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    Monster/racial classes. Racial paragon classes.

    Vestige pact magic and martial adepts (Tome Battle: Book of Nine Swords).

    All "true" dragons (dragons with age categories). Age categories for lord vampires and mummies.

    Favored soul and psionic ardent to create characters with a hate-love relation with the rest of divine spellcasters.

    Primal power for druids, rangers, shamans and company.

    Urban druid.

    Totemist from magic of incarnum.
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    "My favorite part of DMing is making whatever interests the characters important. Or at least seem important." - James Wyatt

    Unconquered Kingdoms, Obsidian Portal July 2016 Campaign of the Month
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    Nothign to see here

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    Quote Originally Posted by DM Dave1 View Post
    From AD&D: My Youth

    Everything from the Basic Set through the first AD&D Unearthed Arcana. Good times.
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    Over the top, unbalanced spells.... Yes, they were broken, but they were more FUN.

    I'd love to see an unbalanced 5E fused with 2E craziness... and 3E's ability to make anything a PC race.

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    It's definitely missing the hours i'd spend on leveling up my character and planning out her lifetime build in between play sessions.
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    Gnome Paladin theocracies.

    More diverse settings.

    It's a bit to easy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stalker0 View Post
    3e charge. Its probably the common rule my players forget is not in 5e
    Yeah I just looked this up the other night while playing AL. I was rather surprised it wasn't in the game, especially when there are monsters (I'm looking at you Skeletal Minotaur) that have "charge" as a special ability. I mean, there are reasons you don't need charge anymore, you can now move and attack all you want. Sure, you can't double your movement unless you're a Rogue or Monk with Dash as a bonus action. The lack of Charge, but the ability to move freely and make all your attacks is a bit of a tossup for fighter-types.

    --------- Anyway------------
    I miss 3.5 templates. They were terribly balanced and they're not difficult to create, but I really liked being able to grab a template and slap it on a PC or NPC to make them more interesting. There are some limited examples in 5E (were-creatures), but they just feel lacking.

    Also: 5E monster design. I feel like 5E monsters are this weird middle ground between 4E and 3.X that just...doesn't satisfy either. They either seem bland and generic and needing of feats, classes and "stuff" (dragons in particular) or they seem like they're trying to build a monster that mimics a class, but without the class features (most of the humanoid enemies). Why not just make humanoid enemies have classes? And "special" creatures have "special" abilities? I don't like whatever middle ground 5E is walking here.

    Also also: Delay. This should be just a standard rule in RPGs everywhere. If you don't want to take your turn yet, or aren't ready to take your turn, or whatever other reason, you should explicitly have that option. Forcing people to act on their "turn" doesn't really strike me as something the DM really needs to be burdened with enforcing.

    Also also also: An Index that MAKES BLOODY SENSE! I hate the 5E index! It's horrifying to try to look anything up. It really doesn't help that related rules are often scattered around the book.
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    I don't actually miss the insane weight of books and subsystems that came with 3rd ed, not in retrospect anyway, but I do kind of miss the unbridled sense of possibility that came with them. That's as much because there was no internet as anything else though - now everything is gamed out and posted about ad nauseum within days or weeks of release, whether it's a 5e supplement or the newest 40K codex. That said, given the choice I'll take netlisting every time at this point. I'm no longer a young man with nothing but spare time to pour over books looking for the best builds and combos, nor the time to play in three campaigns at once and learn that way.

    Those were the days though - hashing out what we thought of that new Dark Sun campaign setting while playing Alpha Edition MtG in between games of the brand new 4th Ed Warhammer Fantasy.

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