - BoldItalic quoted Redthistle in post The never ending story of ...
    *Uh ... this tale is being constructed as a cautionary tale for would-be DMs, right? It's certainly got an ambient "Required Reading" vibe going. 'Required Reading', definitely. :D Oh, yeah! I had to give up on trying to choose between the "Give XP ... " link and the "Laugh with this ... " link. You aren't making this easy. I'm just reading through for now to catch up. Roll 1d6 to decide, then ignore the roll and go with your instincts :)

Wednesday, 6th September, 2017

  • 03:27 PM - neogod22 quoted Redthistle in post Noticing an unseen hidden character by touching?
    I'd make the hide check be at disadvantage, since they have already come to the attention of the creature that bumped into them. Also, invisibility affects the behavior of light around the invisible creature(s) or object(s). It doesn't alter odors in any way.Well the reason I would have them,use a reaction and refill their stealth, is to see if they can move out of the creature's oath before it touches them and not be noticed. So it essentially allows the creature to move through the character's square. If they fail then the creature notices it. If the character can't see the creature, then they don't get the reaction. If they fail their stealth check, then the creature notices the character and can attack with disadvantage since it now knows where the character is. Sent from my VS995 using Tapatalk

Tuesday, 5th September, 2017

  • 02:24 PM - Nellisir quoted Redthistle in post What are you reading - Sep 2017
    The second Devil book was by a veteran of DC and Marvel comics, Mike Carey. This was his first novel, and it was about an exorcist named Felix Castor, drawn from the Lucifer comic book series. That reading led to a book-swap with one of my nephews, who passed on to me Carey's more recent The Girl with All the Gifts, which was made into a film of the same title, released in September 2016. ! Just a nitpick - Felix Castor isn't from the Lucifer series. It's completely stand-alone, and an excellent series. M R Carey is easily one of my favorite authors right now.

Saturday, 26th August, 2017

  • 05:19 AM - Erechel quoted Redthistle in post The Build that Killed
    Low-hanging fruit, Erechel, but enjoyable nonetheless. You may have missed Xath McCath's opening post instruction: "So character builds aimed at capturing the flavour of famous literary but not fantasy characters". With that consideration, let's see what ya got. Sorry :p, yes, I have missed the non fantasy. Although Conan and Eddard Stark are still low-fantasy enough to be appreciated?

Wednesday, 23rd August, 2017

  • 06:44 PM - Gwarok quoted Redthistle in post The Build that Killed
    So, I just have to know. Has Stan the Man made a cameo yet? He has not, but I am going to be adding a sentient Iron Golem, minus the poison breath and sword attack, who has a kind demeanor and keeps trying to make sure the teenage NPC Sorcerers(mutants) in the city never forget that breakfast is the most important meal of the day :)

Friday, 11th August, 2017

  • 09:57 PM - vincegetorix quoted Redthistle in post [poll] Monk Satisfaction Survey
    Bugbear Shadow Monk?!? What a brilliantly scary combo! For the moment I'm DMing LMoP for a group of 5, and one or two players at this table get their gratification from sparing intelligent enemies and trying to make them start a new life. If they roleplay well the encounter and roll high enough, I name the enemy and create its character sheet, banking them as playable character if a player want to retire his adventurer or his pc dies. They saved the life of one bugbear in the red brand hideout after killing his companion, taking him to the local chaplain and paying a huge some for some healing tobacco. When I created his sheet, I wanted to go for something that would make sense with the strict hierarchy of the goblinoid armies, while relating to the surprising grace and stealth of those large brutes. After reading the Hobgoblin Iron shadow's entry in Volo's, I knew this character would just be a perfect match, even before looking into the mechanics.

Thursday, 10th August, 2017

Sunday, 9th July, 2017

  • 08:13 AM - Quickleaf quoted Redthistle in post A Maze that works in actual play?
    Damned intriguing challenge. My few attempts over the decades at designing a maze that keeps the players engaged without getting bored/irritated achieved only meager success. This is proving to be educational. P.S. Hope your Al-Qadim play-testing is going well. Playtesting is slow, but still going at it, thanks. Dang thing called real life. ;) Yeah, I've had the same experience as well. The closest I came to an interesting maze was running Planescape – short version, two players entered one of the Lady of Pain's mazes to find a mazed villain who had information they needed. I set up a teleporter puzzle in the maze, with lots of clues about the maze having a metaphorical meaning of the villain being "trapped in the past." Various archways - on certain sides of each teleporter door – had symbols, some of which were associated with the future (e.g. children, seeds/saplings) and some associated with the past (e.g. elders, old trees). I think the solution was walking backward through a...

Thursday, 6th July, 2017

  • 10:15 PM - Lanefan quoted Redthistle in post Survivor Core Classes- Fighter Wins!
    Until then, I've got ideas for a variant Charlatan background: the Tax Collector. Wait 'til they get a load of Char-Ging.I always have to laugh every time I see Char-Ging's name, as my SO's main character in my current game is named Char. Fortunately, her lest name isn't Ging. :) Lanefan
  • 04:50 PM - BoldItalic quoted Redthistle in post Survivor Core Classes- Fighter Wins!
    Wow! Still chuckling. A Happy Ending for our Cavalier. I wasn't sure how he'd get there, but I'm well-satisfied with how it worked out. And what a cast of characters ... I can't wait for the movie! Until then, I've got ideas for a variant Charlatan background: the Tax Collector. Wait 'til they get a load of Char-Ging. While you're working on that, I've got this idea for a 3D model of the Druid's Head in cast resin. It will have a makeshift roof of striped canvas covering where the thatch is missing, and a big hole in the floor leading down to mysterious underground caverns. Just the thing for adventurers to hang out in and tell stories about their exploits. I don't want to call it "The Frolicking Frog" or "The Druid's Head" because that's too specific to this thread. How does "The Awning Pothole" sound?

Wednesday, 5th July, 2017

  • 02:51 PM - BoldItalic quoted Redthistle in post Survivor Core Classes- Fighter Wins!
    The allusion took me a moment on this one. "Who's Done, we have a problem." A pun that sneaks up on you, and subtly points a finger at Apollo. That's good. Blame it all on that other pantheon. One of the space shuttles was called Atlantis but nothing memorable ever went wrong with it so I borrowed the line from somewhere else. Can't think where ... :D

Sunday, 2nd July, 2017

  • 03:46 PM - BoldItalic quoted Redthistle in post Survivor Core Classes- Fighter Wins!
    No fair! I have vulnerability to Egyptology! Its distractions leave me charmed at the least, and sometimes stunned! I can get you a Scarab of Protection from History if it helps? One careful owner, choice of colours, comes with full instructions in Hieroglyphics, Hieratic and Demotic? A snip at only 99gp and a goat! Order yours now!

Sunday, 25th June, 2017

  • 10:48 PM - rgoodbb quoted Redthistle in post Survivor Core Classes- Fighter Wins!
    OMG - Gobblet rouged the rogue! Don't you hate it when that happens? And it's always in the drive-throughs. They Rouge you in the drive-throughs, They Rouge you in the drive-throughs man!

Saturday, 24th June, 2017

  • 05:47 PM - KahlessNestor quoted Redthistle in post Critical Fumbles a core rule?
    Oops! I missed the intended meaning of your comment. No worries [emoji4] Sent from my SM-G900P using EN World mobile app
  • 02:47 PM - KahlessNestor quoted Redthistle in post Critical Fumbles a core rule?
    Yes, it does. As Jeremy Crawford has stated time and time again (most often in Sage Advice), if a description (whether of a rule, a spell, a feature, etc.) includes something, it specifically states it in that description. Critical failures are not mentioned in the core rules, therefore, they are not included in the core rules. The auto-miss is the only aspect of a natural 1 that is a core rule. Any other effects of a critical failure are strictly left up to home rules. Not sure why you're quoting me, since that's exactly what I have been saying. .. *shrugs* Sent from my SM-G900P using EN World mobile app

Wednesday, 21st June, 2017

  • 04:21 PM - Jer quoted Redthistle in post Free RPG Day: Starfinder Preview, TORG Quickstart, New Runequest And Women In Magic
    In general, I agree, but I must disagree with the ending sentence. The Origins Game Fair, like all conventions, must be scheduled far in advance to reserve convention space and make sure that the city where it is held will have sufficient lodging available. Right. There are a lot of places where I get irritated at GAMA and how they handle Origins, but this isn't one of them. The conflict between Free RPG Day and Origins isn't going to be GAMA's fault because Origins schedules at least a year in advance. But since they scheduled it for the Saturday of Origins last year as well as this year, it seems to be on purpose for some reason. I wish they'd reconsider - I haven't been able to participate in a Free RPG Day in years. I do wonder if it has to do with Origins being forced to move around the schedule a few years ago - it used to be the last weekend in June (sometimes pushing into July) but 5 years back it moved way back into the first week of June and then settled around the second...

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