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The initial game where this rules engine came into being is Dragon Age (the TTRPG adaptation of the CRPG).

Much later the IP specific details were stripped out and a generic Fantasy AGE product was published.

However, with the exception of M&M, and Freeport, Green Ronin is notorious for abandoning properties as soon as the easy initial sales are done.

(It doesn't take a genius to explain why you haven't heard of AGE before - there's simply no support. Of course the engine languishes in obscurity!)
GR also has limited licenses in many cases. DC Adventures on last so long, they can't even sell the PDFs any more due to license agreement.

AGE is good though, its they home grown system and they use it for a bunch of stuff. That said, licensed adventures aren't really going to make money for most companies, especially since GR's has what four full time staff and uses a pretty consistent pool of freelancers.