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Thursday, 18th October, 2018

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Friday, 7th December, 2018

  • 02:01 AM - dave2008 quoted Grognerd in post Mythological Figures: Odysseus/Ulysses (5E)
    You presume he didn’t read it. I read it all and agree entirely with his assessment. Just sayin’. I did yes, but not for the reason you surmise. After all I agree with his assessment (which I have stated many times and I assume you know since you read it). I made the comment because I think the debate is an interesting read and it might interest Flexor the Mighty!

Wednesday, 21st November, 2018

Friday, 9th November, 2018

  • 11:50 PM - Azzy quoted Grognerd in post Aging and Immortality and does it Matter?
    Agreed. I for one absolutely love the fact that 5e has not given NPCs class levels. You need a king's champion? No problem: use a Knight, a Veteran, or (if it's a truly powerful king) a Champion (VGtM). No need for class levels. You need a court wizard? Use the Mage. Ditto with clerics and Priests. Switch spells around all you like, but you still don't need class levels to embody NPCs. Indeed. I find it surprising that there's any fuss about this. Even in 1e & 2e, there were several entries under "Men" in the Monster Manual/Mostrous Compendium/Monstrous Manual for NPCs without class levels, and those entries that did many were "treat as fighter of x level".

Monday, 5th November, 2018

Wednesday, 31st October, 2018

  • 05:10 PM - Sword of Spirit quoted Grognerd in post Are monsters with legendary and or lair actions supposed to be boss monsters/
    He didn't say to alter the stats (at least not in the quoted portion). He said to "beef up a boss monster's defenses." That does not have to have anything to do with stats. Just offhand, that is: traps, lair design that prevents focus fire from PCs, mooks, mirrors/illusions, protective items, or decoys. None of which touch the base stats (except perhaps protective items, which if you can't add a modifier for a magic item, you shouldn't be running Legendary monsters anyway...). Defenses are far more than individual power. But the problem is that it seems like a lot of DMs see "Legendary" on a stat block and therefore think the monster is an idiot who will only engage in a face-to-face "fair fight". If you (a person, not you as an individual. No ad hominem) can't divide, disperse, and deceive a PC with RAW Legendary Creatures, then yeah... it's your fault, not the game's. Yeah that works. I'm all for playing foes intelligently, rather than having them just march up to the PCs to get slaughtered ...
  • 02:26 PM - Maxperson quoted Grognerd in post Survivor Monster Types- DRAGON WINS!
    Yeah, such a shame when the monster the entire game is actually named after wins. They're overused at this point. Not that undead was much better, but at least there are undead creatures that aren't vampires and zombies to use.

Sunday, 28th October, 2018

Friday, 19th October, 2018

Thursday, 18th October, 2018

Monday, 15th October, 2018

  • 07:09 AM - CleverNickName quoted Grognerd in post Survivor Halloween 2018 5e Undead- Wraith WINS!
    So yeah... your theory that they are afraid of the ML is as good as any!The most terrifying thing, IMO, is that if it doesn't get downvoted, maybe they will make another Brendan Frasier movie about one.
  • 06:20 AM - Chaosmancer quoted Grognerd in post What if Expertise were a simple +2?
    Sorry for the long delay and multiple responses. Been a busy weekend. ...11 to a skill is sufficient to contribute most times.... given that most DCs are 15-20. Yeah. Non-issue. And any DM who can’t handle their players succeeding at the thing they’ve been building towards THE ENTIRE TIME THEY’VE BEEN PLAYING THAT CHARACTER... well... Not a system issue. As usual. And at level 10 which we were talking about that is a +9, on athletics unless talking a dex based fighter. Let's look at Investigation (finding traps, clues, ect), neither rouge nor Fighter use Intelligence as their prime, so let's say they both have a +2 which may be rather high for both of them. Prof, expertise and reliable talent means the Rogue has a +10 and a minimum result of 20 Prof means the fighter has a +6 Party enter the room with the secret passage. Who investigates? Techinically they both do, because they use the help action, but the roll? The roll goes to the Rogue because he has a +4 over the fi...

Thursday, 11th October, 2018

  • 07:35 PM - TiwazTyrsfist quoted Grognerd in post Survivor Halloween 2018 5e Undead- Wraith WINS!
    Oh, I'm familiar with Kyuss. But SPAWN OF KYUSS is a much cooler band name. Missed opportunity for them! EDIT: Whoops... I see almost the exact same comment was made earlier. That's double the endorsement for adding the Spawn of... ! Spawn of Kyuss, we're a Kyuss cover band.
  • 05:42 PM - Quartz quoted Grognerd in post What if Expertise were a simple +2?
    Changing a base feature because of an optional rule (Multiclassing) is backwards. I disagree. To me, it is the base rule - doubling the proficiency bonus - that is the problem. To quote from my OP: and mathematically, multipliers are a bad idea where bounded accuracy is involved.

Wednesday, 10th October, 2018

  • 11:02 PM - Prakriti quoted Grognerd in post Survivor Halloween 2018 5e Undead- Wraith WINS!
    Well hell, turns out that nearly everything on this list really is a band name. Banshee, Deathknight, Demilich, Ghast, Ghost, Ghoul, Lich, Mummy, Nightwalker, Revenant, Shadow, Skeleton, Skull Lord (sort of), Spectre, Vampire, Wight, Wraith...the only ones that aren't (according to Vault) are Dracolich, Flameskull, Mummy Lord, and Spawn of Kyuss. And let's face it... if there were a band called Spawn of Kyuss, we'd all want to listen to it, even if just to see what their sound was! Wait, are people really not familiar with the band Kyuss, which was literally named after the D&D monster?

Sunday, 7th October, 2018

  • 02:58 PM - OB1 quoted Grognerd in post Survivor Halloween 2018 5e Undead- Wraith WINS!
    And you know his favorites.... how? They've made the same upvote every day but the downvote has always just happened to be for whoever was leading at the time. Of course, they could be making those votes to throw people off, and I could be using this as cover for some other end game plot down the road. That's Survivor!

Thursday, 4th October, 2018

  • 09:48 PM - vincegetorix quoted Grognerd in post Let's invent some +1 Feats
    This one caught my eye. As an alternative, I thought of this... "When you use Inspiration on an attack roll against an Undead or Fiend creature, the damage of that attack becomes Radiant." I have a homebrew feat called 'Unfettered' that looks almost exactly like this, except without the class restriction or the ASI. I also didn't think of the Exhaustion reduction. Nice touch! You are right, the extra damage, at least, should be Radiant or Necrotic. Thanks.

Monday, 1st October, 2018

  • 02:59 PM - Ralif Redhammer quoted Grognerd in post Survivor Appendix E (5e) Authors- Ursula K. LeGWINS!
    “Did you know that writing stories down kills them? Of course it does, words aren't meant to be stiff, unchanging things.” Upvote for LeGuin, downvote for Alexander. Though I’m sure Ged would find no small amount of amusement and joy in an oracular pig. Alexander, Lloyd 5 LeGuin, Ursula 21 McKillip, Patricia 9 Pratchett, Terry 16 Jemisin, N.K. 1-2= Out! About time!

Friday, 28th September, 2018

  • 02:39 PM - iserith quoted Grognerd in post What DM flaw has caused you to actually leave a game?
    You are pretty determined yourself! I fully agree with you, but you do realize you are just banging your head on the wall at this point, right? As you said, iserith is simply going to ignore all of the many times throughout this thread that his position has been disproved. What it looks like to me is that the text supports my position, which I have shown. Then others have said "Nuh-uh, this thing I've been doing in other games is how it should be!" The section on How to Play honestly couldn't be any clearer. Not that anyone is forced to play that way if they prefer something else. Plenty of people play the way you appear to agree with. I just don't think that's appropriate for this game and would leave a game where the DM was regularly assuming or establishing the actions of my character. That's all there is to it.
  • 08:56 AM - squibbles quoted Grognerd in post The Only Thing I Don't Like About 5e! (Hint- ASIs)
    The more I think on this, I do think that perhaps a middle-ground solution could be to simply remove the +2 ASI, but leave the rest as is. To wit: Feats either offer Something, or +1 and something. The alternative is +1/+1. With this method, gaining +2 to a stat demands two ASI opportunities, whether by taking a +1/+1 or by taking a +1/something. Using standard array (because it's easy) with your top two stats being 15/14, then if you completely dedicated all five of the ASI from 1st-20th lvl. (discounting fighters/rogues and their bonus ASI) you wouldn't have 20/19 until 19th level. Since 19th level is pretty stout, cool. But at 8th level, for example, you'd only have 17/16 at best. That's manageable. Non-human characters have an edge on this, since they have stat mods, but most (not all, obviously) people I know prefer the human variant over the base human, and so would have an additional feat. Comparing feats to straight ASI, and I also fall into the crowd of thinking I'd rather have a Fea...

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