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    Quote Originally Posted by R_Chance View Post
    That's the Mongoose edition of Traveller. On their front page Studio2 has a "client list" (presumably companies whose games they carry) and it's pretty extensive. Mongoose is on it.
    Ah, I see. Thanks for the clarification.

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    Quote Originally Posted by eyeheartawk View Post
    Miniature Market is saying they are getting it through Studio 2 now? https://twitter.com/MiniMartTalk/sta...85145623801857

    And lo and behold Studio 2 has a storefront for it: https://studio2publishing.com/collec...rath-glory-rpg

    Perhaps Ulisses couldn't support it any longer and transferred it?
    Studio2 provides printing / publishing services to a lot of RPG companies (as I mentioned two posts above this in reference to Traveller, see their Client List on the front page).

    Oddly enough Ulisses Spiel is on Studio2's Client List. Maybe they were printing it for them previously?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eyeheartawk View Post
    My understanding was that PDFs you bought would remain in your library regardless if they got pulled from the marketplace or not. If that's not the case I would contact DTRPG support.
    DTRPG has had to takedown items from time to time.

    THey pulled down ALL the D&D stuff I'd bought when 4E launched. It reappeared last year.

    Publishers can pull product at either level (no longer for sale, no longer downloadable).

    Also... I hope C7 does a better presentation job than Ulisses did.

    One other thing: Many licensed games become property of the IP holder the moment published. Star Wars, for example. FFG doesn't own the copyrights, Disney does. FASA Star Trek was published as Paramount's copyright. Most of the GW derivatives were published under GW's copyright. Even Warhammer FRP 2E and 4E. Firefly RPG is published as copyright TCF, not MWP.

    It's interesting to note that both MWP and Eden Studios havn't had to remove the PDFs from point of sale, nor even stop updating them, after the end of their TCF licenses. They did stop producing new product, and dead tree... I suspect TCF may see the residuals as better than nothing until a new licensee wants to touch it.
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