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    General D&D Movie Moves Forward With Deal With Former Marvel Exec Jeremy Latcham

    Interesting theory on potential casting.
  2. Badvoc

    WotC Which releases do you own?

    The only physical book on the list I don't own (or have on order) is the Acquisitions Inc one. The core concept of that book is hugely unappealing to me.
  3. Badvoc

    Critical Role PSA: You are not Matt Mercer

    I am not Matt Mercer, but my hair is starting to resemble his thanks to lockdown (only far less glorious, sadly).
  4. Badvoc

    2020 Pogre's Miniatures and Models - Undead Minotaur Reaper Black Bones

    I'm busy printing a some ruined versions of the same houses. Yours looks great. Figured I could use them for D&D (Thundertree?) as well as Frostgrave.
  5. Badvoc

    5E Which three topics do you most want to receive official (WotC) treatment?

    FR Campaign Setting book or boxed set. Manual of the Planes A new book focused on kingdom / stronghold building and ongoing play, together with some new mass battle rules.
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    Annual RPG and Games Budget?

    I don't have any other particularly expensive hobbies so don't set a budget limit for games and spend a fair amount across the year on RPGs, boardgames, minis, terrain, convention attendance and the like. The restricting factor is more to do with how many unpainted minis and unplayed games are...
  7. Badvoc

    Anybody care for an alternative to World of Darkness?

    Prior to the White Wolf games, we used to play Nightlife. I remember enjoying it at the time, but I'm not sure how well it would hold up now if I was to revisit it. Another (more current) option is Liminal.
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    5E Would you let your player choose their magic items they get?

    Oh I like this. I'm runnning LMoP right now and think I'll add a similar reward to boost the lacklustre climax.
  9. Badvoc

    5E Would you let your player choose their magic items they get?

    But if I let them pick, how on earth would I screw them over by doling out cursed items... :unsure: ;)
  10. Badvoc

    Onward: A D&D Movie for Kids

    I'd read some mixed reviews, but watched this with the family yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I may be biased as there are so many nods to TTRPGs and fantasy tropes in general, but that aside, I though it was another quality effort from Pixar.
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    General Comic Relief Plays D&D

    The phrase "herding cats" springs to mind...
  12. Badvoc

    General Dyson Logos style digital “pen”

    That's amazing. I want.
  13. Badvoc

    General Comic Relief Plays D&D

    Absolutely agreed. If there's any comparative lack of success in the UK then that has to be, at least partly, due to the absence of any meaningful community engagement over here. WOTC's convention attendance is surprisingly limited given their market share. Gencon and Origins are noticeably...
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    D&D Adventure Generator Using Talisman the Board Game

    Man, I love Talisman. Objectively it's not the greatest boardgame, but there's just something about the sheer randomness of it that makes for fun stories. It greatly benefits from some house rules to speed up play though. Interesting idea to use the cards for inspiration for adventure and...
  15. Badvoc

    General Joe Manganiello's D&D Campaign Includes a Game of Thrones Creator & Vince Vaughn

    Lots of assumptions being made in this thread. Joe's home game has certainly included both male and female gamers - as mentioned by his wife: It's good to see the hobby get positive press. Celebs playing D&D is no longer a new thing, but it's cool to see details of some famous faces playing...