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    Come for another visit soon! - Gary

    Blog post about a letter from Gygax to Arneson in 1973. https://www.secretsofblackmoor.com/blog/come-for-another-visit-soon-gary
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    5E All weapons doing d6?

    Exactly! It's 1d6 for everything. I run 3 LBBs D&D. I do massive dungeon crawls in the traditional way. No minis. Just verbal and imagination. If all you look at is the damage value, you won't understand how OD&D is designed for abstraction and elegance. I did a big analysis of how OD&D...
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    Old timers?

    I don't know about this site and how old it is. I hate to admit I'm old. I've been playing D&D on computer since this game.
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    Critical Role PSA: You are not Matt Mercer

    I have no idea what anyone is saying. I play OD&D. :p In my games inspiration isn't a die roll, it comes from caffeine. Who is this Merc Marcer whipper snapper? Where's my hearing aide? Character Death is Good!
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    Free Secrets of Blackmoor: The True History Of Dungeons & Dragons Watch It Now online

    The entire 2+ hour documentary feature can be seen online. 🌟We are offering a deal on T-shirts, watch the movie free now and get the T-shirt later, in our store: https://store.secretsofblackmoor.com/ 🌟Watch on our website: https://www.secretsofblackmoor.com/ 🌟Watch on Amazon...
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    TSR The Dueling Essays of Arneson & Gygax

    Having watched hour upon hour of Dave Arneson videos, I will tell you that people take him way too literally. He is often being quite ironic. Gail Gaylord typed all of the drafts Arneson was sending to Gygax. Hence Arneson always saying " I never typed a word of D&D." It was a jab at Gary and...
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    TSR The Dueling Essays of Arneson & Gygax

    The blow back on Årneson is what prompted our documentary. As we made it we had choices to make on how to present the story of RPG. Thus, Gygax is included in the film. We chose to remove drama. Yes, we mention it, but quite frankly, it is still like seeing two people you like get divorced and...
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    Vimeo On Demand - Secrets of Blackmoor: The True History of Dungeons & Dragons

    The entire documentary film is available through Vimeo on demand starting at $5.95 Watch the trailer or rent the movie here: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/sobfinal
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    TSR Gary’s Immersion in Castle El Raja Key: The Four-Way Footsteps

    Hey Rob, Awesome story. More and more I am a huge advocate for the original game and methodology. Many years of fiddling with this and that rule, all in order to somehow capture more of the essence of reality? The more rules people fill their heads with the farther they get from the active...
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    General D&D doesn't need a movie! Make a Boardway show instead!

    My Co director is the original Cow Bell player. I want to sign him up for it. He's pretty good in a musical.
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    TSR Rob Kuntz Recounts The Origins Of D&D

    Rob, I am looking forward to your return to Good Old U.S. of A. Wherever you decide to reside, i will make a point of coming to visit. So much stuff to speak about in terms of Game Design and Game Theory. You might want to look at Minneapolis St. Paul because there is a lot of gaming there. The...
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    TSR Rob Kuntz Recounts The Origins Of D&D

    Looking forward to reading that Rob.
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    TSR The Dueling Essays of Arneson & Gygax

    Reading through and making corrections. The Rock Paper Scissors story is a myth. They had dice.
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    TSR The Dueling Essays of Arneson & Gygax

    The core premise of the trial was that AD&D was derived from OD&D, thus Arneson was entitled to royalties from both works. When I say derived, I mean plagiarized. The trial evidence presented by Arneson's lawyers was targeted at proving OD&D was the source, and it was very strong evidence too...
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    TSR Rob Kuntz Recounts The Origins Of D&D

    Most people like to ignore what Gary wrote about Arneson early on. If you look at early issues of the Dragon magazine you can see Gary using Blackmoor as an example of the longest running campaign. You can read the foreword to Blackmoor supplement and Gary pretty much gushes about how brilliant...