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What is missing in 5E that you had in other editions? Saturday, 18th May, 2019 03:58 PM


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Saturday, 18th May, 2019

  • 04:42 PM - DM Dave1 quoted The Old Crow in post What is missing in 5E that you had in other editions?
    I miss really simple stat blocks for monsters. So simple they could often be reduced to a single line in some cases. Made adventure writing so much easier, and compact. I really, really miss this. I know what you mean. At lower levels while running 5e, I was able to mostly get by with notes that included AC, HP, Attack and damage stats for each low level creature. Once Saving throws start coming into play, all bets are off. Need that stat block. Now I try to have my monster stat blocks printed off or bookmarked ahead of time. Keep things flowing. Oh, and wimpy orcs. Never read Tolkien, so AD&D orcs are my metric. 5 hp, a sword or spear, and no strength bonus damage. Could have a horde of them; it was quantity not quality when it came to orcs. Perfect fodder for 1st level parties. If you read Tolkien, you’d know that wimpy orcs are called goblins. :p But, for serious, just assign them the minimum HP (8) as detailed in their stat block (2d8+6). Or, assign all members of the orc band 5 HP ...

Thursday, 20th December, 2018

  • 01:28 AM - Ratskinner quoted The Old Crow in post Most frustrating quirk of 5E?
    Heh, that sounds like awful design. I never had any FR books. When 2e came out I did buy a pack of character sheets that turned out to have a background alternating between light green and dark green. The dark green was so dark the only way to read pencil on it was to tip the sheet so light would reflect off the graphite. In this case though I don't think they just made a poor aesthetic decision, but were instead trying to thwart the poor copy machines back in the day, and in the process managed to make their product a useless waste of money. Given the common practices in my college gaming group back then, I wouldn't be surprised if photocopy thwartation (look ma, I made a word!) wasn't a big part of the motivation behind that "design decision".

Wednesday, 19th December, 2018

  • 07:32 AM - Ratskinner quoted The Old Crow in post Most frustrating quirk of 5E?
    Editions one through four books were easy to read just for fun, as I recall. I even remember way back Dragon trying articles on a grey background for some reason, and someone wrote in about being vision impaired and finding it difficult to read, so they went back to black on white. Not sure why they are repeating a mistake they already tried. I dunno. I had an FR book or two back in the 2e days that were absolutely horrible this way. One was printed in dark blue ink on slightly-not-as-dark blue parchmenty background and the other was the same except for being lightish brown on darkish tan. While the contrast (or lack thereof) was a big issue, the mottling of the pseudo parchment just put it over the top for unreadability. ::shrug::

Monday, 23rd April, 2018

  • 08:51 AM - Imaculata quoted The Old Crow in post You find a magical _____, it does _____
    Next up: A landscape oil painting in an ornate frame Imprisonment Painting This cursed painting is used to imprison up to one living person, with the aid of an imprisonment spell. Subjects imprisoned within continue to live their lives inside the painting, and age, until eventually they die of old age. The subjects can look outward from within the painting, and see the outward world. They are unable to communicate however, since they only seem to move in the painting when people aren't looking. Further more, the painted detail of the painting is too crude for victims to relay written messages to the outside world. If the painting already contains a prisoner, an additional prisoner will cause the previous one to be ejected from the painting and emerge on the floor in front of it. If a prisoner dies inside the painting, they vanish, and a new spot opens up inside the painting for a new victim. Next... A mace with a wolf's head.

Tuesday, 17th April, 2018

Sunday, 15th April, 2018

  • 02:41 AM - Slit518 quoted The Old Crow in post Would you rather have Expertise or Advantage on a roll?
    Expertise. Why? Because if I don't have Advantage, it is still possible to also create Advantage, but if I don't have Expertise, nothing will get me Expertise. Ranks in Rogue or Bard would. But I understand what you are saying. Advantage is more common without having to force yourself to take levels in a class to grant Expertise otherwise.

Tuesday, 6th March, 2018

  • 10:32 PM - merwins quoted The Old Crow in post You find a magical _____, it does _____
    Next: An old spindly rocking chair. Wanderer's Roost (legendary) Often found in unassuming surroundings, this spindly rocking chair seems of no great consequence. It is a profoundly useful tool for spies. Its magic is only revealed if someone casts Dispel Magic upon it, and THEN Detect Magic or Identify. It does not require attunement. Anyone who sits in the chair and is aware of its abilities may cast Clairvoyance once per short rest without expending their own spell slots. Anyone who has ever sat in the chair and is still alive is considered to be in a "location familiar to you" as described in the spell. Next: Two halves of a coconut shell, shorn of husk and smoothly lacquered.

Sunday, 28th January, 2018

  • 09:31 PM - mellored quoted The Old Crow in post Fighter Subclass: The Bravura! (INT-based, tactical, non-magical)
    Good when the Bravura only uses their normal reaction to do it, rather than trade in an attack. I am not sure how many extra attacks the Bravura would need to make the trade of an attack worthwhile to gain Advantage. But that's definitely really good when there is nothing else to use the regular reaction on.Did someone call for calculations?! Here I come to math the day! 2 attacks > 1 attack with advantage. (roughly 36% less damage) 3 attacks >= 2 attacks with advantage. (advantage is better if you have 50% or lower accuracy. But you generally 12% damage). 4 attacks < 3 attacks with advantage. (12% more damage) Just using your reaction, it's 24% more damage, assuming the creature lives long enough to take all the damage. Also, action surge. So yea, it's probably fine. I think it's obvious enough that you want to make more attack with advantage. So people won't be trading it away their attacks if they use it.

Saturday, 27th January, 2018

  • 10:29 PM - Elfcrusher quoted The Old Crow in post Fighter Subclass: The Bravura! (INT-based, tactical, non-magical)
    I like the temp hit points as extention of plan thing. What about temp hit points being added at 10th level, in addition to So Crazy It Might Work's normal skill advantage on one check. So it's all part of the plan. Maybe won't be seen when talking to the king, but handy if trying to traverse a room full of free floating globules of acid. Nice as an add-on, maybe. I think I'd still restrict it to ability checks not attack rolls though.
  • 09:11 PM - Cap'n Kobold quoted The Old Crow in post Fighter Subclass: The Bravura! (INT-based, tactical, non-magical)
    I am okay with missile swatting. I do think a Take One For The Team contingency would be great for melee or missile attacks against allies. The Bavura would need to be adjacent to the attacker, the target, or in the flight path of the missile; They throw themselves in the path of the weapon and take the damage instead of the target. The Bravura could become incapacitated (or even stunned) until the end of their next turn if it needs a way to balance it. Catching missiles seems more like a magical capability - the Monk's purview - than just someone with amazing reactions and martial training. Since the opportunist can already move as part of their responses, I'd suggest a response along the lines of: When one of their allies is targeted by a ranged attack, the opportunist can move up to X feet. If this brings them directly between the ally and their attacker, then the attack is resolved as if the ally had three-quarters cover (+5 AC). Maybe also add: If the attack misses their ally, it is rer...

Thursday, 25th January, 2018

  • 04:55 PM - Elfcrusher quoted The Old Crow in post Fighter Subclass: The Bravura! (INT-based, tactical, non-magical)
    I wasn't sure about the whole reaction based fighter paying on credit thing to start with, but I have come around. I like the trade in of an attack, and the requirement to take the Attack Action the next turn. More contingencies would be nice, since many of them are situational and may not come up often, barring Double Team (which will probably be the most oft taken first contingency, since it is the easiest to use). I can see the problem you are trying to combat with feats and such that grant reactions, but I don't think the power of the Bravura should necessarily come from buying the feat or the "correct" build. If some builds are already going crazy spending their reactions because of their feats and fighting style, I don't think it would hurt to let the other Bravuras spend their reactions on their contingencies in more situations. The way Poetry in Motion is worded, a heavy armor Bravura would effectively get no 7th level feature. I am also not sure what "if that reaction has a range re...

Sunday, 21st January, 2018

Saturday, 30th December, 2017

  • 03:26 PM - TiwazTyrsfist quoted The Old Crow in post You find a magical _____, it does _____
    Next: A spinning wheel Over the ages, there have been many, many magic spinning wheels. Some let you spin yarn 10 times as fast, some spin wool as strong as steel so that you can knit armor that functions as chain, some let you spin thread from flames, or even straw into gold. This is not one of them. The Spinning Wheel of Travelling When set up normally, this is an all in one spinning wheel, that functions normally allowing the spinning of thread and yarn. It consists of a Wheel, drive pedal, spindle, and a stool, connected together at the bottom with a sturdy base board. A sturdy leather belt is attached to the stool in such a way that a person could belt themselves securely to the seat for reasons that will become apparent. When the command word is spoken, the apparatus reorganizes itself. The spindle turns sideways and elongates to become a handle bar, and the wheel slots down below the floorboard. The device magically balances on this single wheel, and a person seated on the stool can...

Wednesday, 20th December, 2017

  • 02:20 PM - TiwazTyrsfist quoted The Old Crow in post You find a magical _____, it does _____
    Next Up: An elaborate mousetrap The Clockwork Mousekapult of Gnikademus the Tinkerer. This massive gear work animated construct was made by Gnikademus, a Gnomish tinkerer with an Intelligence of 30, and a Wisdom of 3. Gnikademus once cured himself of head-lice using a ring of Fire resistance and 3 pounds of Thermite. He said that having body hair was a chore anyway, and he never liked that laboratory. The Clockwork Mousekapult is the result of someone commissioning him to create a "Humane Live Capture" Trap, to deal with Mice in their dairy farm. It requires a supply of Milk to work, but will run continuously for a month on a single gallon. The device is immobile, but low level intelligent (Int 8) and knows it's purpose. A series of tubes, magic gems, burners, sieves, and presses allows the device to keep the milk cold and fresh, while siphoning off small amounts to magically make cheese. It keeps a constant supply of fresh cheese to bait the trap arm. The cheese itself is enchanted to ...

Wednesday, 13th December, 2017

  • 06:19 PM - rgoodbb quoted The Old Crow in post You find a magical _____, it does _____
    Next up: A small wooden box, from which can be heard an occasional knocking from within. Heaven's Door When a 20th level Cleric Opens this box on the side that is Knock, Knock Knocking, they open up a gateway to travel to their Deity's plane of existence. Next up: A pair of blue suede shoes

Monday, 11th December, 2017

  • 08:21 PM - rgoodbb quoted The Old Crow in post You find a magical _____, it does _____
    Next up: A nest, with three eggs. The Old Crow's Nest When placed (carefully) at or near the top of a mast, One or more eggs will hatch and the Pteranodon/s that emerge imprint and become the ship's permanent lookouts Next Item: A Copper Chimney Sweep that smells of eggs

Wednesday, 25th October, 2017

  • 02:55 AM - Xeviat quoted The Old Crow in post Expanded Fighter
    Ha ha, very funny Tony Vargas. In addition to those, something that's come up once or twice is that the (non-EK) fighter is arguably the most approachable class, not just to new players, but to most NPCs (not supernatural, doesn't rage, isn't shifty). So giving it some extra cred in the interaction pillar could be justified that way. What are they calling 'sense motive' these days? Whatever, some sort of mechanical advantage (like the advantage mechanic) with that? What about the first three definitions, they seem a lot better. The Champion is someone who fights for others. Hey, it sounds better than 'meat shield.' How about some out-of-combat abilities keying off their CS dice. Maybe they can use their CS dice on social checks vs NPCs they have sized up using Know Your Enemy? They're limited to Abjuration/Evocation, too. Maybe let them learn/prep spells & use rituals, more or less like wizards? They were an order of High-Elves/Eladrin, originally, IIRC. I'm OK with it, I g...

Thursday, 19th October, 2017

  • 09:33 PM - Hussar quoted The Old Crow in post Poll for PC's with 4 or more levels in a class.
    Is it just my computer, or are the % numbers all wonky for everyone else too? I rounded down to the nearest 5, and still got a total of 140%. You're allowed to vote multiple times. After all, a character might have 4 levels in more than one class.
  • 06:31 PM - TwoSix quoted The Old Crow in post Poll for PC's with 4 or more levels in a class.
    Is it just my computer, or are the % numbers all wonky for everyone else too? I rounded down to the nearest 5, and still got a total of 140%. The poll allows multiple choices, so the total should be much higher than 100%.

Wednesday, 18th October, 2017

  • 12:56 PM - volanin quoted The Old Crow in post Roshambo-Style Theatre of the Mind Combat
    1. The phrase "engaged to" concerns marriage proposals. You want "engaged with." 2. I would take the of targets for AoE spells somewhat random. Perhaps 1 target translates into 1d2; 2 targets in 1d3; 3 targets into 1d4, etc. If you roll too many targets, you're going to hit your allies instead of the enemy. 1. Fixed, thanks! 2. This is another very good way to do that, and I indeed playtested it! But at least in my table, the wizards usually prefer predictable outcomes. So I went with the "official" solution in DMG 249. You can still hit your allies in order to target more monsters (it's described in the last paragraph), but in a much more controlled way. I love love love the AOE concept of charging extra targets to avoid hitting engaged allies (I rule that an AOE effects a target also effects every creature engaged with that target, this speeds gameplay in both TOM and Grid). Consider that stolen. I would consider spelling out distance costs for the types of movement to account for class...

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