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    A small figure strolls through the streets of of the Arcane Row. It is not long before she notices that a creature is following her. After a short distance she turns around to find a large silver-grey mangy hound, oddly missing a part of its right ear, not a few feet away, "Well, what do we have here?"

    The hounds tail wags and it steps closer. The gnome reaches out as she mutters an incantation from her childhood (Speak with Animal). As she pets the large beast the two seem to converse.

    It is not long before a man in filthy brown robes comes down the road a whip in one hand and spots the animal but not the gnome at first, "Why you worthless animal!" he seems ready to beat the creature when Zelena moves before the hound, "I think not, Sir!"

    The man halts in mid swing and a sneer comes across his face but lowers the weapon as the gnome places a hand on her weapon. "This monster got loose again and must be taught its place!"

    The gnome shakes her head, "Not anymore." And in a voice not a question but a demand, "I will purchase him from you." She reaches into pack and finds several what she is looking for and passes the man a gemstone and several coins, "That should be more than enough. Now, get out of my sight."

    The man in the brown robes takes the coin from the small woman and chuckles, "With pleasure..." and as he walks away quips, "Good luck with that bitch, Lady."

    Zelena smiles and nods to the hound and the beast springs forward with a loud menacing bark and the robed man suddenly looks terrified and starts to run. She whistles and the hound returns in short order.

    The pair continue on to the Mystical Pearl as companions. "Come my Silver Friend."

    At the Mystic Pearl Zelena looks for some minor magic:
    Oil of Shillelah (cost 50g)
    Scroll of Magic Stone (x2)(cost 25 gp x2)

    Total Spent
    +100 gp magical items
    +150 gp riding dog
    +20 gp leather barding
    +60 gp military saddle
    +4 gp saddle bags
    +100 gp flask of holy water (x4)
    434 gp
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    The lithe half-elven girl stops into the shop looking for an Ioun Torch. Finding one available, Tyrien hands over her coins and ducks back out into the street with her new purchase.

    OOC: -75gp Purchase of Ioun Torch

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    Daylily swaggers through the streets of downtown Venza, his earthbreaker resting across his shoulders, and the pungent odor of unwashed barbarian drifting in his wake. He hums a bawdy elvish ballad to himself, thinking of the vast quantities of ale he's soon to imbibe when the gleam of metal in a shop window catches his eye. He fumbles with the door for a moment, but eventually figures out how the knob works and pushes his way inside.

    He points at an earthbreaker that looks little different from any of the others. "That hammers," he says.

    Dubiously, the shopkeeper takes it down and hands it to him. "A good eye, sir. That one was crafted in the deep mountains of--"

    "You want yellows metals for this, yes? I haves many yellows metals."

    The shopkeeper's eyes glitter with avarice. "Perhaps you'd like other weapons as well? To deal with werewolves and demons?"

    "What? There is being animal-shifters in these land!?"

    "Oh yes, many. You'll need weapons to deal with them. And I have armor..."

    "Metal armors?" the barbarian asks suspiciously.

    "For you, only the finest leathers and hides, sir! And potions, to make you stronger..."

    "I am being already much strong!"

    "Or to protect you ... or make you jump farther ... or run faster ..." the shopkeeper says smoothly.

    Some time later, a happier Daylily walks out of the end of Arcane Row, having traded much worthless yellow metal for weapons, armor, and powerful magics. He makes his way to the Dunn Wright Inn, chuckling to himself about the foolishness of city dwellers.

    MWK earthbreaker 340g
    MWK hide shirt 240g
    Cold Iron handaxe 12g
    Alchemical silver shortsword 30g
    Potion of Jump 50g
    Potion of Shield of Faith 50g
    Oil of magic weapon 50g
    Oil of bless 100g

    Potion of Longstrider 50g (shop inventory)
    CLW potion x2 100g (shop inventory)
    Dagger 2g
    Barbarian chew (2) 2g

    MWK Studded leather 175g
    Studded leather 25g
    Handaxe 6g
    Earthbreaker 40g

    Total spent: 1026g spent - 246g sold = 780g

    Jeez, anything else I want?
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    Taking to the canals, Kazanto swims along the canals, blithely avoiding the oars of the gondolas. She looks over the various stalls fom the waterline, when something catches her eye.

    She pulls herself out of the water and approaches the stunned merchant. She looks over a collection of wooden spoons.

    "What are these? They're beautiful!"

    "Oh! Um, they are spoons, formed from darkwood."

    "What's a spoon?"

    "They are used for eating soup."

    The mermaid blinks. "What's soup?"

    She shakes her hands. "Never mind, all this is beautiful! Look at the curves and color of all these things!"

    "That's the darkwood, madam. It has a wonderful shimmering grain."

    She looks down at her own armor. "It puts these raggedy coconuts and palm to shame."

    "But you look rather fetching in it, nonetheless..." the merchant recovers.

    "Would you have anything more suited for adventuring?"

    "I'm afraid there isn't much call for darkwood armor, milady. But I could get you a crossbow. We also have spears."

    "Oh? That would be nice!"

    The merchant turned to fetch the merchandise, when suddenly, red light streamed out of Kazanto's eyes and mouth. Her dark hair lifted and flowed, carried on an unseen current. He returned to the mermaid, who simply stated, "龍の贈り物."

    The merchant's eyes grew wide, something becoming clear. He cleared his throat. "Milady, we may not have any darkwood armor, but there is something else, that would be well-suited just for you."

    The light dimmed from her face, her hair settled back down, and the ingenue had returned. "Oh? What might that be?"

    The merchant uncovered a chest--worn, barnacled, rusty, as if it had been salvaged from the bottom of the sea. He opened it, and pulled out a breastplate. It was not metal. The surface of the breastplate was black like char or pumice, and between the individual plates, a glow like magma. "あなたの鎧," he said.

    Kazanto stared in shock at the piece. She had no idea where it came from, or why it was here, but she understood that yes, it was hers. "Thank you..."

    Kazanto's Wish List:
    Darkwood Wooden Armor, 420 gp
    Darkwood Longspear, 395 gp
    Darkwood Heavy Crossbow, 390 gp
    Darkwood Light Crossbow, 375 gp
    Magma Dragonhide Breastplate, 700 gp

    Total: 1470 gp

    Light Crossbow, 35 gp
    Bayonet, 5 gp
    Wooden Armor, 20 gp

    Total: 60 gp

    Net spent: 1410 gp
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    Sylla comes into Arcane Row, and stops into a store to grab a few days' worth of rations. On the way out of the alley, a ripe odor assaults her nose and she stops dead in her tracks.

    "By the gods, Boots! Did you roll in something foul again!?"

    "Not me, boss." He nods over his shoulder. "It's that guy."

    Sylla notices the short, grungy barbarian who just passed them by, and she looks at him in utter disgust as he wanders happily among the stalls and merchants. "Ugh, I can't wait to get out of this damnable city. Let's get moving."
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    Quioan wanders down Arcane Row, stopping at various stalls and shops to pick up equipment as he travels.

    OOC: Mundane Equipment purchased:
    - fishhook (1 sp)
    - tindertwig (1 gp)
    - waterskin (1 gp)
    - grappling hook (1 gp)
    - 10 wandermeal rations (1 sp)
    - 2 rations (1 gp)

    In addition to these bits and bobs, he also stops at the Mystic Pearl in the hopes of obtaining two scrolls. Although he's able to find one of them, he's nevertheless disgruntled, since he had truly hoped to obtain the secret to temporary invisibility on this trip. Moving on, he begins searching for a Pearl of Power. An extra spell is always nice. Unfortunately, one of those is unable to found, as well. Grumbling over his bad luck, Quioan begins searching for a Cloak of Resistance +1. Pleased to finally succeed in a search, he dons his new cloak as he heads towards the door. Stopping at the exit, he decides to search for one final item: some cold iron arrows. Can never be too prepared...

    Picking out a set among the endless racks of clutter, Quioan pays for what should be his last purchase of the day, and heads towards the door.

    OOC: Scrolls I'm looking for:
    - Vanish (25 gp) **Not found**
    - Protection from Evil (25 gp) **Found**

    Also purchased:
    -Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000 gp)
    - 20 Arrows of cold iron (2 gp)

    Total Spent: 1031.2 gp
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    Veniarus and Kalius walk down the streets of Arcane Row. As they walk Kalius picks up a few items here and there and as he does so he pays the merchant the gold that is required of them for the items.

    OOC: Picking up the following Mundane Items:
    - 2x Trail Rations (1 gp)
    - 1x Bedroll (1 sp)
    - 1x Blanket, Common (2 sp)
    - 1x Map Making Kit (10 gp)

    Start with 46 GP, subtract 11.3 GP leaves me with 34.7 GP.

    After shopping for a while, Kalius and Veniarus make their way back towards the Dunn Wright Inn so that they can consolidate what they purchased into their gear.
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    Relic rushes into the shop panting heavily.

    "The man who was just in here, the one who bought a cloak ..."

    He catches his breath.

    "Do you have another?"

    His face falls when the shopkeeper shakes his head.

    "Bracers of Armor, perhaps? No? It's not my day is it ... um ....What about wands? A wand of Sleep perhaps?"

    Relic hands over 100 platinum pieces, and with a wave and a smile he rushes back out the door.

    OOC: Wand of Sleep: Lvl 1 Spell; 50 charges: 750 gp
    (5) Potions: CLW: 5 x 50 = 250gp
    Total 1000 gp spent

    Relic veritably glows as the shopkeeper brings him the the long, thin, elegant black wand, which he takes admiringly. It nearly jumps from his hand as as though something living inside it had jumped. He furrows his brow to read the words sculpted into the shaft in draconain.

    "Cricket! This will do nicely, sir. If I could just grab a few healing potions and I'll be off."
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    A gnomish woman rides along the street not paying too much attention to the many hawkers trying to ply their wares. She tugs the reins and the riding hound stops and the gnome hopes off and approaches the shop and enters. She makes for the weapons and looks them over..."I am looking for an axe. One for one of my stature of course."

    The proprietor nods and walks over and pulls such a weapon from behind several others, "Will this do Lady?"

    The gnome's eyes go wide, "Will it! Thank you very much." She then takes up her pack and digs out several gemstones to pass over to the man.

    Looking for...
    Mithril Battle Axe +1 (small) 3510gp (1500gp for a 3lbs weapon and 2000 for +1 enchantment)

    Sell Long sword for 15 gp
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    As Kanli strolls into the armor shop, the keeper cowers, but responds with a sarcastic, obsequious, "Oh, well, if it isn't my favorite customer, good for you to stop by again. How may I help you?"

    "I'm looking for a suit of armor. Something to go with my kilt."

    "Really now? Let us see..."

    "That! That has the wonderful silver color that goes so well with my axe!"

    "It is lovely, but it is made of rare materials..."

    "I'll buy it!" He tosses the shopkeeper a single sack of coins.

    The shopkeeper gasps and cringes, but when nothing bursts out of the sack, he picks it up and looks inside. "Why... yes, thank you, this will do nicely! Do come again."

    OOC: Purchase Mithril Breastplate for 4,200 gp.

    * * *

    Kanli then descends into the Temple of the Blood Goddess, his own private sanctuary. He turns to the altar and chants,

    "Oh, Blood Goddess, I beseech thee! My dedication to power has shifted."

    The form of the Guardian of the Blood Goddess, a shapeless apparition of force, appears. "Yes, what is it? Are you not wishing for the gifts of the Blood Goddess any longer?"

    "I serve Her Sanguine Majesty still, nothing has changed there."

    "What, then?

    "The time of the Granite Hierophant may rise again, I fear, and his clockwork servitors bequeathed by the Dissember of Shape may march upon Venza."

    "What the...? There is no Granite Hierophant--whatever. Can you make a donation?"

    "A sizable one, of coin, yes."

    "Fine, place your holy symbol on the altar. Along with your money."

    With confused reverence, Kanli places his objects in the bowl on the altar, and starts chanting unintelligibly. The bowl fills with blood, smolders, and then drains. The garnet amulet appears, unchanged.

    "The symbol now warns you of any constructs that may approach. That might be of some use to you. Now get out."

    OOC: Sell Pearl of Power for 1,000 gp
    Spend an additional 1,500 gp
    Purchase a Golembane Scarab for 2,500 gp.
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