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Friday, 8th February, 2019

  • 08:02 PM - jasper mentioned Coroc in post Guns in D&D - A Hot Take
    Coroc What you do not take into account is that the Longbow is totally ineffective versus any sort of plate armor, mostly ineffective vs. chain and even with padded armor you would stand good chances to be unhurt if the longbow hit you on a covered body part... I was talking to my old buddy Henry while he was deep into a fifth. He said something about longbows and the French wines of Agincourt.

Wednesday, 16th January, 2019

  • 04:26 PM - dave2008 mentioned Coroc in post High Level Shopping
    Ok, why use a Silver Standard? (Feel free to point me to an existing discussion.) I know CapnZapp has discussed this is what he uses in other threads, but I don't know if he said why. Maybe he can chime in. Personally I use it for basically the same reason as noted by Coroc mentioned.

Thursday, 23rd August, 2018

  • 06:36 PM - Raunalyn mentioned Coroc in post Which D&D Settings Do You Play In?
    Coroc: During high sanction, I make the character's effective level 1 level higher (so, a 4th level mage would count as a 5th level mage for the purposes of spellcasting) they wouldn't get any additional spells, but they would get additional spell slots. This would make it so that a 4th level caster could cast one of their 1st or 2nd level spells using a 3rd level slot. During low sanction, I made them one level lower for the purposes of spell slots. During the Night of the Eye...all Wizards of High Sorcery would get the spellcasting bonus, and enemies would have disadvantage on saving throws to resist spells. Exactly opposite for all three moons in low sanction.

Friday, 10th August, 2018

  • 03:40 PM - Gwarok mentioned Coroc in post Most powerful feature at each level???
    Coroc, I actually had an NPC "Archmage" that was famous in the land, advised kings and queens and the powerful, who turned to be a high level rogue who'd actually just stumbled across a treasure hoard of ancient wizard gear and then proceeded to make himself a new identity, but he was a charlatan in every sense of the word. But with enough wands and staves and such no one discovered the ruse for a very long time.

Tuesday, 31st July, 2018

  • 09:14 AM - Mercurius mentioned Coroc in post Ravnica: Is This The New D&D Setting? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]
    Who are you writing to, Coroc? If you're writing to me (as your post was right after mine), pretty much none of your post applies as I don't "need" any of those things as I never run games in published settings, always homebrews. I like setting books for reading and collecting pleasure and to get ideas from. My preference is almost always for new settings rather than old ones - so I was one of the folks who was pleasantly surprised about the Ravnica announcement and would prefer, for example, to see a Nerath book than a Greyhawk one. That said, I'd enjoy seeing new versions of certain settings, because I like setting books.

Monday, 30th July, 2018

  • 02:11 PM - M_Mandrake2012 mentioned Coroc in post Ravnica: Is This The New D&D Setting? [UPDATED & CONFIRMED!]
    No, I won't be trying it. I'm not a fan of Forgotten Realms either. Or Eberron. Too much high fantasy in there, plus blurring of genres with technological elements. I like my settings to have a medieval feel, be grittier, darker, filled with superstition, and intolerance. I'm a Greyhawk grognard, and part of me would like to see that get official support... but the thought of how WotC would handle it worries me, will they try to shoehorn Dragonborn, nice Drow, Gnome Paladins, and racial harmony into it, when the original had none of those? Cubicle 7 will be getting my money for the foreseeable future, The Adventures in Middle Earth books are uniformly wonderful. Your and @Coroc comments have given me food for tought , and while I don't fear for the release of the ravnica setting, I know it will not be as good as it should and here why : I don't think they will integrate the color system to it. The color system is the backbone of magic lore, but in some planes it can be more or less impactful, innistrad being quite less influenced by it than say Zendikar ( and while the zendikar planeshift manual did talk lightly about colors , it did nothing to integrate it into the mechanics ) The color system can be akin to the alignements, and in such ambientations could totally supplant it. Where a lich in alignement terms is fundamentally evil, in magic color system terms it would be black. What would it mean in a mechanical sense ? well , colors represent ideas and abilities, and that could as well bestow creatures and players alike with those and vice versa. This message is a lot longer than I tought it would...and I feel there is much more to say,'s not...

Thursday, 28th June, 2018

  • 04:03 PM - mrpopstar mentioned Coroc in post Critique my Houserules
    I'm going to echo Coroc and support the assertion that exhaustion is cruel, burdensome, and deadly. It's best to reserve it for travel and exposure when emphasizing the exploration pillar. EDIT: I was with you, wrote a big screed against Exhaustion ... then noticed that he completely changed the effects of it. Not it's just a -1 to various checks per level of exhaustion.D'oh!

Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Thursday, 1st February, 2018

  • 02:39 PM - Maxperson mentioned Coroc in post No Magic Shops!
    delericho Coroc Now I'm picturing Nodwick running around with a golf bag full of swords. Thanks you two!

Friday, 26th January, 2018

  • 02:34 PM - Oofta mentioned Coroc in post Why Lichdom?
    Like Coroc said, a clone is just another body. A frail, mortal body that could easily be destroyed. Become a lich, secure your phylactery and you are effectively immortal. Besides, you get rid of that pesky need to eat, sleep, and all those other distractions.

Friday, 1st December, 2017

  • 04:02 AM - Yaarel mentioned Coroc in post What is the best way to handle ‘magic resistance’ in D&D 5e?
    Coroc I was wondering about defining 5e magic resistance as verses non-instanteous effects? So magic resistance is vulnerable verses Fireball, because the effect is instantaneous, thus the fire itself is nonmagical. This might require too much bookkeeping to look up whether any particular spell is instantaneous or not. Also, Antimagic Field negates Fireball too, so it seems even instantaneous effects are considered magical. Note, if 5e ‘magic resistance’ is simply a save advantage, then by definition, any spell that attacks AC, like Animate Object, bypasses the magic resistance. Ironically, the magical energy of Eldritch Blast attacks AC, so it might bypass the magic resistance. However Eldritch Blast is a ‘ranged spell attack’, so perhaps magic resistance applies verses ‘spell attacks’. In light of Gnome Cunning, and for the sake of simplicity, I am inclined to say, anything that attacks AC can bypass magic resistance. jasper Looking at 1e Drow magic resistance 50% + 2% per ...

Thursday, 16th November, 2017

  • 12:11 PM - Nevvur mentioned Coroc in post COS - Spoilers! Need plot help.
    Coroc 1) The thread title doesn't spoil anything. 2) If you don't care whether or not I play APs, why did you bring it up? 3) You're right, I don't care about people who wish not to be spoiled 20 months after some content has debuted. If it's that important, they can take some personal responsibility in the matter. 4) Speaking of childish, there's that whole inability or unwillingness to take personal responsibility thing. I guess we're just a couple of kids being kids, eh?

Wednesday, 11th October, 2017

  • 11:38 AM - clearstream mentioned Coroc in post GWM, SS, CEx: updated!
    Oofta TwoSix ro Coroc FrogReaver please see also revised OP. I believe GWM should not be nerfed, but the other revisions I've suggested look sound based on everything I know so far.
  • 09:32 AM - clearstream mentioned Coroc in post GWM, SS, CEx: updated!
    @Oofta @TwoSix @ro @Coroc @FrogReaver someone asked about Bless, and also about the comparisons without the feats. So if you remember my best estimates* for a 30 round day (11th level chars) so far are - Wizard: 20 Int, Evocation, Fire Bolt, Levitate, Fireball, Wall of Force = ~1,700/d aka "the bar" Fighter: GWM, 20 Str, GWF, Precision, G.Sword = ~1,400/d Bless +200 without GWM = ~1,000/d Bless +100 Fighter: SS/CEx, 18 Dex, Archery, Precision, H.Xbox = ~1,200/d Bless +200 without SS/CEx = ~800/d Bless +100 Fighter/Rogue: Sentinel, Shield Master, 18 Dex, Dueling, Precision, Booming Blade, Rapier = 1,200/d Bless +100 without Sentinel and Shield Master = ~800/d Bless +100 Ranger: SS, 18 Dex, Archery, Beast Master, Longbow = ~1,000/d Bless +100 without SS = ~800/d Fighter: SM, 20 Dex, Dueling, Precision, Longsword = ~1,100/d Bless +100 without SM = ~900/d Fighter: Sentinel, 20 Dex, Dueling, Precision, Rapier = 1000/d without Sentinel = ~900/d Q. Elsewhere I've argued that range is worth about +30% on dama...

Monday, 11th September, 2017

  • 08:18 PM - Ketser mentioned Coroc in post UA: New Race Options, Eladrin and Gith
    So question... considering that we have a subrace option that is strongly tied to feywild and a race that is strongly tied to planes and planar travel? So is ita hint that they are working on something planar or worlds of D&D related? Coroc most of obstacles and limitations you describe matter only for the first few levels anyway, so really not a big thing.

Sunday, 27th August, 2017

  • 04:28 PM - Hawk Diesel mentioned Coroc in post Warforged Titan 5e
    Thanks for the feedback everyone! I also added a new ability, Warforged Fortitude. Coroc I disagree with the intelligence. In 3.5 Warforged Titans had an intelligence of 3, making them roughly equivalent to most animals in terms of their reasoning ability and unable to speak (though they could understand simple commands). While I don't think Warforged Titans could be effective in battle with such a low intelligence, I think they should be roughly somewhere between animal and human, which I think 5-6 represents. But typically even animals have high wisdom and charisma, since wisdom is about awareness, and Charisma is force of personality. Personally, I see them roughly equal to people in this sense. A poor wisdom would make for low battlefield awareness and difficulty identifying friend from foe, which would be a real liability in combat. Additionally, I see even Warforged Titans as having their own unique personalities and quirks and a sense of self.

Friday, 21st July, 2017

  • 10:39 PM - Miladoon mentioned Coroc in post Do You DM or Play with Flair?
    Coroc When I first read the Sneak Attack entry for the Rogue I thought that last sentence of the first paragraph was added on without any thought to giving Rogues proficiency in Longsword. The SA feature, as written, makes the longsword a fashion accessory. Fair enough if that is what you are looking for. Rogues dream of the day a sun blade falls into their hands. You won't get an argument from me about the historical accuracy of D&D's weapons. Keeping in mind, the Strength requirement for the longsword I decided to give it a try. Some of the light simple weapons on the list are also strength based attacks. If it is fair to allow SA for a longbow attack from 600 ft (with Sharpshooter) then I think it is fair for a rogue to add SA when they sneak up behind a mook and deliver a knock out blow from a club(sap) or maybe even the pommel of a longsword. It the longsword was a heavy weapon, I would not add it to the SA weapons list. Good question.

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Saturday, 6th April, 2019

  • 12:16 PM - Dausuul quoted Coroc in post Making the Ice Storm spell suck less
    While i hope that you took no offense on my little joke on threadsurrection... No, not at all! I have no problem with thread necromancy, I just find bots irritating. I found that as a DM ice storm is one of the spells beside spirit guardians to make a caster solo boss a bit more challenging in 5e. Good to know. I may have to try it out one of these days. :) The PCs in my group are a bit low-level for it just now, but soon...

Thursday, 7th March, 2019

  • 06:20 PM - Draegn quoted Coroc in post When a npc changes from friend to foe or vice versa.
    Lamia as a lover? How do I get the pictures out of my head now? You mean the lion thing don't you? I use the 1e description you can find a picture here. If the images are stuck in your mind like a bad song on repeat, I suggest having a lovely Whitley Wobbler, we needed one when the ranger player (zoology student) decided to explain how the evil bloke and lamia would actually .... well you can imagine that too. :p
  • 08:53 AM - Hussar quoted Coroc in post RAW: Can druids wear studded leather?
    Well except that it is not, it is an unfunctional thing which never existed and they would have been cool if they canceled it for 5e. The only thing this would be good for is to save the opponent the work to put spikes on their cudgel. Heh, you forget the power of the Grognard. If they had removed studded leather armor, people would be coming out of the woodwork to proclaim that D&D is dead and that 5e doesn't feel like D&D. :p

Wednesday, 20th February, 2019

  • 10:19 PM - Mistwell quoted Coroc in post Tempest or Life Cleric
    Agree with life cleric being a bit overrated. But how do druids heal better much of the time? Please give an example. They get the best lower level healing spells in the game: Healing Spirit, Goodberries, Healing Word, and Cure Wounds. And of course they get the best higher level healing spells of Mass Cure Wounds and Heal, and all the ressurection spells (and reincarnate). Some of those, the Cleric just does not get. Like Healing Spirit and Goodberries, which in my opinion are the two best lower level healing spells in the game. Then you can look to subclasses and you might argue Life Clerics have them beat there. But not so fast - Circle of the Shepherd with Unicorn Spirit is essentially the same boost to healing (or arguably better).
  • 07:42 PM - FrogReaver quoted Coroc in post Tempest or Life Cleric
    Agree with life cleric being a bit overrated. But how do druids heal better much of the time? Please give an example. Goodberry heals more than cure light wounds or healing word Healing spirit held way more than anything the cleric has.

Friday, 8th February, 2019

  • 06:15 PM - Celebrim quoted Coroc in post Guns in D&D - A Hot Take
    [MENTION=4937]What you do not take into account is that the Longbow is totally ineffective versus any sort of plate armor, mostly ineffective vs. chain and even with padded armor you would stand good chances to be unhurt if the longbow hit you on a covered body part. Wait, what? Longbow points go right through anything but double layer mail ('chain') without hardly slowing down. The rise of the longbow and the crossbow was a big reason behind the rapid development of plate armor. The longbow will absolutely penetrate a gambeson ('padded') without much difficulty. While a gambeson will dissipate a lot of the energy of the shaft, you're still going to end up with a barbed arrow sticking in you 4-5" deep. Remember, many 13th and 14th century knights would be wearing mail over a gambeson, the longbow would frequently penetrate the combination to a depth of 2-3" (driving cloth and broken rings into your body as well), especially at ranges under 75 yards. And given the rate of fire, once ...
  • 03:39 PM - Celebrim quoted Coroc in post Guns in D&D - A Hot Take
    Mechanical realization: Muscat 1d12 Pistol 1d10 Seems workable. RoF 1/rd maybe a feat like crossbow expert. Rates of fire that high weren't achieved until the mid 19th century. Depending on the ignition technology in use, the rate of fire might vary between 1 per 10 rounds and 1 per 3 rounds. Ban all inferior ranged weaponry especially bows, you may keep crossbows though. Reason: They do not penetrate armor anymore. Well, that's not a ban so much as a nerf. Are you suggesting that characters in the setting are prevented from picking up a sword or spear? Otherwise you will have a conflict in dpr with bows which will turn out highly unrealistic Well, the English did field a regiment of longbowmen at Waterloo, precisely on account of the longbow having a much higher rate of fire than any period firearm. The longbow managed to keep up with musket technology into the 19th century, when the rifled miniball managed to almost completely obsolete it by finally producing...

Tuesday, 5th February, 2019

  • 01:02 PM - 5ekyu quoted Coroc in post I hate rapiers. Do you?
    How come that every five minutes a new muh rapiers dare to do 1d8 although they can be keyed of dex thread pops up, otoh no one except me seems to be bothered about total OP quarterstaff 1d8 like a spearcan be used 1 handed (utter bull!) with a shield (utter bull2!) and polearm master applies to it OP af! A real rapier is longer than a long sword and weighs the same. It is so heavy that you need a main gaucheor a buckler or a cloak or at least a thick leather glove to parry effectively. It can otoh easily deflect much heavier weapons.Why rapier and not staff shield? DEX. Dex sticks in the craw of some.

Saturday, 19th January, 2019

  • 10:25 PM - CapnZapp quoted Coroc in post High Level Shopping
    CapnZapp I did reply to this post but got your alias wrong sorry, pls read my reply above this post, I cannot edit it without destroying the formatting. Not sure your point. You say the default system is broken. Okay? How does this comment upon my preference for using the silver piece in place of gold? (That D&D is entirely removed from realism - absolutely. And I also tried to deflect away from any discussion along the "silver is more realistic than gold" line. Since D&D is not realistic anyhow, I prefer to simply say "...because I like a silver-based economy better" :) ) As for the mountains of gold, I was merely making the observation that switching to silver does bring about one (minor) hiccup: being able to present a physically impressive hoard for the heroes to loot. Not a big issue - in fact an easily managed issue. But still. Zapp PS. Every comment I am making in this thread assumes my magic item economy - this thread is literally about what magic items costs in my cam...
  • 08:31 PM - WayOfTheFourElements quoted Coroc in post Skills using different ability scores
    I m totally fine with a dwarf warrior intimidating with his tough constitution aka hard to kill, Str for intimidate I allow anytime also dex for a dex based fighter who could do some blade twirling to intimidate. Over all I like this houserule, because 5e is not designed for MAD builds. Doesn't that encourage builds to be even more SAD and dump stats to be even more prevalent?
  • 10:36 AM - CapnZapp quoted Coroc in post High Level Shopping
    this makes gold almost worthless and the lesser coins almost junk. No, the actual value of having "junk" copper is that it is the only way to present a "real" dragon hoard or similar. If you want your characters to find an actual heap of gold, the only way to implement it well up in the levels is to have it be a heap of copper, with a thin layer of gold pieces on top. (A small mountain of actual gold is what you find at tier IV if at all, even in the most Monty Hallian of campaigns. That is, of course, assuming the DM knows anything about density and volume... ;) Also: if you want your characters to find more wealth than they can carry. I actually had this problem (the first one). In a silver-based economy, hoards will either have to be physically smaller or you need to invent a new "junk" coin valued at 1/100th of the baseline. (Tin pieces or some such).

Friday, 18th January, 2019

  • 12:36 AM - Elfcrusher quoted Coroc in post High Level Shopping
    It is historically accurate and makes much more sense. Whoah....and here I thought Forgotten Realms (and other settings) were made up out of thin air. Man, the things they don't teach in school.

Thursday, 13th December, 2018

  • 05:36 PM - CapnZapp quoted Coroc in post Trying to make 5e more oldish and want some people's opinions
    Leave out the absolute stupid and wrong 2e initiative rule and everything else you ruled is fine. Come at me with a dagger while I wield a halberd and you will see which weapon strikes with more velocity and who attacks who first simply because of reach. A good start for the thread 103663

Monday, 10th December, 2018

  • 04:34 PM - Laurefindel quoted Coroc in post Two Weapon Fighting (yeah, I know...)
    For the sake of at least some realism leave the offhand as a bonus action aa it is. IRL fighting with two weapons neither makes you quicker nor allows to attack more often. Would you try it, in fact you would be slower , because you would have to change stance each time you switch between the two weapons. The bonus action rule is a good compromise between realism and munchkinism. Personally, I find it hard to apply realism in an abstract combat system. Whether it is realistic or not, TWF, since its debut in OD&D (AD&D?) always gave you an extra *opportunity* to disrupt your opponent's readiness, regardless of the amount of swings you make in a 1 min or 6 sec round. For all we know, the PC never "hit" with the offhand weapon. Only, it gave them an edge in combat, one that is measurable by its damage die. While I agree there should be an opportunity cost to gain an extra opportunity for an attack (beyond not having a shield or a higher-damage 2h weapon), I don't think realism - or lac...

Friday, 7th December, 2018

  • 04:01 PM - Quickleaf quoted Coroc in post How to make an encounter with falling great distances interesting and dangerous, but not deadly?
    One advice: Do not try to cover everything in advance, meaning guessing every possible misshap your group might or might not make. Because: What happens if you all laid it out perfectly and your players decide to kill some bird man to craft themselves emergency parachutes? Just use the standard falling rules for distance, give saving throws (dex) if the landing spot is soft then with advantage, especially since you seem to provide unlimited rests. My job as DM isn't to define what the players can do. It is to create interesting and entertaining things for them to interact with. I was struggling here and hence my solicitation for help. What happens if they do that? I run with it. That's a big assumption about how I run my game. Kir Sabal is this adventure's "Rivendell."

Monday, 3rd December, 2018

  • 11:05 AM - CapnZapp quoted Coroc in post Ridding Elves and Half-Elves of Darkvision
    Hav you ever been in a forest in a moonless night? It is as dark as it would be in a cave without a light source. So elves having superior sight is highly justified, no less than for dwarves. Agreed. Of course, nobody contested this. This discussion is about whether Elves and Dwarves should have the *same* kind of superior sight.

Sunday, 2nd December, 2018

  • 05:46 PM - quoted Coroc in post Ridding Elves and Half-Elves of Darkvision
    Hav you ever been in a forest in a moonless night? It is as dark as it would be in a cave without a light source. So elves having superior sight is highly justified, no less than for dwarves. Actually, I have been many times and I have to disagree. Your eyes can adjust when a least some light is present (even on a moonless night), however a cave is completely different. However, your point does get me thinking: dwarves use fire and torches all the time in their homes, so it isn't like they walk around in pitch-black constantly. That being the case, why would dwarves really have darkvision either? Just altering the rules for mechanical reasons is a bit weird for me. If you like your party to do micromanagements of torches etc. of course that is up to you I find that kind of funny, sorry to say. Most of the rules exist because of mechanical reasons. If you are in a dungeon, and can't see without torches, planning for it is VERY important. I suppose you could assume they always have ...

Thursday, 30th August, 2018

  • 03:45 AM - Zardnaar quoted Coroc in post Halfling Darksun (Athasian) Variant.
    Keep it up Zardnaar, the stuff you did so far to convert DS to 5e is the most convincing here on this forum. Although I do not like all your houserules, I love the solid baseline with which you try to reflect 2e DS feeling. I'll be doing a Wanderers Guide to Athas thread hopefully soon. Probably rewrite the races.

Tuesday, 28th August, 2018

  • 04:00 PM - ClaytonCross quoted Coroc in post Katana
    @ClaytonCross "I would actually suggest a short sword as the basis of a Katana and a dagger for a wakizashi..." Doesn't work like this. You could use scimitar for Katana, because it is a cutting weapon mainly. 30 cm is a short wakizashi but never a katana, dunno where you got that from. So I got my information on the Japaneses sword Wiki but it looks like I grabbed the wrong line because I went back an noticed I grabbed the Wakizahi. I made a mistake. I can confirm the original source agrees with the Katana page Blade length approx. 60–73 cm (23 5⁄8–28 3⁄4 in) Weight 1.1–1.3 kg (2.4-2.9 lbs) So I immediately pickup your someone who has had many longsword vs Katana debates and your keying in on the details (rightfully so because I used them, I am not debuting that) but not my point. We are not just debating swords we are trying to solve a player problem. I approached this wrong by trying to get real world technical in a fantasy world. I should have known it would head to a s...
  • 02:41 PM - 77IM quoted Coroc in post Archer Druid Subclass?
    Take an attack cantrip, refluff it as Moonbow, you can even let it deal radiant damage and needing no arrows and take Wis as attack stat. It will not break anything if it does not do more than 1d10 damage. You can either require it to have a bow at hand or even let it create a shimmering bow made from moonlight. Heck you can even make it stronger but that's more fiddly and should have something to balance it out e.g. no wildshape. This strikes close to the heart of the problem: the druid's attack cantrips suck. The closest thing we have to a bow is produce flame which is only 30 feet of range, and only d8 damage with no ability bonus. Also at 30 feet you can do thorn whip for d6 damage, but that pulls enemies even closer. At low levels, shillelagh is really good... but druids don't have the AC or HP to be dedicated melee peeps, and at higher levels, shillelagh fails to keep up with the damage of other classes. If you're going to be at that range, the better option is poison spray, whi...

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