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  1. Bolongo

    5E 3 Classic Settings Coming To 5E?

    So, in other words... re-writing the whole thing from the ground up? Because those railroad tracks are solid steel and don't bend easily. 😜
  2. Bolongo

    DriveThruRPG Is Having A Facelift

    To the 90s? Sounds like you weren't actually around for Web 1.0... :sneaky:
  3. Bolongo

    DriveThruRPG Is Having A Facelift

    The larger images are a bit much on my stationary computer's 32" screen, but I'd say they're an improvement on my laptop. So I guess they believe most people are on laptops nowadays?
  4. Bolongo

    Game Design Masterclass: Alien

    Never played Alien specifically, but with the YZ system in general I've found it's disingenous to focus on the percentage of getting 1 success. Because most times you want more than 1. I find it's more helpful to look at the averages, and since 6 dice give an average of 1 success, that is the...
  5. Bolongo

    5E Eberron: Rising from the Last War Coming For D&D In November

    Yeah, I saw the other news post later. I still think the alternate is pretty good-looking, though. Might still prefer it to whatever the standard cover turns out to be.
  6. Bolongo

    5E Here's The Most Common D&D Party Composition

    Eh. The first three lines in that table have the exact same percentage listed. Which means the difference is in the decimals they're not showing. That's not more common in any significant way. What I find interesting is that in parties of 4 or more there is almost always a rogue (and in more...
  7. Bolongo

    5E Eberron: Rising from the Last War Coming For D&D In November

    Yeah, this is actually the first one where I'm gonna get the alternate cover.
  8. Bolongo

    Haunted House that's not really haunted

    Looking for any tips or thoughts on the classic Scooby-Doo scenario in a fantasy setting. I.e. someone wants to keep people away from a certain location - let's say a house - and thus spreads the rumour that it's haunted. They also want to set up some kind of physical evidence for said...
  9. Bolongo

    Media ENnies Best Podcast 2013!

    TableTop is an awesome show, but it's kind of stretching the definition of "podcast", isn't it? I understand they might not want to multiply categories any more, but if programming with a substantial video component is included maybe the category should be renamed in some way?
  10. Bolongo

    Kickstarter Top Ten Tabletop Game Kickstarters: Why So Successful?

    Only 2 of the projects are just minis. But you're right, almost all of the boardgames on the list have a lot of minis included. And everything is either a boardgame or a gaming accessory of some kind. Why no RPGs? Well, I assume there would be some on a list that went by percentage of goal...
  11. Bolongo

    4E 4e Save or Die?

    And if you meet a medusa in a situation where you for some reason can't go back to town for a ritual to de-stone the victims (I'm looking hard at a certain published adventure here), some creative DM fudging will be necessary... ;)
  12. Bolongo

    4E (4E) Swordbond Travel Times

    If it took time, that time would have been defined. So it has to be instant.
  13. Bolongo

    1E Changes to Monsters: 1e through 4e

    Orcus has always had a ram's head AFAIK.
  14. Bolongo

    Skill Challenge in Heathen

    This came up in another thread about Skill Challenges, but got lost in the hubbub, apparently. After looking at the adventure myself, I thought it was worthy of its own discussion: Point 1 seems similar to the idea of partial successes that's been bandied about, and I heartily endorse it. I...