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    Aremus nodded, "I seem a tad shakey. Let us find a spot to sit and see if the feeling passes."

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    Fistan watched helplessly as the dragons' breath nearly killed everyone near it. He was dimly aware of the consequences of what the giant was doing but watched with some detachment.

    He recovered quickly enough once he's teleported to - somewhere - and quickly set about helping those that were unconscious. Fortunately no one was dead.

    While Ordar carries out his ritual on the floor and wall, Fistan looked around the room, looking for a way to let Rillix out to explore the area.

    "There are eight giants up above and I suggest we remain unseen as long as possible or at least until we find out where we are. Lets find an empty room to hide."said Ordrar.

    "I don't much like those odds!"
    muttered Fistan in reply. "We'd best find out what we can before we encounter anyone here. I've sent Rillix to explore and get some more information." His eyes glaze over for a moment while he looks through Rillix.
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    Round 0

    Moradins balls, Dren groaned as he came to consciousness, smelling of scorched flesh. Hed been partially healed, but there were still areas of blackened skin and burned hair and beard.

    Ye need me t sneak aroon? Dren offered as he pulled himself up off the floor.

    OOC: And I just realized as a monk I have Evasion, so I should only have taken half damage from that lightning breath. That would put me at maybe 40 hp after the healing and leveling? Ill let the GM make the call on that. Sorry!


    Dren Rockfist Character Sheet
    Action (Extra Attack):
    Bonus Action:
    Reaction: Deflect Missiles, Opportunity Attack, or Slow Fall
    Object Interaction:
    Abilities to remember:

    • Fangs of Fire Snake (10 reach)
    • Elemental Attunement (Minor effects)
    • Gong of the Summit (Shatter)
    • Deflect Missiles
    • Slow Fall (5xL)
    • Stunning Strike
    • Unarmed strikes count as magical
    • Evasion (Dex saves, half damage on fail; no damage on success)
    • Stillness of Mind (Action: remove one charmed or frightened condition)


    AC: 16
    HP: 15/67 HD: 8/8d8+2
    Ki: 4/8/R

    Party Treasure


    Tranio - half-elf death cleric
    Fistan - human wizard
    Dren - dwarf monk
    Bethany - human fighter
    Aremus - half-elf paladin
    Ordrar - dwarf eldritch knight

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    "Lets keep together, we cannot stay here, we'll be spotted if someone comes and sneaking around will help only if you don't have to pass the same way three times, once to find it, second to bring us news about it and third time again as a group." Ordrar nods to Dren "Brave offer, but we could need all of us just to survive this. Then again, we may be in a friendly fort, we just don't know it yet. If someone challenges us, we say that Harshnag sent us. If he's known as friend here we avoid fighting and if not, we're in no worse condition."

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    "I agree we should stick together but Rillix can scout ahead without attracting too much attention and doesn't need to come back to tell us what lies ahead."

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    [last spellslots can be used for healing if anyone asks. I think we've got everyone conscious, but speak if you need more.]

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    Aremus thanked Tranio for the offer but said, "Save it for later, my friend. We may need you to pull us from death's door."

    He brushed his shoulders and strapped his shield to his arm, taking the time to lay some healing magic of his own where his skin still stung from the black marks where the lighting had entered his body.

    OOC: I'll Lay-on-Hands, keeping 10/40 for later. Aremus is at 50/68 HP. Should do it for now.

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