WOIN Elements of Magic, Range?
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    Elements of Magic, Range?

    Yo, I'm still here

    It's another Drekin question

    When using the advanced magic rules found in the Elements of Magic chapter, is the range supposed to be range increment or total range?
    If it's increments, does overreaching the range then give you penalty to the cast check or attack roll?

    Please advise

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    The range of a spell is the maximum distance at which it can be cast. It's not a range increment like weapons.

    Note that the term "range increment" occurs only in reference to ranged weapons, and the weapon tables list this property under the heading "Range Inc" not "Range". On the other hand, the magic chapter only mentions "range", never "range increment".

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    Yup, its a max range. Spells dont have increments.

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