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  1. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E WotC to increase releases per year?

    Reply to Opening Post. If they are going to increase the number of books released, I just hope they get a Wanderer’s Guide to Athas out by the end of next year at the latest.
  2. Bitbrain

    D&D General Let's Workshop Some Setting Elements

    Reply to OP. Brass dragons disguise themselves as outdated (but still useful) clockwork machinery. That clockwork dragon in the corner of a gnome’s workshop? Might not actually be a machine at all...
  3. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E Single race party?

    Currently playing in an all half-orc party. It’s been a lot of fun. As far as the campaign goes, the guy DMing started exploring his own genealogy tree not too long ago, and decided to create a quasi-historical (medieval/early renaissance) campaign based on the area his family came from. With...
  4. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E Boosting Sorcerers, Focus: Fun (+thread)

    My opinion, after some months of thinking about this: 1st Font of Magic At 2nd level, you tap into a deep wellspring of magic within yourself. This wellspring is represented by metamagic, which allows you to twist your spells to suit your needs. You gain access to a number of metamagic options...
  5. Bitbrain

    D&D General The D&D Monster I have never used (or faced) and probably never will.

    Quite a few actually, but I suppose the most well-known is probably the Illithid/Mind Flayer. I’ve never run a combat encounter with one, and am unlikely to ever do so. That said, I have used them for social interactions with the PCs, mostly because I have this weird idea about making the...
  6. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E What is the appeal of the weird fantasy races?

    Umm... my maternal grandmother refused to buy me the first Harry Potter book in 1999 after I told her I wanted it for Christmas. Among other things, she claimed that Dumbledore was the gayest name she’d ever heard of, and wasn’t going to get me a book featuring “all that kind of stuff”. FYI...
  7. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E WotC On Tasha, Race, Alignment: A Several-Year Plan

    You mean like what my mom has been saying ever since me and my dad joined my old group nearly 8 years ago? I’m not making this up.
  8. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E What is the appeal of the weird fantasy races?

    I’m on the autistic spectrum. I don’t really think or behave in a similar fashion to other humans I know in real life, so why would I ever want to play a human at the game table? Very true. Unfortunately, the only Fantasy the other two DMs in my group care for is Tolkien.
  9. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E Most Humiliating Way To Go

    Pathfinder, Wizard. I dumped a barrel of what I thought was salt onto a gargantuan slug-creature. It wasn’t. Much fun was had next campaign when our party learned my (deceased) wizard had accidentally created a new species of monstrosity: the huge Quickslug.
  10. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E Post Apoc 5e settings?

    Officially, Eberron. Especially if you focus on and around the Mournland. From 3rd Party, The Scarred Lands. I would describe it as a Bronze Age Post-Apocalypse fantasy.
  11. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E Where in FR do you want the next big adventure book to go?

    Lantan. Have the first half be on the Material Plane, and then the second half of the adventure take place either in Wildspace or on the Astral Plane.
  12. Bitbrain

    D&D General Mystra vs. Mystara

    The Nucleus of the Spheres will probably start running at peak efficiency, draining Mystra of her concentrated magic, instead of filtering out the diluted magic of Mystara. On the other hand, I expect individuals who channel the Radiance would start looking like Derek Powers from Batman Beyond...
  13. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E Corellon, the Elven Schism and Manichaeism

    In my homebrew “meta-setting”, Corellon was a primordial who was killed by the god Gruumsh during the Dawn War. Elves arose from Corellon’s blood, but the drow are simply one of the four original elven ethnic groups. As for Lolth, she has nothing to do with their actual origin, and is only...
  14. Bitbrain

    D&D General Island of science experiments

    The island was once home to a demiplane-hopping civilization. One archmage is exploring the different planar gates and creating a map of the different pocket dimensions.
  15. Bitbrain

    D&D 5E Fantasy Grounds Previews of Tasha's Cauldron

    Not gonna lie, those hypothetical sub-class names sound AWESOME!