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  1. Bihor

    Trailblazing other classes

    I was wandering if any body try to adapt other classes to the level of those in trailblazer? the Complete books or the PH2 I know they are not SRD but it mite be fun to see them.
  2. Bihor

    Combining spell à la counterspell

    Combining spell à la counterspell When you try to counterspell you cast the same spell as your enemy , but if the caster work togeter why is there nothing. Some month ago I remember there was a thread about how counter spell could be improved in TB. I was wandering if there was going to be...
  3. Bihor

    4E Dump Stats in 4e?

    The reason why dump stat exist is because youe not penalysed for low score. there should be a pelnalty for them or lessen the penalty for the other.
  4. Bihor

    Looking for the fey

    Hi all. This summer I was following the thread about fey from BOZ I think the Title was: Fey By pool I wonder if they where ever finished, and where can I found them, whe're they publish in Dragon? They where realy cool.
  5. Bihor

    How to make a mage duel interesting?

    I was thinking the other day to make 9th level PC ingage in a mage duel, and I was looking at the spells in all my books and as I see it a duel can be very fast. So any body done a mage duel that didn't last 1 round? I was thinking of doing a small optacle course, that the contestant pass with...
  6. Bihor

    Book of Fiends-Qlippoth and demon

    I all, I'm trying to incorporate the material from the Book of Fiends into my campaign, and I'm wanderring where the qlippoth stand if your using the tanar'ri demons. Are the qlippoth demons like the tanar'ri or evil outsider like the demons? In the MM there's no demon subtype, only tanar'ri...
  7. Bihor

    HoHF: halfling craft (lashworking)

    In the HoHF: Halfling there's a new craft skill (lashworkin) There is no price attach to the items that can be made. I know it's no possible to sell any of those items but we need the price to approximate the creation time. I notise that noboby ever asked that, am I the only one who think it's...
  8. Bihor

    Looking for good adventures

    I every body! I'm looking for good adventures, can any body redircte me to a old thread or you could give name if your not tored of ansering this old question. Thanks
  9. Bihor

    Starting packages for PCs and NPCs

    I every body. I got the KoK player’s Guide and the villain Desing Handbook and I realy like the fighting schools, career paths, independent organizations section. It realy helps to create quick NPCs or ease the character creation for new players. Is there other book that have those? Not...
  10. Bihor

    Higher Racial Ability

    With all the discution of the elf racial substitution level for wizard, in RotW, and that the elf is not a good wizard, it got me thinking. Most of the rases are renouwn to have a good good ability score, Dwarf have a good Con, Halfling a good Dex, all to help with there Favorit class. But...
  11. Bihor

    Accessory books that don't support themself or the core books

    A question poped in my mind when I read BoED for the fist time. I noticed at the end of the book a small sidebar that expanded the summon monster list. Why no other books expan things like that. Almost all the monster books have outsiders and animas to summon. The only other book that did...
  12. Bihor

    Why So many Wu jen only spell

    I was looking at the spells in the Complete Arcane and I notise that almost half of the new (well new and recycled) spells where for Wu jen exclusively. They seem to be perfectly good spell for Sor/Wiz list.
  13. Bihor

    cold spell in a cold land... why?

    I was looking at the reviews of frostburn, and I was wandering why have spells, feats, and magic items that do cold damage in a cold region? All monster and people have some kind of protection against cold. Should't people try to find spell with fire to make double damage or some thing like that?
  14. Bihor

    Sorcerer Fix the opposite

    After reading the Sorcerer Fix from Khaalis. Changing the game rules information of the sorcerer to match the description of the class. I was wandering if some one as do the opposite. Changing the description to match the rules.
  15. Bihor

    A better aid when your are realy good

    I was wandering if I'm the only one that think the aid another should be more effective when you get a good roll. Like a +3 when you roll a 20 or +4 when a 25. because it's only usefull at low level, at higher level you hame better chance if the two character roll individualy.