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    The lore bard performs very well. I recommend him over the valor bard. Ac and a slightly better attack is just not worth it IMO.

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    I like the Lore Bard a lot more. One, he feels more Bard-y to me from a fluff perspective (so, whatevs, ymmv) but I like the role of the Lore Bard as a skill monkey, party face, and buff master. The Valor Bard isn't good enough at combat for me to want to trade in all the Lore goodies, especially Magical Secrets. The College of Swords from XGE would be my pick if you wanted a fighty Bard, although I like Lore better than either.

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    Treantmonk does a great build for a Valor Bard:

    Three parts:

    Part One:

    Part Two:

    Part Three:

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