Lone Wolf question
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    Lone Wolf question

    I'm looking for an RPG in which it is easy to run a single PC game. Now, I know that D&D can be used for this, but it's tough. The CRs are all set for a party of 4, and the classes all have significant weaknesses that need to be balanced by other party members of different classes.

    IIRC, Lone Wolf started as a series of single player gamebooks. Is the current Lone Wolf RPG game set up for single PCs, or is it set up for the standard d20 group of 4?

    I read some reviews and couldn't find this info. Thanks for the help,


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    The Lone Wolf RPG isn't designed specifically with single-player adventures in mind. It's pretty much just like d&d with the rules simplified a bit. It's not really so much about the system as about the modules you are running anyway.

    Mongoose has started reproducing the gamebooks (which were of course solo adventures) in a format compatible with the new RPG. Maybe that's sort of what you are looking for? The files you want are near the bottom of the page-"Flight From the Dark" (the actual adventure), and "Solo Rules".

    RPG archive would also be a good place to start.

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    Only one player? Kinda like me...

    Dunegons and Dragons is, by design, a team game. However, I have DM'd and in turn played in many campaigns where there was only one player. There are NUMEROUS ways around this, with some creativity.

    - Have the PC lead a 'shock troop' of specialists (ie NPC's) to round out the party to 4.
    - Reduce the CR and number of opponents for the lone PC to fight.
    - Focus on the role-playing/story aspects of your story and keep fighting to a minimum.
    - Allow the PC to run more than one character.
    * (This one is my favourite) In the new Unearthed Arcana, there are scores of alternate rules for character creation and campaign tweaking. One of which essentially allows PC's to take two classes and advance in both simulataneously, taking the best traits and all abilities of each. For example, a character who takes a Fighter/Mage combo gets d10 HP, BAB and Fort saves, and all feats and abilities of a FTR, plus the MAG's Wil save bonus and access to spells. When PrC's come around, a PC can then choose either class plus a level in the PrC. Only problems coming out of this would be classes that already duplicate two classes (such as the ... well, there's one that's a Mage/Cleric combo that advances spellcasting in both, forget the name off-hand).

    As for systems... I cannot think of a single system that would allow for decent one-player action except possibly Palladium, especially their Rifts or Robotech settings. But, like all RPG's, the above could still apply.

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    I have found that the gestalt rules from Unearthed Arcana work well for a single player game.

    Let your player take two or three classes simultaneously. And then since every failed save is potentially deadly with one player, i would give your player 4 or 5 fate points. Basically, a fate point would allow your player to ignore any failed save or attack as if it never happened.

    Your player will have a fairly tough character that should enable him to survive many challenges and you should be able to run him through a lot of standard D&D adventures without too much watering down.

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    Mongoose Publishing has released the original Lone Wolf Gamebook Flight from the Dark in a single player D20 format.

    Downloadable from the Mongoos Publishing Website for free.

    You can also explore Alasi's Companion Lone Wolf books that parallel the Lone Wlf TImeline as a Vakeros at Tower of the Sun

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