Hey all,

I subscribe to a weekly newsletter called Flavorpill that lists local happenings (I live in Chicago, but they have newsletters for other cities, too). Anyway, this week's email has this intriguing bit in it:

"Final Fantasy perform the concept album Dungeons & Dragons fans have been waiting for..."

Huh? What's this? I read on:

"Owen Pallett's songs are tough to get a handle on. Though the melodies are clear and poppy, and the vocals breathy and fey in a pleasingly indie-pop way, the arrangements on He Poos Clouds (the young Canuck's second album as Final Fantasy) are straight-up classical violin counterpoint. At times, the whole mess takes on the perversely grandiose tone of a Scott Walker album; at others, it shrinks to an almost Joanna Newsom-sized cuteness. Pallett's string lines have a way of obscuring his arch, literate lyrics, so that a second listen (and a third and a fourth) is frequently required for full appreciation. "

OK, so what's with the D&D reference? I go to the label's web site and find the info page for Owen Pallett/Final Fantasy and find his bio. This part is rather humorous:

"Unhappy with the sound of his own voice, his violin playing and his soggy appearance, Owen holed up in a little room in Barcelona to work on new material. The album that would become He Poos Clouds began with a list.

1. A set of songs that attempt to modernize each of the eight D&D schools of magic
2. Every song will be written for string quartet and voice
3. Nobody who listens to it will ever again entertain thoughts of suicide."

Should anyone like to hear some of Final Fantasy's music, you can find some samples here:


Also, if you happen to be in Chicago, Final Fantasy is playing at the Lakeshore Theater (3175 N Broadway) on Saturday, 1 July, at 8pm.