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  1. Bold or Stupid

    D&D 3E/3.5 5E Eberron - should it be closer to 3.5E or 4E/

    As other have said 3.5 marks, 4e everything else.
  2. Bold or Stupid

    My Blog has vanished!!!!

    Help, my blog has vanished. I can't find the link to it and the links in my thread to remind people of updates now send me to the front page. If I blogs have been removed here is there any way I can get the data?
  3. Bold or Stupid

    Polearm Expertise

    I'm sure I heard that this would be in MME, if it is what does it do?
  4. Bold or Stupid

    Dragon Submissions

    I know that October is the start of the next submission season, can someone point me to the actual gudielines of how I/what I need to submit please?
  5. Bold or Stupid

    D&D 4E Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut 4E

    Is Baba Yaga statted up in the hut? Or do we have to wait for her?
  6. Bold or Stupid

    D&D 4E Baba Yaga's Dancing Hut 4E

    So chicken legs? Bigger inside than out? Nine foot Iron Nose? Pestle and Mortar as transport? This makes me so happy, can I buy you beer?
  7. Bold or Stupid

    Revenge of the Giants Review

    over in my blog I've started a review play through of Revenge of the Giants. i'm going to review it as the group I run for plays through it. Just click here to see! Now with all the links for your pleasure. Part 1 Part 2 Part3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12...
  8. Bold or Stupid

    D&D 4E 4e & The Duel...How?

    I agree with much that has been said so far. I've run several duels in game, including a fighting competition in game that involved almost all the PCs (the barbarian won). The trick is in choosing the right oppoents. The best duels I had were Paladin vs Cleric, Paladin vs Paladin and Paladin vs...
  9. Bold or Stupid

    D&D 4E Ravenloft is alive in 4e

    So true, and very much the version I tend to use.
  10. Bold or Stupid

    Clearing Out

    Okay I have the following small (really it's halfling sized) pile of books to sell, basically I'll take any offer that seems reasonable (plus postage/taking it into account) if you want the lot give me a shout and you can come to my place and pick it up as I'm not posting that many books...
  11. Bold or Stupid

    D&D 4E 4e/Essentials compatibility?

    In most cases they are completely interchangable, the Essentials classes are new builds rather than a replacement class. several classes are very different running off a completely new power structure (eFighters, Rogues and Rangers) many of the others are closer to 'normal' classes and in most...
  12. Bold or Stupid

    D&D 4E "4E Revised edition"

    It's a publishing thing, to differentiate between new versions and reprints.
  13. Bold or Stupid

    Can Warforged get laid?

    I am impressed how this thread just keeps Popping up, again and again...
  14. Bold or Stupid

    Looks sad. Update?

    When is the next CB update, I don't seem to have found the one I was expecting yesterday. Or is it nit till next month?