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    5E Anybody Seen/Played Frog God's Tegel Manor?

    As I understand it, per their licensing agreement with Frog God, all the money Judges Guild gets from Tegel Manor goes towards meeting their commitments on the City State of the Invincible Overlord kickstarter (which is currently 5 years late). How that's working out in practice I have no...
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    5E Anybody Seen/Played Frog God's Tegel Manor?

    Gabor Lux has also published his own take on the haunted house, Castle Xyntillan. It's for Swords & Wizardry, rather than 5th edition, however.
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    On Magic Users and Darts: What's Up With That?

    Ah, the innocence of youth. We used to let clerics use the lucerne hammer (it's a hammer, of course clerics can use it!) and (when playing Call of Cthulhu) assumed you could put a 20mm cannon in your pocket (it's tiny!)
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    The New D&D Book Is 'The Explorer's Guide to [Critical Role's] Wildemount!' By Matt Mercer

    Not always. They produced a couple of boxed sets for AD&D 2nd edition and changed a few things e.g. the Grand Duke started calling himself King. (Of course, changes, contradictions and ret-cons are business-as-usual for Mystara.)
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    5E Scenarios in a Drow City

    Paizo's (3.5 edition) adventure Endless Night is set in a Drow city. (Part 4 of the Second Darkness adventure path.) The PCs tasks are mostly very campaign specific, but did include: *a drider hunt; however I'm not sure how that would fit in 5e - I seem to remember D&D drider lore was changed...
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    Why 3.5 Worked

    For something like Pathfinder, where there is a ton of material available with a click of the mouse, I find it difficult to get "group buy-in" (for want of a better term) to the concept of restricting things. Even restrictions that are self-evident to me have to be justified by argument, with...
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    Why 3.5 Worked

    Not me, I'm a compulsive multi-classer, so that rule wouldn't suit me at all. What was the reason for that rule? None of my multi-classed monstrosities are anywhere near as powerful as most single-classed characters would be, and if simplicity is the aim I'd ban prestige classes as well.
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    Why 3.5 Worked

    Yes, it did. It's still a dodge bonus, so do you still notice it sometimes i.e. when you don't get it.
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    PF Your experiences with "Skull & Shackles"

    Just echoing this. The Paizo forums' GM threads are extremely useful for GMs planning to run adventure paths. (Massive spoilers for players, obviously.) I find they do an excellent job of identifying potential problems in advance, which gives me plenty of time to do something about them. You...
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    Is Pathfinder 2 Paizo's 4E?

    Ok, let's be less generic. It seems to me to be staggeringly unlikely that Paizo staff did not even look at the current version of Dungeons and Dragons. Why on earth would I want to do that? I'm perfectly happy to take your word for it.
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    Looking for Campaigns for 14+ level PCs

    I thought one of the advantages of the bounded accuracy approach was that you could use (say) 12 CR 3 monsters to challenge a high level party. A band of CR 3 monsters doesn't need a world-shaking agenda (although they will presumably be doing more than stealing cows). I've no idea if it works...
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    Is Pathfinder 2 Paizo's 4E?

    It seems staggeringly unlikely to me that professional game designers who specialise in d20 products did not even look at the current version of Dungeons and Dragons. I appreciate that you find it difficult to comprehend how Paizo could look at the same situation as you did and not come to the...
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    Unpopular Opinion: People Shouldn't Review Adventures They Haven't Run

    Now you've got me wondering how I could run MotDS in an Eberron campaign, and actually get some use out of the darn thing, so thank you.
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    5E What's to Like about Eberron?

    That's how I feel as well, although in my case I'm not sure the extent to which I am biased by how much I appreciate Keith's sheer enthusiasm for the setting. Having said that, the lack of an overriding canon is one of my favourite parts of the setting. I change stuff all the time, and none of...
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    Unpopular Opinion: People Shouldn't Review Adventures They Haven't Run

    There's a place for all sorts of reviews. If people only reviewed what they had run, there'd be far less reviews. And the tenfootpole review site would not exist, which would make me sad (or not, I suppose, since I wouldn't know about it anyway). To take an extreme example, there's no way I'm...