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    4E 4e SRD

    Sure, for subscribers. I make good use of the online srd's, including yours. It would seem that the Insider content will limit that, but it would be a shame if people not willing to spend the $10 a month for one reason or another lost access to SRD material while you rebuilt the site. Good luck...
  2. Bobitron

    Spellcasting in the Age of Sail

    I'm considering running a game set in the height of England's naval might (mid-1700's) using a modified d20 Modern or Grim Tales ruleset. I'm not concerned about the rules generally, but I am curious how you feel minor spellcasting would change life about a military sailing ship during the Age...
  3. Bobitron

    'Next Ad' button?

    Any chance of putting in a button that would cycle through the banner ads at the top of the page? Often times I see an ad I'm interested in but neglect to click on it, then have to wait for it to come up in the rotation before seeing it again. Thanks! -Bob
  4. Bobitron

    4E Odd request - I need someone to invent a 4E logo!

    Oooo! I like DMAC's third one. A little sci-fi, but very sharp.
  5. Bobitron

    Hey RPG Objects!

    Stop making great products! Your stuff is eating up all my gaming money. :heh: I just bought Legends of the Dark Ages and a couple of the Legends of the Samurai pdf's, and they are all tops. I plan on using both for historical games and it looks like there is plenty of material in each of them.
  6. Bobitron

    3E/3.5 Oriental Adventures/Rokugan 3.5 conversion

    Has anybody done a conversion that they can post? I know Dragon #318 had an 'official' version.
  7. Bobitron

    Who's going to run 'Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn'?

    Just curious if anyone is planning on running the new adventure for Thieves' World, 'Murder at the Vulgar Unicorn' when it hits the market. While I haven't read any of the novels, I have the Player's Manual and it seems like a great place to adventure. I'm not up for running another game, but...
  8. Bobitron

    Help me with a d20 Modern one-shot

    Anyone have a good idea for a d20 Modern one-shot that can be completed in a single 4-5 hour session? I would use pre-generated characters, and the players would be 2-3 3.5ed veterans.
  9. Bobitron

    The Red Star

    Has anyone checked out the new d20 adaptation by Green Ronin, or even read the comics? I'd love some input. The Archangel Studios website gave me a great bunch of teasers for the comic, and I'm consider spending $60 on the trade paperback collection. The d20 book has been positively reviewed on...
  10. Bobitron

    Operation: Jungle Drums (d20 Future, recruiting)

    Operation: Jungle Drums Hello all! This is a recruitment thread for a new adventure I will be running at GroovyGamers. It's a Heavy Gear adventure using the d20 Modern, d20 Future, and Grim Tales rules. The Dream Pod 9 website has a pretty good setting synopsis which I will reproduce here...
  11. Bobitron

    Save ConnectiCon

    http://www.saveconnecticon.com/index.php I just left the Hartford area and was not able to attend the convention this year, but I was sad to hear that the organizers lost a heck of alot of money this year. The webcomic community is firmly behind the effort to help Matt and Briana out with the...
  12. Bobitron

    Anyone using Fantasy Grounds?

    I'm considering the purchase, but would like some feedback from long-term users. www.fantasygrounds.com
  13. Bobitron

    2E Help me design a Midnight 2e channeler

    Hahaha, nice line. I will admit that I poked in just to comment on your Orc-kill induced motivation. Best of luck!
  14. Bobitron

    Sanctuary (3.5ed D&D, seeking alternates)

    Hello all! I'm starting a new pbp game over at GroovyGamers. I hope it is not a breach of protocol to post a recruitment thread here as well. Please look to the link below for more information. http://groovygamers.com/viewtopic.php?t=1163 Game Title: Sanctuary, the published adventure by Auran...
  15. Bobitron

    Agyris, anyone?

    Are there any people here into Agyris, the online home-grown campaign setting? I'd love some feedback. The site looks very slick. http://www.agyris.net/default.asp