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    The shiny bauble that Krad picked up is listed on his wiki character sheet as the Hand of the Mage that was on the first post.

    Please list in your post whenever you buy something so it is easy to keep up with the inventory.

    And kudos for not having your gold just sitting around when you can sell something back for full price. Hope it comes in handy.

    Also added are the small MW chain shirt from Zelena and the MW Greatsword from Borric.

    Inventory is up to date as of today.

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    Ausk steps in purposefully, with definite items in mind. He starts with the armor rack, eyeing the breastplates longingly, but knowing his purse is not up to what he would like there, he stops by the chain shirts, looking for a mithral version. He finds one rather quickly, so he moves on the wand section, where after some searching he comes up with a wand of CLW. His last stop is the spear rack. He has trouble finding a well made longspear on the nearly empty racks until a clerk comes out with a new batch to restock them. The fresh batch has one with a good solid shaft and sharp point. Ausk almost grabs it when he sees a darkwood spear, which he takes instead to lighten his load. At the counter, a set of Muleback Cords is being displayed, so Ausk picks up those as well a potion of invisibility displayed there. After paying for his purchases and getting rid of his old armor, he heads out once more to see if he can't make a certain half fiend pay for old wounds.

    OOC: Selling:
    Leather Armor - 10 gp

    Mithral Chain Shirt - 1100
    Wand of CLW - 750
    Darkwood Longspear - 395
    Muleback Cords - 1000
    Potion of Invisibility - 300

    Total Cost : 3545
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    Pari steps lively into the Mystic Pearl, Tagaiwi slinking in at his heels. First looking to rid himself of some excess baggage, the little Gnome quickly sells his shield and war-hammer.

    High on his list is a magical longbow, but alas, such is not to be found . . . at least not in his size. Plenty to be had sized for the big folk, but none for Gnomes. He does spot a beautifully balanced darkwood bow; he takes it carefully down from the rack and gazes admiringly at it. Looks a little out of my weight class, though . . . However, he surprises himself as he braces one end against his instep, pushes his thigh against the grip and strings it quickly. Hmmm. All that traipsing around I've been doing recently must have put some muscle on me!

    Next he goes looking for magical ammo for his new acquisition, but that's not to be had either. Now for something to round out my armory. That war hammer was nice, and it was good to have the shield as an option but it was just too slow to put on and off. He finds himself a massive hammer that is nevertheless very well balanced and picks it up too. As he's leaving the weapons section, his eyes light on an intricately carved scythe. He takes the beautiful weapon down and runs his hands lovingly over the lifelike vines and leaves, noting the tiny fae faces peeking from behind the foliage. Without further hesitation, he adds that to his collection as well.

    He makes his way back to the counter and deposits his new armory on the bar before unloading his old scythe.

    Finally, he goes searching in the oils and potions aisles, and returns triumphant with two small vials of viscous green liquid.

    OOC: Looks like Pari's destined not to have a magic weapon right now . . . just a cheap substitute.
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    OOC: You could always commission one.

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    OOC: Yep, and I will (eventually). I just don't have enough time RL before the next segment of pm's game starts. He's starting us up on the 26th, but adding a +1 to any of Pari's weapons will take until the 28th.

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    OOC: You will have time. I doubt you will run into your next combat encounter before you would have an opportunity to go and pick it up. This break is meant for you guys to do such a thing.

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    OOC: Fair enough . . .

    The Gnome is almost to the door when he pauses and looks around consideringly. He comes to a decision, and turns back to the man at the counter and places his new bow gently on the desk. "I'd like to have this enchanted, if you please. Just a minor magical boost to accuracy and damage will do for now." He digs in his pouch, bringing out a couple of gems and several pieces of platinum. "This should cover the costs, I think."

    OOC: Commission a +1 Enhancement to the Darkwood Composite Longbow.

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    A human with a thick accent of the northern baronies walks in. He sees Ausk and greets him in a friendly tone, pats him on the shoulder and moves directly to where the scrolls are.

    purchase Scroll of See Invisibility (150 gp) see post 1

    He sees an odd looking orange fur rug and is about to touch it when he spots Pari. he stops and stands quickly when he realizes it is a live tiger and wishes not to disturb the large feline. he waves with a smile that is oozing of mischief at Pari

    He gores back to the scrolls and searches them, only to finish with a shake of his head and a grunt, then searches some more, only to stop with a sigh. He pays for the one scroll he did find.

    he turns to leave and his head smacks in a backpack that he instantly recognizes, "Vas ist das .. .. .. ACH! I take das haferzahk!"
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    Garnet Sharnhearth strides into the shop. She threads her way through the racks of armor, weapons and exotic goods, moving purposefully to a back room.

    An aged Dwarf, lounging comfortably in an old chair, gives Garnet an approving nod as she enters. Venza may pride itself on being able to provide anything for anyone, but this room holds goods made by Dwarven hands for Dwarven use.

    "Can you enchant this?" Asks Garnet, holding out her axe without preamble.

    OOC: Looking to buy a +1 Dwarven waraxe. Storywise, will count as an upgrade of the axe she is carrying, which she made herself.

    "Aye," replies the craftsman. "'Tis well made, and I have the materials ready. 'Twill take little time." The dwarf makes his way into another space, while Garnet peruses the Dwarven armor. She is looking for a suit of full plate mail and a high quality spiked shield to replace the one strapped to her back.

    OOC: Looking for masterwork full plate and a masterwork spiked quickdraw light steel shield. Masterwork should be applied twice, once for the spike (attk bonus) and once for the shield (reduce AC penalty).

    She finds a well-crafted suit of armor, and a shield that will fit well in her harness.

    She is about to stop, when she recalls the fight with the half-fiend. The spear was useful, she realizes. She cannot afford to keep the enchanted longspear, not when it would mean leaving her axe unchanged. But perhaps she should hedge her bet.

    OOC: Looking for Oil of Magic Weapon

    She checks the potion racks, and is at first dismayed to find the space where the vial should be to be empty. But then she notices a vial that has slipped into the wrong rack. Sure enough, it is the potion she sought! She also searches for a curative potion.

    The old Dwarf returns, her newly enchanted weapon gleaming in his hands. Garnet's Dwarven nature causes her to hesitate as she begins to hand over the large sack of gold for her purchases, but she faces a tough enemy and knows she must be fully prepared.
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    Available items updated as of June 23, 2011, as a result of recent sales.

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