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    Superhero RPG(V&V) Mt Holly Nj Mondays 6:30-9:00 PM

    Hey Looking for 1 or 2 regular players,game is Apokalptic JLA using heavily modified Villians and Vigalanties V2.0 Game runs in 1 to 4 month story ARCs,Very heavy combat orianted game.Lots of Iconic JLA members to pick from to play including Superman,Batman,Green Arrow(or Arrow) and Wonder...
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    101 Simple Epic Encounters

    1)Epic Basilisk Attacks from ambush players start turning to stone immediatly,on a roll of 5-6 on D6 they can do something,at 1/2 speed,later in the encounter the roll becomes only on a 6
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    D&D 4E WotC this is something you absolutely cannot screw up in 5E like you screwed up in 4E

    Wow,we geeks will argue about ANYTHING for 10 pages!
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    One thing I'd like to thank 4th for

    I DMed 4th for 2-3 years,and when I got to the higher levels it was brutal.Balancing my min-maxed PCs at 27th was a chore.I spent a LOT more time prepping for games to get the balance right.I never quite achived this. But now I am a much better DM for the experiance! I'm now spending a lot of...
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    Here's another set of homebrew rules

    Check em out , let me know what you think https://docs.google.com/document/d/12FlD7jjyKf9lXOKCL8aLo7Vdnv5iyTpphNOo7YiONeQ/edit Old school w/ some modern elements,for low level play
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    My game is 31 years old about now!

    So I know I post this every year but dang nabbit I think I got something to crow about! Still have 2 original payers,I newb whos been playing about 25 yrs and a few youngsters!I wish I was 1/2 this good at the rest of my life.Maybe you can only do one thing reall well. DO NOT EP ME FOR THIS,Ive...
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    so I cant acess my subscibed threads.....

    Ok so Im assuming that I cant get into my subscribed threads any more because Im not a donor(not a complaint but a guess) My question is if I become a donor,will I be able to get into my old subscribed threads
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    I think you peeps are not thinking about+n swords properly!

    every body is discussing this from a math/DM perspective-it should be thought of from a player perspective,and from that perspective they should be there but the reaction should be"Finally I got a PLUS 1 SWORD! Yea Im great,Im awesome!"
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    1001 New uses for hero points

    Ok the way I use Hero points is Ive made a stack of cards w/ a bunch of different abilities and hand them out,I dont use RAW,so lets come up w/ a lot of creative ways to use hero points-remember these are not automaticly available and should be given out and then put back in the 'deck' 1)Make...
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    (Ok,my life kinda sucks right now,so indulge me my little victories) Yea Im 10 th level on En World w/ less than 400 posts! You people like me,you really like me!(Wheres that quote from?[old timers only])
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    Save Me 5TH !

    Ok,Im not happy with any of my gaming options. I ran 4th through L 25,so I gave it a good try,and felt the flaws out wieghed the very good things about it. Im playing Pathfinder now and Im not overly happy about that either, Im just not comfortable with how powerful the 1st l chars are. I really...
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    The Dragon in PRINT!

    I want my Dragon back,I dont want it online,Idont want PDFs I want a real printed copy!
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    1000 page PHB

    Ok if I included all the ideas here I liked the PHB would be like 1000 pages. Is that what we want-One book to rule them all?
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    Does anybody else miss 1st L Characters

    It seems that every incarnation of what we play is full of power creep.I'd like to see real true 1st L chars again 4th has them w/ as much as 40 HP, Pathfinder has them dealing huge amounts of damage.How often is ANY char made that does not have at least 1 18.When I had decided on switching away...
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    Swords,Maces n stuff

    Ok I know this would add a layer of complexity to 5e but let me throw this out there-- What if weopon groups each had some reason to use them for example: Swords +1 to hit Maces -some kind of bonus verses metal armour Axes-highest damage spears-best criticals I know it will never happen but I...